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    Yeah ive recived a letter too..'was trying to "get in" a funky aquraium type incubator + spores from the Nederlands. I had a few e mails with the vendor who assured me that it would be as discreet as poss,that he's sent here before (failed to ask if successful), No signage or ads etc.......got the friendly customs letter and an awesome poster of Stropharia Cub. that the the vendor put in the box..
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    Legalizing Salvia D

    [depression etc in our society is often because our society is sick not necessarily the individual.] Amen!
  3. Birdman

    Pereskiopsis Grafting Tek wanted

    Varigated Loph Tree?...imagine that on chrissy morn!
  4. Birdman

    Mushroom season 2008.

    You tell that Apo if I see him around these parts I'm going to shove one of those patches up his arse Got a mirror?
  5. Birdman

    Mushroom season 2008.

    Oh and Apo has said he has patches in the east right next to the harbour,chill mate no harm was done
  6. Birdman

    Mushroom season 2008.

    HAHA i love the instant negativity... Sina there were hundreds and no its not were you describe,they were there too and yes i did admire them,thanx. because of the numbers taking one innoculated wood chip will not harm the myc mat and i have nothing but respect for our little friends and dont really appreciate being made to sound like a cowboy pullin' every shroom he sees.I wouldnt contribute here if i did. If it sounds like im angry im not,just feel the need to defend myself,peace love and mungbaens and all that
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    Mushroom season 2008.

    My friends its definately not over in Sydney. Taking advantage of the good weather today before the storm, the lady-bird and i were happily stolling through our magnificent botanical gardens,taking photos of the Flying Foxes starting to spread their wings. When i happened upon a sign that stated something about not all mushrooms being good etc,when i looked down and found my first 2 subs. What i love is that i dreamed about it last nite! The lady-bird and i cheersed and i detached the Myc and the wood chip its growing off from the base and put it in a dunny roll in a strw filled box in my fern garden out the back.At the mo..feeling pretty damn good! Its taken prob two years to find but finally,so Ace dont give up,they do find you.. Cheers
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    Super Cubes...

    I love this thread!
  9. Birdman, you ready! http://flickr.com/photos/msscacti ~Michael~ Jeebus Mick, Ive never seen a T. brevispinulosus before,just gorgeous! All your plants look so healthy,spose it is summer,just awesome none the less.
  10. Thank you michael,im gonna be refering back to this post alot! This post should be pinned under correct id for T.pach-Peruvian, beautiful photo's and like miteek asked,is there anywhere we can view your album? Great stuff
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    Scary-lookin' white Amanita...

    Hey Lachy, According to Bruce Fuhrer' "A field companion to Australian Fungi" It appears that it is an Amanita, 'Amanita Ananaeceps'. He states:Amanita Ananaeceps displays its annulus as mealy, ragged fragments suspended from the cap margin.The caps and stems from unweathered specimens are covered with powdrey meal.Caps of A.ananaeceps range in size from 7cm to20cm in diameter Colour varies from pure white to grey and grey-brown.Perhaps a complex of closely related species is involved. Did i win?
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    The Mother Load!!! (hopefully)

    Touche' U.G
  13. Birdman

    Just a few finds - nothing active

    Awesome pics mate.The star puff ball thingy is called "Geastrum indicum".The tall one 14 down is the weirdest mushy ive seen.Ive got a couple of good books on ozzy fungi and cant find anything that remotely comes close..and the black one!! awesome finds,i like you have found everything but a lonesome sub
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    Subs and the city

    Spreading the love,awesome stuff Hyphal.
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    Id love to find an active growing out of fatso' shit..do they exist??? Passive?
  17. Birdman

    The looming season of le'sub

    Hey all! A little random obsevation over the weekend has got me a tad pumped for the months to come. Over the weekend i in the Jenolan area enjoying my dirtbike with some close mates and one could not help to notice that tha argarics are coming up thick and fast.with all the rain over the non eventfull summer..reckon we could be in for an early season?..hope so.
  18. Birdman

    Are these subs?

    Man id love an omlette I dream (literally) about finding a patch like yours Jabez,lucky bugger.
  19. Birdman

    Is Sydney worth a hunt

    Hi all! ive been on two hunts,both times to mt wilson with only the first time bringing only small results.My question is has anyone found subs etc in the syd basin? or are they usually more confined to the cooler climates of the mountains.thanx guys..
  20. Birdman

    Salvia flowers *UPDATE*

    Fuggin YUM..one can only wish..
  21. Birdman

    Another Noob ID please

    Holy fucking shit!!! excuse my language,but my god!!!
  22. Birdman

    Caespitose loph pics

    Thank you Ace!! My favourite plant of all time,some of those grafts are frickin crazy
  23. Birdman

    Quick Sub. ?

    Evening evryone, With Sub season just around the corner, ive been wondering if they favour one particular Eucccy over another? Any thoughts?
  24. Birdman

    Quick Sub. ?

    Problem solved, Cheers Conan.
  25. Birdman

    Amazing Fungus video

    Utterly Amazing! The best thing i've seen this year. Thank you so much,man i learnt so much just then. Truly awesome.