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  1. BentoSpawn

    Is the Earth F**ked?

    I personally find it extremely difficult to believe that 80% of the worlds population are middle class westerners Sadly with a bit of googling i wasnt able to disprove or prove this figure however. I did however stumble upon that: 20.25% of the worlds population is white. 20% are Chinese 17% are Indian 15% are African Given these statistics that i pulled from wiki answers/Wikipedia i think its pretty safe to assume that your statistic is grossly overstated.
  2. BentoSpawn

    Free Mushroom Kits-

    Very generous of you
  3. BentoSpawn

    Question about eating slightly mouldy mushroom

    definitely wouldnt be touching them, that mould will be growing throughout the entire jar for sure
  4. BentoSpawn

    Mushroom Grow Log Application / Calculator

    Sounds like a good idea If its good enough you could even market it to companies
  5. BentoSpawn

    white stemmed cyanescens

    I thought this guy was told to keep all his ad posts in a single thread ?
  6. Funny you mention silica, i was thinking about that the last few day and thats basically exacttly how i plan to do my next primts. However i will be using an upside down take away container (minor difference i know).
  7. BentoSpawn

    BRF Spawn Jars

    After use i found that when cleaning the jars the tyvek folters came off a little too easily, in future i will lightly sand the area where i plan to stick the tyvek down,. Its probably worth while doing this to the area the self healing injection holes would be located too.
  8. BentoSpawn

    BRF Spawn Jars

    The jars in the original post proved to be very successful I am now harvesting oysters and the family is loving having super fresh tasty mushrooms !
  9. Not to mention hot air circulating around the oven throwing around god knows what. Hot air is nowhere near as efficent as steam/water in sterilization
  10. Id bet the foil comes put less clean than if you simply used foil strait from the roll after taking the dirtier outise sheet off
  11. BentoSpawn

    Liquid culture trouble

    The advantage of this is you know the culture should be clean, its difficult to know your culutre is clean of you just pur spores in honey/karo water
  12. BentoSpawn

    Liquid culture trouble

    id definitely toss it ! spores>agar>LC OR tissue>agar>LC both work Probably the best way would be tissue/spores>agar>grain then squirt water into the grain and suck it back up into the needle
  13. BentoSpawn

    Should we have a sub forum for tek's poll

    Its nice to see those for the 'against' have taken the time to construct a good argument and have made some good points in my opinion. Whitewind in particular makes a good point that a single thread could probably do a good job of linking to tek's, the only problem i see with this is that it requires someone to constantly keep updated with all the teks that people write and update their thread - a tek sub-forum on the other hand would be self updating. This said someone putting together a thread of the teks available in the mycology section of this forum would probably be a good start to get the ball rolling, we could see how the thread plays out and a sub forum could be made much easier for the mod by dragging the threads from that list into the sub-forum instead of having to find all of them for his/her self. This would probably best be done by someone who has been around a for a while and has a good idea of all the teks that are hidden in the forum.
  14. BentoSpawn

    Plant allies ?

    I have found the more I love a plant the less chance it has of survival personally My personal arch nemesis have been harbanaro and coriander haha
  15. BentoSpawn

    Chilies, why do we eat them?

    I had a dog at one stage that loved hot stuff actually, definitely not just a human condition ! Certainly could take it a lot hotter than most people, her favourite was home made peri peri chicken, way hotter than anything from nandos.