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    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Most meet ups are organized on FB messaging or Signal. The old crew is pretty solid and that network is slow on uptake of newbies. Has anyone in Sydney met you, your Raver Buddy is not familiar to me. Yes folks are sussed out at APS meets, and if they seem cool, could be invited to more interesting events. That said, things are slow, family commitments etc. we are lucky to have a Winter and Summer camp, mushroom camp is a distant memory, I suppose COVID restrictions changed the pace of socializing too. I run a Ceremony or two every week, so I have my fill of deep human interaction. And enjoy a stiff Gin or overproof whiskey on my days off to debrief.
  2. The Stratocaster a personal history. It all started in 1970, with my first record, RCA's supercharged hits of 1970, I was 10 years old. Track 1 side 1, American Woman by the Guess Who ,with a still iconic guitar solo, strong defiant wailing notes played by Randy Bachman on a Fender Stratocaster. The greatest thing I'd ever heard, played hundreds times, etched into my young mind. Then came Richie Blackmore and Jimi Hendrix, using sound as a sonic force, expressing energy as never before as they waved their Strats in front of Marshall Monoliths. Of course Jimi Page distracted and tempted us with his Gibsons, as did others, but those instruments did not have the "wild flexibility" of the Stratocaster. Makoto Kawabata has been my Strat Champion for many years, never afraid of a 20 minute solo, and my happiness was momentous when Helios Creed changed from Gibsons to a Standard sunburst Strat with Maple Neck, (the same as my 1996 50th anniversary model) a few years ago. As soon as my apprenticeship allowed me to save enough money, at 19, I went into Palings Music Sydney to buy my first Strat. A 1979 Antiqua with Maple Neck. This rare model with its Grey/green to white sunburst finish is now a desirable collectors item. A great regret in my life that I sold it, ive never seen another in the flesh. I had a old school Fender 100w twin reverb amplifier. Soon to come were drum and Bass machines, synths and echo units and wah wah to create a wall of sound for the Strat to sing and scream over. There has never been a thought of becoming an act or going public, it was just about the act and joy of improvisation and creation, using this almighty expression tool from the Fender Corporation. I jammed in my music room till 1986, when another American design icon and symbol of the 60's started overwhelming my desires. Id convinced myself that all this shoegazing soloing was antisocial, I needed to get out there, in the world with all the people and cars…. so I sold my Strat and gear……and bought my first Harley Davidson. I still had beautiful Martin acoustics and banjos and stuff, I would go acoustic, and join the world. Dec 5 1987 a woman did a right hand turn in front of me on my bike, I gazed at the mangled chrome icon as I lay dying in the gutter from multiple trauma ,wiggling the toes of my un-smashed leg to see if I was paraplegic. Undeterred and informed by a Post Traumatic Stress delusion that I was "hard to kill", I commissioned a custom "shovelhead" electra glide, joined an old school outlaw club, and let my Daemons run amok. Thankfully that period came to an end in a few years, and it was time to get my life back on track……first thing required was a Stratocaster! I wish Id saved the cash as my other regret is trading a 1927 Martin Parlor for a Strat, but it had to be done. Sentimentality drew me back to the Palings City store for a Black Standard Strat with maple neck. Not long after I was robbed by 2 junkies, the Strat among other precious possessions including 2 Tibetan skulls and a ridiculously rare vintage tenor guitar were stolen. That event was the trigger for leaving Sydney and moving to the Central Coast. With the insurance money I bought the 1996 Anniversary Strat, a Yamaha acoustic and a Roland Groovebox (a multi instrument sequencer)….and never looked back. The big life changer was Roland looping technology. It became possible to multi track record and overdub in real time. Switching loops backwards and all the stuff Id dreamed of. Improvising with yourself just went stellar ! Now I have a RC300 where there are 4 tracks to do multiple recordings, its easy to get 12 Stratocasters layered with pure digital sound. Stratocaster soup, just delicious. In addition, us consumers have benefited from a reverb/echo unit pissing contest from a few of the boutique players. My Blackhole space is like the echo deck at the end of time. Vibrating a Strat has never been more blissful or mind-blowing. Now as I become a "grumpy old man" my Stratocentric thinking is becoming quite evident. There was a period and genres of music that still continue, that think it is hip to leave guitar out completely, deliberately! Seeing it as some pretentious dinosaur tool. DJ's and the like. Im not going to leave a house full of beautiful instruments, to attend a music event with no instruments! Most of the reason for the effort/expense to go to gigs is to see instruments and how they sound and are used. Not the same rig with different ipads. Id prefer going to a music store and look at the stock, rather than some knob twiddling festival smoke and mirrors hoo ha. So, that’s just me, I know, this essay is how I conditioned myself into this blissfully judgmental state, wallowing in my narrow minded view of music's "evolution". (a healthy appreciation for classical music has contributed to this as well) So back to Strats. Im quite social nowadays, attending lots of Ceremonies and meeting lovely people of all ages. The medicines purged those wild Daemons years ago, and Im well respected. Experienced.....some even say nice. Young folk seek my sage advise and as you can see, I have no option but to say……… "your wasting this incarnation if you don’t play a Stratocaster". Hmmmm, my tongue slightly in cheek. But I can tell you this, when im alone with the vine flowing thru my veins, she loves to put down a multi layer Strat drone and vibrate thru the guitar and me, the 3 of us as one, in post modern icaro mash up bliss. My vine is sure as hell not wasting its incarnation and loves to play my Fender Stratocaster thru me. I know, cause its unique to what Id play otherwise. Stratocentric thinking…..its a thing…….probably a curse…….but this essay announces that Im owning my issues. My rationale by default says many of you have missed this opportunity, wasted your lives, but of course I don’t think that, we are all equal with different perspectives and talents ……… this is just a heads up for next incarnation. The Stratocaster is so well designed, it will be around to play the fuck out of, for a few more lifetimes. The root cause 1979 Antigua Stratocaster, the most polarizing finish of all strats, love it or hate it, it sends collectors wild. I wonder who is playing mine now ? Be worth 10 times what i paid, bugger! 1996 50th Anniversary strat,Boss multi effects. Boss RC 300 looper, space echo, job done, no limits. Always needs to be a skull somewhere. Set the controls beyond the heart of the Sun !
  3. Great book everybody. Highly recommended. The Shrooms have chosen the correct ambassador.
  4. Horus

