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    Peace, Love, Hardcore dance music, 60s music. All plants and animals. Fungi, trees, Horticulture, Ethnobotany, Shamanism. Propagating ethnobotanicals - especially Catha edulis, Echinopsis pachanoi and to a lesser degree The Ayahuasca plants. I'm also interested in growing a lot of veggies, fruit trees and grand trees such as European Yew, Oak and Sequoioideae. I enjoy gaming, reading books (Orange Sunshine by Nicholas Shcou is my favourite) and I dig self sufficient living

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  1. Here's a nice challenge that I feel is reasonable to put out there now that there are so many posts of "dance" music in my thread. Some of you have posted music in this thread that is....welll..... What I'm getting to is, film yourself dancing to the music in an enjoyable manner to the music you posted and I will give you a potted up Catha edulis seedling if you like in Australia. Like that "speedcore" for example. I'll give you more than a Catha edulis seedling for a clip of you dancing to that or at least head banging hahahahahaha OMG I'd be verrry impressed Fair enough? (rhetorical question) Again, rant I have things to do and I don't just sit on the computer all day wording myself o so carefully as to not offend a single person on the planet. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how many hoops I have to jump through each day. Even though it's the truth. I don't care if there are members here who don't like me. Can't please everyone. I know from experience........ I'm gonna be 22 years old in a few days.... AND I DID MENTION IT IN THIS THREAD AND NO ONE HAS TREATED ME ACCORDINGLY WHICH I'M NOT IMPRESSED ABOUT BUT I WASN'T GOING TO MENTION IT.....................
  2. OK, I'm going to spend some time replying to this post. Then I would like it if people who wished to post in my threads at least viewed this one first http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37946 (in case the link doesn't work just find it in the Site and Forum Matters) I do not illegally download music and movies. And I make a big effort to follow the rules here. And one of them is to not incriminate yourself........ CDs cost money. And like I mentioned in original post, it is my Birthday coming up soon. I thought that if I compared the best dance music to meth, some members here would get it. And that's all I was after. Just one two or three good posts with good links. I'm sorry for that. I'll compare things to legal things in the future Like nicotine, caffeine, walks along the beach. I had purchased dance CDs recently but was bitterly disappointed. I had intended to mention them, but wow so many posts for me to reply to. And I haven't even checked out all the songs listed... To be perfectly honest, I feel that some members are trying to mock me. My sig ain't directed at legitimate members here. It is directed at the AFP and the English Royal Family. Scarface has been my favorite gangster film from the moment I first saw it..... If you haven't seen it, I recommend you do. So everyone please chill out and see my new thread I would be really happy if there were no new posts here untill the dust either settles or people based on my examples post music that I'm after. True that everyone has difference tastes on what music is dancey and what music ain't. But same like say hot showers on a cold morning, a majority of people in Melbourne like em. At least one if four people do. When you put a legally purchased CD into the computer, uploaded it to iTunes and it automatically displays the genre as 'dance', I think it's more than reasonable to have a mild expectation that people would (when, replying to a thread like this) get what dance music is. And I did give examples. So don't give me a hard time. I don't feel I deserve it. Read all my posts. I cannot believe that I've just spent all this effort and my precious time, in my shitty circumstances...replying to this post. Wow. It's like groundhog day every time I check this thread And I have not properly read through this post. It's a bit of a rant. Just be grateful that I actually replied instead of putting it off to a more appropriate time. Thank you
  3. And to think I was actually going to sample all the music posted and have a legitimate thread hahaha Feels like a full-time job replying to these posts. Should put it on my CV :D Now I understand why I hardly see Torsten around.......
  4. So when you see the headline on the front page of the MX on the train - or The Age, Herald Sun, etc. do you randomly yell out "Stop shouting at me!!!!" ? I could do this all day if I had the means.........
  5. It's "I don't give a fuck anymore" It's Take notice of me ffs, etc. If it's legal and possible I will post my urine around the world so ******** can stick they're drug testing kit into it. You just gotta PM me and pay postage is all Do note that I am new to The Corroboree. However, I am, a veteran in talking to drunken alcoholic prohibitionists and now seemingly every day I'm getting war medals in talking to satanists too Come and get me AFP. Get "the bad guy"
  6. It's millionth time I've said these exact words is all........ Don't like it? Let's have a sit-down. Prove you're not a member of the AFP or worse. Anyway, how many times do you think I've consumed methamphetamine in my life? Include the method of administration, dosage, set, and setting, you know, all the things that someone who knows what they're talking about would include. Come miles away from close to the correct answer and there's literally an engraved pure gold medal in it for ya. Only condition is you have exactly 100 hours (from the second I make this post) to reply. In fact, this challenge extends to all. PM me though. Don't clog us up my thread "GO!" Rat Race 2001
  7. I find this video so fucking funny that I will literally remember it, and view it for the rest of my life and whenever a drunken alcoholic or satanist tries to put in me in a bad mood, I will remember this thread, your post in particular, and think "fuck em in the ear" even more than usual I could literally be in a jail cell for the rest of my life with only the bare essentials around me for survival. And in pondering my life, I would think of this and laugh. So 10/10 mate Thanks so much
  8. The Resistance

