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  1. search forever

    Cactus fruits

    Quote Sorry mate, I didnt sample it. The flowers dont seem to be self fertile & I was so stoked to see a fruit I processed it for seeds. ___________________________________________________________ Any seed available? Cheers
  2. search forever

    ID - A subulata?

    Thanks, according to Desert Tropicals it has many synonyms. How are you finding it as a grafting rootstock? So far for me it seems to accept Hylocereus hybrids though it does take some time for scions to start growing and I find new A. subulata shoots need to be removed so they are not preferentially supplied with nutrients. Cheers
  3. search forever

    ID - A subulata?

    Anyone seen this before? Is it Austrocylindropuntia subulata? Cheers
  4. search forever

    Keiki Paste

    Hi Anyone tried using a variant of Keiki Paste using Vegetable oil as a carrier rather than anhydrous Lanolin? Cheers
  5. search forever

    Cactus fruits

    Zelly Be most interested in what the selenicereus ptranthus tasted like. I have an Echinocereus pentalophus clone which, provided the fruit is picked when fully ripe, has a Banana like flavor. Plant is not self fertile which is a bit of a pain. Cheers