    Caapi cutback?

    Bro, you would be shocked at how much I pruned this summer, it was struggling with hot dry winds. Shooting back like crazy. Always give a good feed, worm wee. On the otherhand, if yours is thriving....there is no such thing as too much vine.
  5. Definitive !! Thanks, your guide will ensure many more wonderful plants will join us. And just the thing to motivate me, sprout my little stash. Thanks. Looking forward to meeting you at Rebel Herbal.
  6. Horus

    Acacia talk.

    For those folks not on FB, here is a recent talk on Acacia DMT in Australia. Mainly for my old mate #responsible choice. Sorry bro I have been slow in replying to you, i keep putting it off as there is always something new to share. Now I have too much to write about. But I will email you soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9tuovdqo1g&fbclid=IwAR1VwtgjlO7J9uXVWVYLI1JuvTBs3eTNDw8W4Zx1XLft_Bt0iabbayp6VOw
  7. Horus

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Hey Sal, I am brand new, seriously transformed, Id like to get up for a catch up, `and check out your surplus cactus.
  8. Horus

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Thats bad. Damning evidence. Its impossible to police that area, people that fucked, and half cocked could easily destroy the species. Someone thinks they are going to make a big batch to flood the doof or festival scene. Things have never been the same since DMT became a commodity rather than the sacred spice that was only ever gifted or traded. Idiots have no idea of the energies they are fucking with.
  9. Horus

    Introducing: "SAINT PAUL"

    Just an update to say my cut is very happy. I will get him into the ground in a new major feature cactus garden at my farm in spring. Thanks again, it certainly is growing into a beautiful head turner.
  10. Courticaapi. I am going to share my paradigm shift. When I first started brewing nearly 20 years ago, I was self conditioned into thinking that Ayahuasca comprising of the original ingredients was the pinnacle and if Psychotria was unavailable then substituting Acacia was a compromise, and not as "spiritual or beneficial" ....a poor second cousin. Now im aware that Acacia use predates Ayahausca by tens of thousands of years. That Acacia was used by many ancient civilisations and Indigenous cultures, and that indeed the Acacia IS the original tree of knowledge. Fifteen years ago, when using Australian Acacia alkaloids we thought we were vangards, exploring new territory in consciousness, when really we were going into a realm that has been explored by humans for millennia. As a healer this is much more beneficial. Instead of thinking I was reinventing the wheel in other dimensions, to facilitate healing and growth, I now know I can draw from an ancient linage, where consciousness has interacted since the dawn of man. Psychedelic authenticity and authority. Particularly here in Australia where it is becoming known that it was part of Aboriginal culture. The details are enclosed within initiated lore/law but fundamentally disclosed. Nowhere else on Earth has been primed by Ceremony as much as our great Continent, and there is a rich legacy of Acacia use that us Rainbow Gringos can hop on the coat tails of. It is not necessary to know the details of, if you acknowledge and tune in, you will "know"it. Spirits are paying attention. The Acacia Courtii has come off its lone mountain to say, "leave me and all my brother species in the wild alone. I am easy to cultivate, and I will give you all the magic and access to The Dreaming you desire". This forum has done marvelous work of creating more Courtii plants in cultivation than in the wild, and we see that the Courtii could grow in most Coastal suburban gardens in Australia. In addition the spirit is is showing its gratitude by being everything we require from a medicine plant. Consequently as this becomes more widespread, we need to start doing some clear distinction of description to label these different medicinal combinations. Calling Acacia brews Ayahausca is misleading, and needs to change. Mixing a MOAI is still a requirement, and Caapi is the most beneficial, so the fusion will still have an Amazon Frequency in its DNA. And Icaros and Shipibo patterns still respectfully relevant. But we can start to bring in other elements of art and music. And names. So there are the obvious ones Aussiewaska, Acaciahausca, Ayacacia. For me personally Ive had my epiphanies and upgrades with the Courtii and will now concentrate on it exclusively. So I have coined the word Courticaapi to describe my medicine. It has nice musical phonetics which work into vibration chants well. Using the Acacia title first symbolises that Acacia is equal if not more important than the ayahausca vine in the bigger global picture. But am happy to respect them both as equals. Its exciting times, there could be some official disclosures soon, which will make it easier for facilitators to discuss the rich history which these new medicinal combos sympathetically connect to. Australia has it all cranking !! Culture is a thing to study, respect, explore then re-dream as personal practice and self expression. I express myself thru my plants, their garden and its medicines, and my culture includes traditions they have manifested thru history. Here the fusion is represented with Didge and Traditional Chapaka. Courticaapi improvisation. IMG_0992.MOV
  11. Horus

