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  1. Ace

    Winter Solstice Hunt

    Wow. What more can you say? Your ability to capture nature's most quirky organisms is amazing.
  2. Ace

    Pereskiopsis flowering!!!!

    Absolutely gorgeous! That's the first peres flower I've ever seen. And the buds are awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Ace

    Book Sale

    And I've just seen your second post after typing my last - thank christ that was a joke, I'm here freaking out that I've let an old mate down without realising it or he had me confused! Ya bastard hahaha
  4. Ace

    Book Sale

    Ok, not sure what just happened, pls forget the above post re Naja Naja - it seems to have disappeared in the time that I've spent typing the above post.
  5. Ace

    Book Sale

    Woah Naja, I hope that was tongue in cheek? I know there's been some average traders here lately and you are right that I've been away from the forums for some time, but I've never let anyone down with a trade. And I can assure you I've never dealt with anyone here in sums over the $50 mark. If you were serious, I'm more than happy to chat via PM, but I think you have me mistaken for someone else? Those who have sent PMs, I will respond shortly on a first in basis. At this stage, all items are sold pending payment.
  6. Ace

    Book Sale

    Update: All books/items sold except Turds Ashtray The Turds 'Shitfaced' Ashtray, as new | $20 + $10 postage (photo) Please contact via PM.
  7. It appears to be a cross between a goat's horn, a large intestine and a dildo. Go on, eat it!
  8. Ace

    Truffles - Spore Prints

    Truffles Australis Have a look there for a good start. Also check out their guides to creating a truffle orchard. It looks like a pretty epic task but I imagine the pay off would more than compensate!
  9. Ace

    2010 Sub season

    I totally love the panorama Lord Mayo. BTW the ACT has been sprouting plenty of subs for around a month now. Some great specimens to be seen, but mostly solitary and rarely clustering. Finding a raft shaped cluster like that is awesome and a great photo opportunity.
  10. Lithops sp. Great little succulents that resemble rocks and are often called 'living stones'. Mutant, stunning collection!
  11. Ace

    any ideas? - Psilocybe Semilanceata

    Absolutely stunning. Textbook specimens. If they are not P. semilanceata, I'll eat my favourite hat. As a matter of fact, I'd eat a stack of hats.
  12. Ace

    Good eating

    The easiest to recognise would probably be Saffron Milkcaps (Lactarius deliciosus). I had a feed of them (with olive oil, garlic, parsley and cream) on crusty bread for brekky. Orgasmic. FYI, I just collated the following lists from 'Mushroom' by Johnny Acton & Nick Sandler. This is a book from the UK, so some may not apply, however I can confirm the agaricus, lactarius and also (not included) is of course Suillus granulatus (ringless Slippery Jack). Got a box of Slipperies in the fridge and am yet to try them. I can also confirm the death cap in Oz - I've come across quite a few of these this year (first season to id them). Edibles of Autumn: - Agaricus campestris (field mushroom) - Amanita caesarea (Caesar's mushroom) - Armillaria mellea (honey fungus) - Boletus edulis (cep, porchini, penny bun) - Cantharellus cibarius (chanterelle) - Coprinus comatus (shaggy ink cap) - Craterellus comucopioides (horn of plenty) - Hydnum repandum (hedgehog fungus) - Lactarius deliciosus (saffies) - Lepista nuda (wood blewit) - Macrolepiota procera (parasol mushroom) - Sparassis crispa (cauliflower fungus) DEADLY Poisonous mushrooms of Autumn: - Amanita phalloides (death cap) - Amanita virosa (destroying angel)
  13. Ace

    Crazy Dog Man on ACA

    Fuck, you and me both. I stand by it - ACA and TT should be removed from television in their entirety. Absolute trash that somehow gets labelled as 'journalism'.
  14. Billions wasted on 'revolving door' jail system I was discussing this with my partner the other day and low and behold, here it is in the news. All we need to do is have a look at what our prison model is based on - the dismal failure that is the USA's system. Given the fact that the reoffending rates are so phenominally high, is it time to look at an overhaul of the current prison model? If you could change the current system, how would you go about implementing a more effective system? Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.