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  1. Has anyone had any experience with home biogas setups? I’m having trouble finding any more in-depth pros vs cons of small systems. I imagine it being small enough for just one household might have issues like with smaller aquaponics have more fluctuations and might not be worth it unless a larger scale? this is the one iv seen some good things about: https://www.homebiogas.com
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    Post a random picture thread

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    Post your track of the day

    This whole album really ❤️
  4. Soundofcolour

    Post your track of the day

    Had this stuck in my head for days now.
  5. Soundofcolour

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Tanks for being such a welcoming bunch! I'll try and make it to others in the future and bring much more to share next time. n_n
  6. Less lurking, more posing :P!

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      That was supposed to say 'posting' - sorry!


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      Only 4 posts after 3 years, look at me go!

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      Don't want to rush these things...

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    Meet up: Melbourne

    Hey Iv been lurking here for quite a while but never posted (still new to a lot of this) Is anyone welcome to this meet up? Iv never been but it would be lovely to meet some like minded people (: