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  1. omg amz, is that the same mortar and pestle in shots 2&3?? your hand must be a pixies hand, or that lighter is freakishly huge!
  2. chilli

    Speeding Ticket?

    10km is 4 points? wtf anyway, i heard you can appeal to maritime law and write your name in lower case letters to get out of paying pesky speeding fines
  3. tried white oil or sulphur?
  4. chilli

    Help find song

    it's ALT-J I find this site invaluable for JJJ music: http://www.jplay.com.au/JSite/SearchPlaylists.aspx
  5. chilli

    Post a random picture thread

    The pink hair guy is best.
  6. chilli


    Could it just be nutrient burn? Especially with all that new growth looking so good.
  7. chilli

    Trichocereus bridgessii crest

    Wo. is this a first for this in Oz? I have been so excited since coming back and noticing all these funky crests and monstrose coming out of the woodwork (still waiting for clone A and crested pachanoi to pop up) will you be revealing how you came by it or are you just going to be a cocktease?
  8. chilli

    Moving to PNG?

    Damn, how do I make the video appear in the thread?
  9. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Still looks like it will be fun, but so not what I was looking forward too. Ultra keen to hear about the next bush doof from some of the sexy folk with their ear to the ground.
  10. Wooooah, so cool amz.. that spiral pendant is amazing, the mushroom is so very cute and the mortar and pestle.. wow, neat stuff.
  11. History contradicts this. Get rid of the psychopaths and more psychopaths take their place. Look at what the Communists did, supposedly in the name of the common man.
  12. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    Haha you won't have to do much mate, you already look a bit like Jesus. Can I crucify you?
  13. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

    was a bit put off by the new location, looks very concrete-y. I like being able to vanish into the bush to chill, but what will getting in and out be like with security, cops etc? have only seen photos of the location, so if anyone who has been there can say what they think it would be like would be cool. some non-forum friends are going Saturday night, what night(s) are crew from here going?
  14. chilli

    Top 5 reasons why I Hate women

    Who said anything like that? Not me.
  15. chilli

    Top 5 reasons why I Hate women

    Yeah. Male divinity defined by a man.. Wow that would be out of the ordinary! lol It is like responding to a video on aboriginal history by saying now imagine the same documentary by a white person about white history.. no need to imagine because there are already so many of those that it has defined society at every level! It is because of the dominant white paradigm that a focus on aboriginal traditions by aboriginal people is necessary and good and welcome. In the same way, the dominance of patriarchy in the definition and limitation of women has necessitated a focus on women by women... hasn't it? After thousands of years of religion being dominated by males talking about male divinities and killing women who dared to speak of god as female I think that it is pretty fair we give the idea of the divine feminine a go... Women ruling humanity doesn't sound so bad anyway, we can be like the bonobos and have sex with everyone all day.
  16. Well, it's definitely the future now.
  17. chilli

    Medical Cannabis like you've never seen

    As far as I know, both THC and CBD have anxiolytic properties.
  18. chilli

    Medical Cannabis like you've never seen

    I guess you are just joking, but getting high is incidental to the medicinal value of Cannabis as an analgesic, anti-emetic, appetite stimulant and anxiolytic.
  19. chilli

    Meet up: Perth

  20. chilli

    Ps.tasmaniana pics finally

    I am so flattered that you are impressed by me! You have me flushing red and giggling and getting moist in the general vicinity of my labia. When you get to as many posts as I have written you will no doubt impress people who have posted less than you in a similar fashion, by saying 'necrobump' at appropriate times and other such outlandish behavior. And don't worry, the Internet is big so there are lots of words which can be confusing. This is why God invented YouTube.
  21. chilli

    Ps.tasmaniana pics finally

    7+ year necrobump, nice work.
  22. chilli

    Top 5 reasons why I Hate women

    I use far more toilet paper than my lady.
  23. The influence of the Epic of Gilgamesh on the first creation account in Genesis is interesting.
  24. It sometimes happens with new growth that has been left sitting for a while. I wouldn't chop it out, it should be fine apart from some scars.