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Cant make that date, got a guy flying in for a private healing. I would have liked to meet some different members.......and Uber-Shaman, oh well. Have fun, Garden of Tranquility is ok.
  12. Horus


    Crikey Humbolt, I could probably write another essay to answer your inquiries. Years ago, the vine and mushrooms used to clash in my mind. They sorted it out, but the vine came up trumps. (separate essay) The vine has been waiting, honing its magic, till it could come to Australia and blend into new Super Medicines. It has taken awhile to acclimatize, the atmosphere, sunlight and vibrational energy are so different. Thru Changa mixes it has been exploring Acacia dreaming and tuning into this land that has been primed by tens of thousands of years of ceremony. In turn, the Acacia has had to incorporate The Great Amazon Mother into its dreaming, listen to each others spirit songs, preparing for a great New Dreaming. I have a psychic partnership with my vine. I access Gaia Consciousness thru it and it accesses Human Consciousness and Energetic Form thru me. I have always considered the vine No 1. So when in my heart I told her....." The Acacia is your equal" she said. " Der...what do you think im here for, we are going to take my work here on Earth to new levels." They get on just fine in my Central Nervous system, an inter racial marriage. The vine has always told the stories of the brews admixture plants, now with the Acacia, the original tree of knowledge, the vine has the richest Spirit Linage to evolve with. Including its history with many ancient civilisations. Culture will change with it, For example The Jungle Dieta. Often because Psychotria was not as abundant, and brews traditionally weak in DMT. The diet assisted people get as much out of the medicine. Acacia brews can be that strong, they dont require any other dietary assistance than healthy yeast free to give people a guaranteed breakthrough. This whole Brazillian style singing thing, well a good brew, people are lucky to scratch themselves let alone sing. The whole music thing needs to soothe right down to very ambient. Sure, Icaros like the one above can be used at the appropriate time, which is when the vine wants to use physical form to create healing vibrations. I also acknowledge this is all just my own Personal Dreaming, and I encourage others into deep relationships with their plants to develop their own Stories. Its an open book, and we need to step up and write great new stories, from an aspect of respect of both plants country and culture.
  13. Horus

    Visitation by birds

    This is great stuff, not sure what it means, but you are very fortunate. Our property at Yengo is a bird sanctuary. We love it. Its spooky, in 4 years we have never seen a mammal. There are wallabies and wombats on everyone else's farms. But just birds, from Powerful Owls to our favorites, the Blue Fairy Wren at our place. When running retreats, I can get everyone into the moment, by tuning in to the birdsong. Just keep your avian focus, and see where it flows. Oh I cant help but tell you where it will lead..........to happiness !!
  14. Horus

    The backyard.

    I think Im way overdue for my garden pics post. It was annual......the way the years are flying it's becoming tri annual. Im going well, retired, all fixed (new hip and knee) and have a beautiful farm to keep me busy. As well as an "aya B@B" to keep me on my toes. Its such a shame we cant talk openly about our medicine work. So many secrets. For me its evolving exponentially. Just when you think you may become complacent, you get a smashing epiphany and go up another level. For me The Acacia is really stepping out of the shadowy past and onto the throne of Teacher King. It is paying attention. And coming to the fore. The Tree of Knowledge will take its rightful place. Brotherhood is always strong (yes our couple of sistas too) and life would be much the poorer without you folks. Cheers, The Hawk. Horus.
  15. Horus

    MeanGreen's Ethnobotanical Garden

    Jeez, thats a thorough and fancy post. Have to work out how to post pics like that one day. Thanks for the effort and sharing.
  16. Horus

    The backyard.

