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  1. endorfinder

    Alicia anisopetala working thread and seed giveaway

    Laid down 4 seeds today rahli
  2. endorfinder

    Keiki Paste

    Why not lanolin? It makes it very easy to apply.
  3. endorfinder

    planting toxic plants..

    I'd agree with thunderhorse about not growing Solanums near poisonous ones, i.e. datura brugmansias nicotianas etc. That said I've grown nicotianas and daturas near tomatoes and chillis with no ill effects. Or maybe I don't remember them? ;) A fence isn't going to stop anything miss-meandor88. The possums... well I wouldn't mind culling a few to be perfectly honest, they eat all my edibles here. You'd want to use a different area of the garden or a different bed altogether. Aconite and mandrake are some of the few VERY toxic ones I'd be somewhat concerned about. Just don't keep them too close to any edibles/medicinals you plan on consuming. But by that I mean not directly beside them, the chances of soil leaching are pretty damn slim unless you're planting in dense clay. (Which in Brisbane is not out of the question!)
  4. toé? i.e. tropanes (scopolamine etc or datura/brugmansia) added to the mix? or simultaneous sly use of stimulants? seems like very odd behaviour for someone on straight aya.
  5. endorfinder

    Germinating Caapi

    STS also have an active Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/305118499498211
  6. endorfinder

    damiana seed

    Darren from herbalistics has damiana said he hopes to offer lagochilus inebriates seeds some time soon.
  7. endorfinder

    FINISHED Free seed. aus

    pinegapcontrol is the man. I've given away hundreds of seeds but this eclipses my efforts!!
  8. endorfinder

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'm going to see the family from 22nd - 29th. So first 3 weeks of december is good for me.
  9. endorfinder

    FINISHED Free seed. aus

    January 2015 should still be plenty viable! they just take a while to pop as usual. (~30 days)
  10. endorfinder

    FINISHED Free seed. aus

    <3 you all but I never got why people post "PMed" on these threads? isn't it *private messaging* after all? :D
  11. endorfinder

    Meet up: Brisbane

    gtarman it would be awesome if you did
  12. endorfinder

    Alicia anisopetala working thread and seed giveaway

    I had some muricata and "white aya" seeds too, can't remember who got them though
  13. endorfinder

    Alicia anisopetala working thread and seed giveaway

    Awesome to see you germed them, congrats!!
  14. endorfinder

    Alicia anisopetala working thread and seed giveaway

    They originated from World Seed Supply. Did I send you other varieties too Cubism?
  15. endorfinder

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I won't be physically up to it yet but keen to watch ;)