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  1. dood


    Ive also been looking for these, Ive been taking it to sort out a broken sleep pattern and it worked where other drugs failed truly a miraculous fungi.
  2. dood

    urban finds not far from Sydney cbd

    Sorry these were from July.Just couldnt get them onto the computer. Have you found them in Sydney before? Im almost certain theyre Sub's, Ive heard theyre round Sydney but have only ever found them in the mountains. Much appreciated. Dood.
  3. All these guys bruised blue, had purple/brown prints and were sharing a patch of mulch with Stropharia aurantica. looked like Psilocybe austaliana or Sub's, maybe some of you folk would know?
  4. dood

    question on Sub's

    Tried the other day to upload, my Mac hates my nokia. Dont think Ill be able to post them. Tah tho
  5. dood

    question on Sub's

    http://forums.mycotopia.net/wild-mushrooming-field-forest/54242-galerina-species.html#post719227 checkout this on above mention specimen
  6. dood

    Looking for 16gauge needles

    I just go to my local vet, tell them theyre for refilling printer cartridges.
  7. dood

    question on Sub's

    Yeah the cobweb veil(partial?) anyways. The spore prints where purpley brown. Thanks heaps!
  8. dood

    question on Sub's

    Hi there fungiphiles, Ive always gone to the same patch in the mountains to view Sub's. About a month ago I spotted some not far from the cbd of sydney. They all exhibited key visual characteristics such as no veil, blueing when picked and the trademark caramel cap. Q. Are there any known dangerous blueing species out there? 'Thanks for taking the time'
  9. Does anyone know of any potentially harmfull Fungi that bruise blue in Australian alps or other parts of the country? I have looked this up before and only found a miniture species that occured close to the equator... Thanks in advance everyone.
  10. I would love to, Im away for the entire weekend. Its gonna rain too! You guys are gonna have some awesome Fungi spoting I can feel it. I really appreciate the offer tho, another time for sure.
  11. Hmmm. Good old Oberon, well If anyone has any luck doing some photography Id love to see them.
  12. Im already watching the weather reports. Last year was better than I couldve hoped for so Im hoping to have similar luck this time round I guess. Got a patch going at home also so Ill see how that goes...Ahh, I cant wait.
  13. Im a little excited at the prospect of the psilocybe subaeruginosa season beginning shortly. From memory when the temps get down to round 7degrees C, and after good rains they begin to show up. Just wondering if anyone out there would like to share any pearls of wisdom on this topic...Happy Fungi Spotting Everyone
  14. dood

    Ephedra grass..?

    Mt Tomah Gardens has Ephedra growing in a lot of spots...