    Im going to get to your place soon Responsible Choice. I am doing a couple of retreats a year at Byron, so I will duck up and see your lovely tribe. I will tell you some mindblowing stuff bro. I miss you. x @Responsible Choice
  17. Horus

    When I die

    Yeah, took a day to upload, but its not playing propa. oh well, those spirits are still a bit camera shy. I recently had my hip joint sawed off, and its buried under my vine. So my DNA is in my ayahausca !! Along with all my old dogs. The vine is a complete carnivore, it devours bodies, something that doesent get discussed. Maybe a new thread...."what dead things have you fed your vine".
  18. Horus

    When I die

    I collect skulls, so I wouldnt want mine wasted on a cremation. I will be buried up the farm so my skull can join my collection. Hopefully my yet to be conceived grandson will be a powerful shaman ,called in from the spirit world by my vine, and he will have the the balls to dig me up. Here is a private (not to be shared video) of me discussing Tibetan bone culture. skull video.mp4
  19. Horus

    Introducing: "SAINT PAUL"

    Hey Halcyon, Your beautiful prize has arrived and will be potted up with the best soil mix. Thanks for the contest, and the out of pocket expense of postage. Very communal minded stuff. Cheers, Horus.
  20. Horus

    Introducing: "SAINT PAUL"

    After this "warm up" there needs to be new thread.......The Adventures of Noobie McSWIMmington . As there are still tales of the Muskroooms and Choonga, And the Great Adventure to Mullupmoonby. All this could give the Wizards cause to Summon Noobie to perform more deeds in different dimensions, in order to provide more tales ,Tall but True Fictitious Facts.
  21. Hey Glaukus, yeah Justice is just crackers. Though I try not to buy into the fear of BB looking over my shoulder. Poor old Dr Pot is in Cessnock jail till a November hearing. He should be getting awards, but instead he is getting time. Being a healer is Criminal behavior. Australia enforces that plant based natural medicines are a crime. So we can be in fear of getting healing too. https://www.churchofubuntu.org/dr-andrew-katelaris-update/
  22. The intent is to do deep healing work and integrate with nature, how do you plead ? Guilty as charged your honor. As a healer Ive been made to operate as an outlaw for years. But Judge, for there to be a crime there must be a victim, my actions have only created wellness in the world. There are only positive testimonies of my actions. Let Justice be done ! Lock him up and destroy his garden! Now the world is a better place. (hypothetical courtroom scenario )
  23. Horus

    Introducing: "SAINT PAUL"

    Glad I was in the graveyard to welcome Noobie Mcswimmington into the Secret Plant Society. Well written account, and I will be happy if the wizards apprentice beats me to the prize. So makes the point that the most beneficial medicines and healing modalities are criminal acts. To be a healer in our society you need to be an outlaw.
  24. Horus

    Introducing: "SAINT PAUL"

    Hey Hal, congrats on your stats. Thats a beaut Cactus, and I really want a cut, so here is a tale for you. If all you folks who were there vote, Im a shoe in for second. A couple of years ago I hosted a SAB camp on my property, I wanted to make the event special and memorable, so I asked everybody to send me their best cactus cut for a communal medicine. Beautiful pieces of cactus started arriving thru the mail. Each one with its own story, how it was gifted or traded. "swapped a bag of changa for this beauty" etc It was wonderful to work with each piece, notice the differences as they gave up their medicine. Each piece grown proudly with love, from a dozen medicine gardens. Its what we are about, to take things to the next level, everything an opportunity to excel, to showcase all the attributes and enchantments of our plants. What better way to bond the fellowship of our plant family, than to share a medicine that represents all the love everyone has put into their cactus. Soon afterwards a booming thunderstorm shook our little valley, the ancestor spirits who were duly respected and invited to join, us gave us a show and shower, renewal and reset, and the sun shone again creating steaming rocks and glistening leaves..........and big grins on all my SAB bros and sisters. Muchus Gratis Grandfather. All the tips I rooted and planted on the property, a garden that represents that event, my friends and their gardens. And in a couple of years we can regather and I can recreate that medicine.............. which was particularly good.
  25. Yes votes all round for me. I never miss a gathering. The forum is a bit static these days, as most stuff has been discussed. And FB has taken over most of the social discussion. But the network has evolved to be a bit more social, where we can share things, and talk openly about our experiences that we are still apprehensive about talking about online. Great staunch friends on here to meet. Lets get behind this and celebrate how good life is when we have all the magic plants in our gardens.