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  1. Shroomeup

    Cordyceps gunni + unknown

    Will do mate. Cheers, yeah these where all found under black wattles. I dosnt really seem to look like either of those types though. I can't seem to find anything that fits.
  2. Shroomeup

    Cordyceps gunni + unknown

    Sweet, yeah I found a few birchies on the Wednesday. The place is already fairly trambled aye. If you head downhill from the carpark and then take the track on the left for a few hundred meters there's a tree across the track. There were a bunch of the cordy's just before that. Mostly on the high side of the track.
  3. Shroomeup

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    ^^Amanita xanthocephala
  4. Shroomeup

    Cordyceps gunni + unknown

    Zen, these where found just downhill from the birch patch the up there. Any idea what the other cordys could be?
  5. Shroomeup

    Jealous Slander

    WTF? Yeah you're full of shit! I've never even been to any SAB camps/meetups? This is quite fucking bizarre.
  6. My Hamilton's crest I got maybe 4 years ago? Was just a wee little cutting. I've got another one I grafted to a fat Pedro but I actually think this ones growing quicker on its own roots.
  7. Shroomeup

    Cordyceps gunni + unknown

    These gunni where everywhere! Not sure what these guys are but where growing right along side them. A couple I unearthed
  8. Shroomeup

    Show off your freaks

    Couple of my favorite muties
  9. Shroomeup

    Melbourne sub sightings?

    Definitely hasn't been enough rain to set em off around here yet. I'll give it a few weeks before I head out n try for some nice pics.
  10. Shroomeup

    Game of Thrones

    If ya like GOF you should check out "Vikings". Its into its second season now and is really bloody good aye.
  11. My two chookies got munched a few nights back by Mr Fox. Was quite strange, I heard somthing middle of the night and went to check it out but nothing there. Next morn I find one dead on the lawn and one still in the cage which had been dug into. Both with necks snapped? We always get Gingerhams. They are by far the friendliest chooks ive ever seen, thy will follow you everywhere incase you drop some food or stir up a worm. They each without fail pop out a nice big egg every day.
  12. Shroomeup

    Subs 2013

    Stumbled across these beauties while taking my dog for a walk. These bugggers keep finding me when im not even looking!
  13. Shroomeup

    Brown birch bolete 2013

    Awesome mate! I havent been in there for a look yet this year, I did see a bunch of oldies in there picking when I drove past so didnt bother looking on my way back past. I know what you mean about the smell when theyre old aye, the smell almost choked me when I had a big whiff of one I was printing and forgot about.
  14. Shroomeup

    Raising A.Phlebophylla

    These were grown from the seed from folias. Seedlings are just on three months old. I got 8 out of 10 to germinate by giving them a filing and putting in 75° water to soak overnight. Then I planted in some granity soil I scavanged from a recently turned over logging area which had tons of healthy little acacias popping up.
  15. Shroomeup

    free seed giveaway

    Yes sir, would defo be keen mr tipz