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    Cactus Plant giveaway

    Hello cactus fans, i havent been around round here for a while but came back to offer some cactus plants to giveaway. Simply post in this thread, your post number is your ticket number (ie this post is ticket one). I'll draw a random number and the winner gets free cactus plants, I even pay for post. Australia only. Cactus are seed grown by me. Rosei #1 x pach, pach x psycho0, spachianus and whatever else I can fit in the box. One entry per person please. Drawn next weekend, probably on the monday. Cheerio
  2. J Smith

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    And the winner is number 4! I can't capture a screen shot on my broken phone from random.org so you'll just have to trust me. Thanks everyone.
  3. J Smith

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    Bump I've decided to close this at midnight tonight and I'll draw the winner tomorrow. if this post wins I'll redraw. #26
  4. The movie 'Kalifornia'. I think the first one was a trich but otherwise mostly cereus and opuntia. I can't be the only one to notice cactus in movies, ads, film clips etc? List your sightings here.
  5. Repotted a few and watered the fxckers for the first time in months (maybe 12 months?). It just started raining...
  6. Come back please

  7. J Smith

    Seed grown cactus for sale

    I'm putting a halt on these sales while I work through my pms.
  8. I have some more of my seed grown cactus for sale. Price is 50c/cm, postage is $18 to anywhere on mainland Australia only. PayPal gift preferred. I have more that I'll add over the next couple of weeks. edit because I forgot to mention - the pach x super Pedro looks more like a Cuzco. I continue to call it pach x super Pedro because that's how the seeds were labeled.
  9. J Smith

    Seed grown cactus for sale

    50c/cm will combine postage. I'm at the end of this season's sales. Buy now, don't delay.
  10. J Smith

    Post your track of the day

  11. J Smith

    trump minus bannon

    It all makes sense now
  12. J Smith

    Seed grown cactus for sale

    rosei #1 x pach 20cm Peru x bridgesii 23cm pach x super pedro 30cm are sold.
  13. J Smith

    OSP Pach Comp giveaway

    28 december
  14. I'll just leave this here shall I? ;)
  15. How many times will I walk away? How many times will I do it again? No way

  16. After winter hibernation I would like to start the growing season with a bit of a giveaway. Simply reply to this thread and your post number is your entry number (ie this is post number 1, so my number is 1). Winners will be chosen at random using a rng. I'll give away two trichocereus cactus parcels for free, including postage. Each parcel will contain at least 50cm of random seed grown trichocereus plants, lovingly grown by me. Australia only, entries close 2 September.
  17. J Smith

    Start of season cactus giveaway

    The names were stuck to them, on a plastic knife?
  18. I did a big clean up of my cactus this weekend and I have some grafting rootstock that I'm almost giving away. you pay just over postage. i have 4 packs, each containing 1 x spachianus 1 x ?* 1 x a. Horridus * this cactus was grown by me from seed labelled pach x superpedro. It looks more like a Cuzco tbh. All plants seed grown by me. each pack $25 including postage to mainland Australia. That's 3 seed grown plants for $25 including postage.
  19. J Smith

    The future of tricho breeding in Australia

    Grow out everything!
  20. J Smith

    Start of season cactus giveaway

    @Zedo Send me your deets dude, otherwise I'll draw another winner in 2 weeks
  21. I've been doing time in the universal mind