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  1. MagusTasmanicus


    Fantastic - thanks for the photos! Building a simple top bar hive is the next project for me - planning on starting early next year. Never beekeeped before, but also plan to look into gaining some local Tasmanian training. I'm a strong believer in "no bee no me" theory.
  2. MagusTasmanicus

    Post your track of the day

    Intro to Witchcult Today, Electric Wizard in Hobart 22 June 2018. FYI: Might not be SFW!
  3. MagusTasmanicus

    Psychedelic library for sale

    Sorry you're having to sell, but I'll take The Mystic Mandrake if still availbale.
  4. MagusTasmanicus

    Galangal, refinding the Healthy Masculine

    Thank you for this post.
  5. MagusTasmanicus

    Donating for SAB costs

    $20 donation for 2018 made thanks to the genorosity of mysubtleascention
  6. Thanks Cubism - appreciate the link to the full article. I like to think that we are the microcosm and all that is without us is within us, but their conclusion is a little disillusioning: "There is no evidence to suggest that DMT can accumulate within the brain or within neurons at physiologically relevant concentrations; such inferences are either not supported by direct experimental evidence or are based on flawed experiments." Still, further studies may prove otherwise!
  7. Fantastic offer - thanks, I'll go with 17.
  8. MagusTasmanicus

    What did you do in your mycological space today ?

    Me too Yeti - although I read it as an ebook a while back - rereading and feeling massively inspired as well! Just read The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben, and the two combined give me faith that nature can save us from ourselves. Sticking to the thread topic, I've been placing mycelium spawn in suitable spots around around my garden.
  9. MagusTasmanicus

    Acacia alkaloid levels

    I've read that wasp burls in acacia contain elevated amounts of alkaloids (believe it was in one of Trout's works, but will try and fine a definitive reference in the next day or so).
  10. MagusTasmanicus

    Mandrake - Mandragora autumnalis seeds

    Thanks waterboy 2.0. I'm also a great believer in setting aside your pots if no growth has appeared. Coincidently, last weekend I found that some Darlingtonia california seedlings have appeared after being seeded over 18 months ago (a first for me)!
  11. MagusTasmanicus

    Mandrake - Mandragora autumnalis seeds

    Still have a few seeds left - pm'd.
  12. MagusTasmanicus

    Mandrake - Mandragora autumnalis seeds

    Not as yet mate - I believe some people sow them in peat, then cold stratify for several weeks until they sprout.
  13. MagusTasmanicus

    Amanita muscaria collected in Georgia Nov-Dec

    Thanks for the post and pics Inyan. I have a special place where I go to be at peace: the tree I sit under is a a gnarly old pine deformed by sea storms and each year it shades a couple of amanitas - imo the most spectacular of fungi. Thanks also for the great idea of spore spreading - I think I'll do the same!
  14. Very nice work - love fine ink. Lucky you to be partnered to such a creative individual - best wishes for your future married life.
  15. MagusTasmanicus

    wild lettuce ID help please

    I'm growing with a view to making a tincture. I found this recipe when I was searching: Wild Lettuce; Lactuca Virosa Preparation Here is a recipe for making a strong Lactuca, Wild Lettuce, tincture. It is prepared differently than a more traditional way to increase the effects of it’s sedative anodyne qualities. This plant is also known as Lettuce Opium or Wild Opium. With preparing this form of Lactuca; Wild Lettuce tincture, it is important to have all aspects and equipment prepared beforehand such as knowing where there is a stand of Lactuca growing, having your equipment ready, and knowing that you have enough time during the days it takes to make it, which aren’t much, less than 2 hours per day for about 5 days. Read on. Basically, I use this form of preparation to condense the latex in the plant which I assume contains most of its nervine qualities. Otherwise one ends up with a weak medicine due to all the ‘roughage’ that is a part of these stately plants. The goal is to maximize the concentration of latex. This is a bit of a challenge with Wild Lettuce, Lactuca, as there is a lot of plant matter to work around to get the latex without the mainly inert cellulose and other plant matter. Always you make sure you identify the plant correctly before picking. Picture shows a botanical of Wild Lettuce Tools needed for making Wild Lettuce Tincture 1.Pruners-to cut plants 2.Tincture press 3.Ethanol-95% 4.Blender- a good sturdy one 5.Stove 6.Stainless steel pot with a lid Preparation of Wild Lettuce Tincture 1.Find a stand of Wild Lettuce plants. I have used a number of species and they all seem useful, though some more careful observations of species may help figure this out. I have not used any close relatives that also yield latex, such as Sonchus. 2.The best time to make this tincture is when the plant is at its maximum latex yield, which seems to be around when it is just going to flower. It is easy to see the amount of latex, remove a leaf and the white milky latex should flow freely. 3.While all parts of Wild Lettuce contain this latex, I just make the medicine from the above ground parts, as it is just easier to not have to wash and cut up the roots, though I may be missing something here, as the roots do exude a fair bit of the latex. 4.Cut a few Wild Lettuce stalks 5.Bring them right away to where you will be processing them into tincture. 6.Cut them up into blender-size pieces Picture shows the latex from the Wild Lettuce plant 7.Put them in the blender, and cover with ethanol 8.Blend 9.Add as much ethanol and material as you can to get a big wad of blenderized Wild Lettuce stem, saturated in ethanol 10.Let sit overnight (or longer) 11.Press tincture in tincture press 12.Cut more Wild Lettuce 13.Cut into blender-size pieces 14.Put in blender, add the menstruum that you recently pressed 15.Add this into the blender, along with enough 95% ethanol to cover and blend. 16.Let sit overnight. 17.Follow this process for a few days, cut, add menstruum from previously pressed tincture, blend, and add enough ethanol to get the juice out. And then press this for the next batch. 18.After a few days of this you should have a fair bit of fluid (menstruum) 19.Put this in a stainless steel pot with a lid on it 20.Bring to a high simmer 21.Evaporate and reduce the fluid so it gets more black and ‘tar-like’ 22.This is your medicine 23.Be aware, that as you simmer, ethanol evaporates at a lower temperature than water, so make sure there is enough ethanol in your final product to keep it stable 24.Enjoy and let me know the results.