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  1. Psychaesthetic

    What species of Ant are these?

    As adorable as Ants get they are. They're all over the inside of my tent all day, stopping very much regularly to pull and pen and reshape their feelers. They appear to be quite OCD about their feelers being right and look like they're doing their hair all day long. They walk all over me, and each time I feel one on my arm I'll pass my hand against the wall or floor and they just walk right off and carry-on farming their food. Not one has any one of these Ants bitten me at all, even though their mandibles look.. Perfectly formidable. They also seem compelling disinterested in any of my food; even the sugar doesn't interest them in fact I very rarely see them carrying anything at all. Anyway, see attached photo.
  2. Psychaesthetic

    The Rainforest Journals

    Here we go. I'll just paste random entries in here, starting with yesterday: The day the largest Monitor returned after a three-month walkabout. https://psychaesthetic.com/05-01-2015/the-rainforest-journal-outing-17-day-10/
  3. Psychaesthetic

    While I'm at it, any Brushtail Possum gurus around?

    Introducing, Guido the Possum: https://psychaesthetic.com/27-12-2014/the-rainforest-journals-outing-17-day-1/
  4. Psychaesthetic

    Lace Monitor animalporn

    Here's a short 20 second video of one of them eating some left-over pasta. I have clips of them snatching chicken-necks out my hand and various other reptilian things but they're on the old phone's memory card. I uploaded this one while in town over wifi just to see that the embedded video player was functioning fine. It is. https://psychaesthetic.com/26-12-2014/lace-monitor-eating/
  5. Psychaesthetic

    While I'm at it, any Brushtail Possum gurus around?

    Fair 'nuff Broski, fair ee-nuff.
  6. Psychaesthetic

    That silly old fart..

    I wondered if it might just be the senility that's often apparent that causes the Possum to react so badly. Most the human backpackers react in a similar manner of course; they'll stop to talk to him once, and thirty minutes layer you'll go back down and walk past and their faces look drained of color, as they don't get a chance to do anything but nod since the old man Never. Stops. Talking. They usually avoid him after this first introduction, but I learnt a while ago to just tell him to shuddup once he starts going into overtime. My tolerance is up to about a solid 20mins now though, and I figure I'll be that old one day, if I live that long; babbling to anyone about shit from the 1970s nobody gives two shits about, so I give him the courtesy of a daily chat most days I'm there.
  7. Psychaesthetic

    While I'm at it, any Brushtail Possum gurus around?

    Look at that you just had to get the last word. Git. I never "bragged" about feeding the animals, you can say that as many times as you want and it's still just you talking shit to fill out your posts. I mentioned somewhere how soul enriching it is to spend time with the wildlife - at such close range - using food as such a simple interface. If you'd read the thread you would know it started with my asking about the shorter fur around around one of the Possums rumps, but as usual you were busy tripping over yourself; in such a rush to try and prove your imagined superiority, and take yet another thread from it's original context to "Paradox proves he knows better". I understand though, we all get a bit like that. The truth is, neither you or I are any more than specs of irrelevancy; two more creatures who are born, live a tiny amount of time, then die. The world will go on without so much as a blink when you and I are gone. As for the 'your dumb you'll learn" dribble, I've been out here most of the time for 9 months straight, and seen three out of four seasons along with the animals that've come and gone throughout that time, yet only twice has any animal done any damage to the tent and both times they were small holes chewed by Rats; patched within ten minutes of my arrival. So, all-knowing Lord of Wildlife, what's this great lesson about the nuisance of animals I'm supposed to learn? You suppose 2 holes in almost a year are some kind of vermin invasion? Animals gone bad? *Monsterrrs* made of Food? I'd think if these animals - you say are going to make nuisances of themselves - had the inclination they would already have done it; nine months is plenty of time what do you suppose they're doing, biding their time? Maybe they're getting their numbers together for some all-out Animal Apocalypse? Any day now they'll rip my tent to shreds and easy all my food! Gosh, Ì best sleep with one eye open - so I can be ready when they come! /gasp! And the nonsense about me being out here in the tent with 'everything I own' is just that. The tent is a disposable outer skin to me, if it happens to become so badly damaged is irreparable (maybe by the impending animal assault you keep warning me about), I will buy a new tent. My things are slightly scattered, sure, but the tent is just a tent, and all I leave in it is the increasingly redundant winter sleeping bag. I know you're miserable and sad, and while I do feel sorry for you - well, as sorry as I can feel for someone I only know online - the raw, basic truth is that I am having a better time in life than you are. Period. You make a lot of noise trying to appear superior, because you know you are not. You try to assert yourself as the most intelligent, misunderstood creature on two legs, but you know you are neither of these. You try, most obviously, to convince people they're depressed, isolated and a malcontent; when in reality, you are the only one here who's wallowing in your silly, angst-driven cesspool of negativity. Doesn't take a great mind to point any of those things or if course, it's perfectly obvious in every reply you've posted. Me? I'm the happiest I've been in years. I spend a few days in town with 'the humans' before returning here, then just when I'm starting to miss civilization a little, I go back up, eat, drink and mingle for a few more days. I can go up anytime I want, and stay out here any time I want. I got the best of both worlds. You would've known that had you been capable of seeing past your own beady little eyes and past your own self-imposed, self-absorbed unhappiness but oh well: Horses for courses I guess. So while I'm happy to give you the benefit here and there - owing to whatever mental issues are currently dragging you down - and have no objection at all to you truthfully admitting your own feelings of being pointless, angry and depressed I can't sit back and watch you try to project your noxiousness onto me: to make out like that's my attitude too; it's not, I'm not feeling 'yuk' like you are. There ya have it. All the dirty laundry out and sorted.
  8. Psychaesthetic

    While I'm at it, any Brushtail Possum gurus around?

  9. Psychaesthetic

    While I'm at it, any Brushtail Possum gurus around?

    Leaving the woman you've been with for five years would mess with most people's "place". Not only am I in a much cruisier frame of mind now, I have legs like a tiger, eat much better food and am more spacially aware of my surroundings. I can tell which animals are walking around out here at night based on their noises, I know all the calls of the Currawong, Cockatoo and Lyrebirds well enough to instantly identify which one I'm hearing the moment they open their mouths and I can differentiate flying bugs by the frequency of their wings. I can hear a mouse fart on the other side of the mountain. Town is just town of course; same familiar, overcrowded human populus all stuffing their guts with whatever, obsessing over their pointless purchases and blind to anything outside their own existence, but as towns go the ones around here are pretty relaxed I must say. The *hordes* of tourists get a bit annoying from time to time, but I'm really not in town long enough each stay to be really bothered by any of the convoluted shit associated with the rest of the human race. I go in, clean-up, restock on food and then spend the remaining time socializing with whichever crowd is at the backpackers that week. I get bored easily, but as it so happens by the time I'm growing tired of human interaction each week, it's time to head back down here; with the simple, honest animals again. ;)
  10. Psychaesthetic

    While I'm at it, any Brushtail Possum gurus around?

    Maybe Paradox is bored. Watching plants grow is hardly a thrill-ride, leaves to much time to sit around working yourself into a state of heightened delusion. Maybe he should go find some animals to feed?
  11. Psychaesthetic

    While I'm at it, any Brushtail Possum gurus around?

    Fresh banana tonight ;)
  12. Psychaesthetic

    While I'm at it, any Brushtail Possum gurus around?

    You keep on with your verbal masturbatory "oh humans are so shit compared to me" dribble, I got me a possum outside to hand-feed.