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  1. Big Babs

    Fresh vine cuttings

    Very juicy... Are these still available? Cheers
  2. Big Babs

    Some juicy cactus cuttings wanted in Bris

    No responses so please PM me if interested. Cheers
  3. And so my search begins... Anyone got some stressed juicy cuttings ready to go? I think I've left it a bit late to harvest from my garden in time for Easter. The usual suspects, eileen, pach, anything dripping mesc preferred.
  4. Big Babs

    E.Novo var Novo

    Also pm'd
  5. Hi all, I'm after 3 or so cuttings, bridgesii eileen or similar would be perfect. Cheers, BB
  6. Big Babs

    Chasing some Bridgesii Eileen cuttings

    Thanks, Bretloth sorted me out
  7. Big Babs


    Hi mate, I'm interested in the TBM if it's still available, will PM you. Cheers
  8. Hi mate, sorry to hear about your situation. I'd be happy to buy some cuttings off you.
  9. Big Babs

    Anything to trade/Sell

    Hi Pie, I just pm'd you
  10. Big Babs

    A couple cuts for sale

    Pm'd you
  11. Big Babs

    Free bridgesii and pc Brisbane

    Hi, I'd love some bridgesii too if there's any left, will pm you
  12. Big Babs


    Pm'd you
  13. Big Babs

    OSP Pach Comp giveaway

    Nice comp. December 18
  14. Hi all, I'm after some mushroom spore prints (p. cubensis or the like...) for microscopy purposes. I'm a bit of a novice so have little to trade but would be happy to pay. Any help would be appreciated, please PM if you can. Cheers!
  15. Big Babs

    Brisbane EB Meeting!!

    Ok, thanks for the info.
  16. Big Babs

    Brisbane EB Meeting!!

    I'm still curious but also a bit embarrassed to ask (it's been 8 months since my last post): is there likely to be another Brisbane gathering in the near future? Still here, The Big Babou
  17. Big Babs

    Brisbane EB Meeting!!

    Thanks for the support Dodie, Yeah, I'm a bit of a late bloomer. Was pretty naive til I travelled o/s for a few years. How things changed... Just started reading the new Shulgin biography which (apart from being a surpisingly great read) made me realise that there might actually be groups of people interested in ethnobotanicals. Not sure if we're all interested for the same reasons but its probably not important & I'd be happy to sus that out at a get-together some time in the future. Will keep my eyes open on this forum for a response. Big Babs
  18. Big Babs

    Vote for your favourite dissociative?

    Ketamine fun with friends, there's nothing like it, especially if you're trying to hold your end of the conversation... Oh yeah, except for this: I had 2 French friends who were right into experimentation with K. One night they locked themselves in a room, after having blacked-out the windows. Then they took their doses before laying on small beds at opposite ends of the room. It was basically a test to see what would happen, though I have a feeling they were expecting to be able to communicate to each other through their K-holes or something. Of course they didn't. The feeling of claustrophobia really freaked them out, and they emerged from the room in tears. My experience on the other hand has been much more pleasant: "surfing on music", "flying over forests and mountains", and that sort of thing. But its always been best during gatherings with my more creative friends.
  19. Big Babs

    Brisbane EB Meeting!!

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a newbie to this website... and to the world of Ethnobotanicals. I stumbled across this site about a year ago and I think this might actually be my very 1st post! Actually, I have no idea where to start, as I'm by no means a greenthumb. Some tips would be appreciated... Anyway, I'm keen to meet with others who are happy to impart knowledge. Is there any likelihood of another Brisbane meet in the near future? Sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself here, as I don't know how "open" the meetings are. Ta, The Big Babou