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  1. tarenna

    Cannabis Gender ID?

    Or were the shots sourced online, or from a friend?
  2. tarenna

    Cannabis Gender ID?

    Looks pretty incriminating to me..
  3. tarenna

    yopo seed pods

    At the place where the yopo is growing in pots both those species thrive all year round. Subtropical coastal - absolute minimum in winter of about 1-3C but rarely gets below 5-7C..
  4. tarenna

    yopo seed pods

    I have a colubrina about 8y.o in the ground for about 3 years that is now about 6m high with a spreading crown of over 5m wide. It flowered first about 5 y.o. and did not set seed until last year at 7 y.o. when I got about 50 good seeds from 6 or 7 pods. Despite (or perhaps because of) extreme drought conditions it has flowered well already and produced 20+ pods that are just ripening. It then went and flowered en-masse a few weeks back. Should have lots of seeds soon. I also have 2 peregrina in large pots... they seem more finicky and delicate (perhaps because of the subtropical and not tropical conditions). I hope to get em in the ground soon to hopefully get em moving..
  5. tarenna

    Psychotria Sp. ID

    Doesn't look like coffee to me. Serrate leaves not right..
  6. tarenna

    Does someone legally have to have an identity?

    Do you wish to drive or use the banking system? Because if you do then you will need an identity and relevant documentation etc etc... If you wanna live in the hills (or wherever remote you wish) and not do these things or any other form of engagement in society then possibly not..
  7. tarenna

    I like big buttress I cannot lie, and other trees I can't deny!

    Yep... did what you said and look at the failure of these tallowwoods.. just measured the tallest known tree in NSW - an 80m tall tallowwood close to these tiny suckers...
  8. tarenna

    Kava in australia?

    Vanuatu is where it is at.. it has the full kavalactone profile.... Kava from Fiji and elsewhere lacks a number of the {best} kavalactones..
  9. tarenna

    Kava in australia?

    Tragically as far as I am aware nowhere to buy it in natural form in Australia (nor legal to do so)... there used to be some mighty fine product available...
  10. tarenna

    Post your native plant pics

    Caladenia sp... so hard to get good orchid and closeup flower shots..
  11. tarenna

    Post your native plant pics

    A whole lotta ripe Rusty Plum, Neimeyera whitei, fruit.
  12. Legend bro - as previously, greatly appreciated.. Well keen
  13. tarenna

    I like big buttress I cannot lie, and other trees I can't deny!