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  1. spiders

    Holt fucking wankie fuck

    Neep noope funky spunk... norge neeg spnkie trunk
  2. spiders

    Herdle Verdle

    If you had to trust ten peope on these forums how many would you not trust?
  3. spiders

    Gobble V is a mirror

    geebie bobbie lycell... goobee good to be ack indeed spanky wankt mondays.... Time to take what that doorbell dude sold us... ive got some news for certain people. Ive learned me a lot...
  4. spiders

    Gymnopilus Purpuratus information?

    And some others being scared off by weird knocks on the door at 3am... Having examined these basicallt ehy exhibited small plueorcystidial forms but otherwise were purpuratus.
  5. spiders

    Gobble V is a mirror

    please dont leave another terd at the door, ive had enough trouble shuffle the human defecation already...
  6. spiders

    Holt fucking wankie fuck

    Thank fuck for the god of nothing and everything. Thank god for you guys. I vemisse you all. Meanise
  7. spiders

    Waiting for the norge

    And thus we wait... We watch the cystidial dynamite with anticipation. We have the man send his troups to our house. We realise those that call themselves allies are in actual facts very much enemies - or at least monitoring agents, By fuck they must have reaised hgow deluded I really am Squeezy love ta yas all....
  8. spiders

    How private are pms?

    i certainly cant.
  9. spiders

    How private are pms?

    exactly - i like to keep my fetishes under wraps
  10. spiders

    Mind developments

    Spacy space and then watching the news was kinda funny - i love crankyankers
  11. spiders

    bushwalking pics

    nice work - looks like a nice place to walk as well.
  12. spiders

    How private are pms?

    If someone was aiming to examine someone else's pms how easy would that be to do?
  13. spiders

    Tasmanian Psilocybe species

    I doubt panaelous cyanescens occurs in tasmania.
  14. spiders

    On north qld horse poo

    yeah seems like the likely culprit - close but no cigar... Up there in the far north there could be all sorts of active species - i dont think many people have had a chance to do a detailed study around there. Who knows what you could find.