    US - Does medical marijuana equal bad parenting?

    What a nice start to the day! I wake up, (lost cause alcoholics around me as usual, but fuck em, I ain't scared. I've witnessed it since year one of my life. And I'm now days away from being 22. Days away from being .22 too - jokes) I go on the computer to check The Corroboree, first thing I happen to read is the title of this thread... I click on it, not even reading the original post, I'm just curious as to what people reply, because I've heard this all before too many times. And what a pleasant surprise!! There is at least one other person in the world who a belief with me!! High five Responsible Choice!! Couldn't have said it better myself
  9. Hahahahaha me too I've had enough internet for one day Cya tomorrow Peace & Love
  10. Let's have a sit-down and discuss this like civilized human beings. I'll even pay you, so you have no excuses not to come http://crime.about.com/od/gangsters/g/sit_down.htm
  11. Sick signature I just made. I'm pleased :)

  12. I mean WTF is this???? How the fuck do you even know of this song? I didn't wanna say it. I wasn't going to say it. But you kinda made me
  13. What a fucking annoying post to reply to. I'll do it in stages because I don't have the patience. So there will be a few posts in reply to yours, Mr paradox. Here I go Methamphetamine, when done responsibly, is a very good drug. Feel free to quote me on this for eternity. Obviously, using Catha edulis or coca is a better choice than meth, but as you may know, meth is more readily available than fresh Catha edulis leaves. Let alone coca leaves. If there were two waring parties, they could find solutions on meth. President JFK used it in meetings.... The effects of methamphetamine are fucking niiiiiiiiiiice. It's just prohibition which fucks it up. As you may know. Not to mention we are told more lies than truths on prohibited drugs.......... If you would like to learn, read HRV's Whack Magazine issue 29. This one's all about stimulants. It's a very very good read. You can just go to their website and read it online http://hrvic.org.au/whack-magazine/ Now I'm going outside to enjoy this lovely day a little bit. And when I get back, I'll continue replying to your post. In the future mate just PM me and we can discuss things in PMs Shits me sideways when I make a big effort to make it obvious that I'm all about Peace and Love and people don't get it
  14. I need to say this because some people are getting the wrong idea. When I say "hard" dance music, I don't mean evil music. I highly dislike evil. And anything that resembles or reminds me of evil. I'm all about Peace and Love (read my interests in case you havn't already). I've seen evil in my life. And it ain't pretty Even those hardstyle compilations done by Age705. Love the music, hate the picture. Having said this, please don't clog up my thread with evil music because it's not what I'm after I just want something to bang my head on............................... Fair enough?
  15. Listen to this track for the lyrics at the start. On my scale, this track is 3 out of 10. Just listen to it anyway though. Trust me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jJZUKxjdWA "I want something to bang my head on.... you understand what I'm sayin?" Now I'm going to check out the recommendations y'all posted