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  1. Conan Troutman

    To Conan Troutman

    dirty business this..Im not posting to dispute the fact that I have outstanding trades but as far as I was aware (til today), that the delay for people waiting had been explained and that (more than) adequate compensation would be provided. 'Patience is a virtue' it is disappointing people seem to be getting carried away and deciding to jump on the (CT's a fraudstar) bandwagon without the preference of bothering to first get in contact personally rather airing dirty laundry publically, especially those who mentioned trades that are no longer than a few weeks old... as anyone would hope, those with bitches or gripes if you could bring it to my attention personally first I would be much appreciative... 'Sam.' I must say I should have kept you more propely informed as there was no email contact that made it quite difficult, and to the passive-aggresive member who despite knowing I havent had internet access and has all my contact info and still hasnt been in touch, that cash has nothing to do with SAB, why would u bring it up here mate..? once again, apologies to anyone who feels hard done by, as my awareness of the issue has today been greatly enhanced, please rest assured that any of my incompetence that was not rectified today will be ASAP. I would like to think 99% of people I have traded with in the past would say service while can be a lil slow it proves to be worth the wait. Cheers for the support from the others, espcially those who txt me today about the thread.
  2. Conan Troutman

    500th Post giveaway

    ...yes please
  3. Conan Troutman

    outstanding trades

    anyone waiting for trades from me who I have not yet contacted apologies, Ive been rather snowed under with moving house in between work and battling wit shizenhousen wireless broadband... excuses, excuses, excuses patience will be handsomely rewarded...no need to reply thanks folks
  4. Conan Troutman

    FOR SALE: L.caespitosa, unrooted

    few more for QUICK SALE 2 x 65mm buttons 1 x 40mm button and 2x 25mm as BONUS 150bux the lot PLZ PM
  5. Hey folks.. I had this hot lil camera given to me awhile ago. It was unneeded at the time so was put away but in the process of moving recently it seems the box with accessories (charger, cables n battery) has been misplaced in the hunt for quick cash I thought Id give peeps the in my fav community a chance to buy cheepcheepcheep before posting on auctions sites, wont list all features will post link below the missing accessories can be purchased online for ~20bux (Ebay) RRP is $400+ asking price is $200 + postage Specs: 7.1x optical wide zoom lens • Impressive feature set • Slimmer and more ergonomic than predecessor Digital compact • 2.7 inch • 7.1 x • Internal Memory, MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital Card, Secure Digital High Capacity • MORE FEATURES PLZ PM
  6. Conan Troutman

    Bull gets even

    that may be true in most cases but occasionally if the bull has fought bravely he may be spared and return to the farm from whence it came. As with Murcielago, whom Lamborghini named a car for.
  7. Conan Troutman

    Mexican magic

    Yes I was alluding to production of renewable biofuels... I wasnt aware there was a manufacturing process that didnt still involve burning? but yes granted those emissions are less than coal fired power. Lets hope that this swing towards biofuels increases production of food crops, not reduces it.
  8. Conan Troutman

    Bull gets even

    LOL..fluffy spears
  9. Conan Troutman

    Mexican magic

    Id be interested to know how the growth rate compares to biomass..? Biofuels still don't solve the emissions issue tho it is an option that doesn't divert from much needed food stuffs. Also was my understanding that because of this diversion from food crops that biofuels can only ever make up a small % of total fuels?
  10. Conan Troutman

    So its true!

    ...but they certainly fit well in other places (pardon pun) now I know why you wanted that cock shot Teotz, you sly dog
  11. Conan Troutman

    Bull gets even

    DANG...thats gotta be the worst way to take the bull by the horns! guess the bull doesn't always lose
  12. Conan Troutman

    Red Bull contains cocaine

    I recall some hype a lil while ago about an imported redbull from asia having more of a kick..? my memory of events is quite vague tho.
  13. Conan Troutman

    Hunting Tips

    thems there rocks and in a gully by a river ;) certainly not uncommon to find mycelia running up rocks if they are favourably covered... debris and water run off will make for patches deep in gullys. IME defiantly are gregarious compared with other shreems (rarely would you see any other shreems as 'clumped' as subs) basically worth looking anywhere with decaying cellulose namely of native origin (Eucas.) and decently moist ground... yet would love to see subs near train lines..?
  14. Conan Troutman

    smoked caapi & HBWR

    Caapi, Caapi...caapi, underwhelming nomenclature
  15. Conan Troutman

    looking for papaver seeds

    yeh its a shame that as supermarket seeds are legal til they hit the dirt...dang it