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  1. poo

    3rd annual NSW Camp.

    ^ we don't think of you as a dog anymore Hillbilly, just come along ;)
  2. poo

    3rd annual NSW Camp.

    Looking forward to it already! Would prefer long weekend aswell, but I'm sure I'll be there regardless one way or another... Just realised I haven't seen most (all?) of you since last years camp... Clearly getting old for it to slide by so quickly!
  3. Nice man, might be best for me to get them in dirt soon and let them fend for themselves a little then... it's what they do best after all...
  4. poo

    2010 Sub season

    That very? Nice to know your efforts have worked out man, well done!
  5. poo

    2010 Sub season

    ^ Might not have been quite what I meant, but glad you enjoyed them. Now, more photos please, they're looking very nice lately!
  6. poo

    2010 Sub season

    ^ I'm not sure it's wise/helpful to be quite so frank about your haul... but well done all the same
  7. ^ Cool, thanks for the advice guys. I decided to cut into 2 in the end and they are drying up a bit. Do they need to callus or just dry on the cut ends? I'm just a bit unsure as to how long I should leave them before they go in the ground because the length was quite dry originally. Also in terms of watering new cuts going into pots/ground like this, can I get a little advice on frequency please? (Again bearing in mind they're on the dry side if that makes a difference... looks like they need to puff up a bit if that makes sense). Thanks again!
  8. ^ In time Thanks Alice. OK so any advice where I should be buying/getting decent cactus mix?
  9. Cool thanks blowing. I guess if it gets me more pups it's probably better to cut her up then! So once cut up and left to callus, how deep in the soil should I be planting each section? Just under the soil or poking out a little? How frequently should I be watering etc? Thanks.
  10. poo

    2010 Sub season

  11. poo

    Essential camping food.

    A decent wok can be bought for $10 and is a great universal cooking implement... right on the coals, a burner or camp stove. Can use it as a billy, pan, deep fry, smoker, even as a wok!
  12. So I was fortunate enough to be given a length of Pach from a forum member. It's a bit old and dryer than it would like to be, but I'm sure it will come good with a little love. It's about 1m long. I'm not sure what I'm best to do with it, I mean get in in the ground of course, but should I lay it down just under the soil in the hope it will send pups up? Just sit it on the ground? Chop it up and plant them? I've clearly no idea and would love some advice please!
  13. poo

    NSW camping trip

    Such a diverse range of people and knowledge, it's awesome how well we all get along. Waiting another full year seems far too far away! This guy's expression may mean different things to different people...