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  1. goneski

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    My hostility comes from my own personal experiences, those of others and a lot of reading. In summary, I think the mental health system is a broken mess and a joke. This review (I may have posted this already) and the book itself sum up my thoughts: http://thepsychologist.bps.org.uk/yoke-upon-necks-poor And don't even get me started on psychiatry or psychiatric meds..
  2. Well, I did my first build on a Lemo 2 a couple of days ago.. very impressed. It vapes quite well, and the top refill is a nice option. Only downside is that the tank capacity could be larger.
  3. I just purchased another Subtank Mini, and I'm noticing a similar thing. It looks like they have slightly redesigned it. The drip tip doesn't heat up as much for me, but I do notice with the OCC coils that I get a slight bit of juice -- prior to this I hadn't tried the OCC coils. However, I haven't noticed any leaking whatsoever as of yet. Have you tried building a coil on the RBA section?.. That would be my next suggestion. I noticed they've also changed the RBA section (it's now labelled as 'Mini RBA Plus') -- the holes for the juice channels are much much larger. I had problems with wicking and dry hits on the original Subtank Mini, so hopefully it will be easier to build now without worrying about wicking as much especially with thicker juices. What's the PG/VG ratio of the juices you're using? I also purchased a Lemo 2. I have only used it for around a week, but it seems okay. You can fill from the top without dismantling anything which is nice.
  4. Yes. The proper RTAs such as the Subtank make a massive difference, even if you use the premade coils. I used to vape those smaller and cheaper tanks then moved to a Subtank -- massive difference. Loads more vapour and flavour, less issues with leaking, etc. Building basic coils is also fairly easy as well -- the hardest part has been wicking and avoiding dry hits, but it's manageable with a bit of practice. You'll pay around $40 or so for a Subtank, then another $10 for some Kanthal and organic cotton, but it will probably end up cheaper than replacing coils constantly. You don't need to go ridiculously sub-ohm unless you want to be one of those cloud chasing morons. I usually vape anywhere 0.5 - 1.0 ohms by doing 5 or so wraps of 24-26 gauge kanthal around the miniature screwdriver that comes with the Subtank Mini. You'll use up more ejuice, but the flavour and hit are a lot nicer.
  5. VaporShark rDNA 40. I use a Kanger Subtank Mini, building coils that come out around 0.5 Ohms at 5-6 wraps (24 gauge kanthal, from memory -- i could be wrong). If I'm lazy and don't want to build, I have an Aspire Atlantis with 0.5 Ohm premade OCC coils. I also just bought a Lemo 2 to try out, as I don't have a spare tank to build on when soaking and cleaning the Kanger. I would've been keen to try a Squape clone or something from fasttech, but the clones seem to be a bit hit & miss. I tried building some Nickel coils, but I think I might have one of the faulty earlier instances of the rDNA 40.. When using Nickel, sometimes the screen scrambles and I need to remove and replace the battery. For ejuices, so far I've only really been using Mt Baker Vapor and Vape Wild over the past 12 months or so.. I'd definitely like some suggestions, although to be honest I'm looking at weening myself off vaping. My most recent order is mostly 3mg juices, with a couple of 6mg. Prior to that, I've always vaped 6 - 12 mg.
  6. Well, I've been considering quiting my shithouse job and going into sex work. I'm sure I could roleplay as asexual.
  7. I'm looking at quitting my shitty job soon (without anything else lined up), so I'm going to start prepping and following some of the suggestions here.
  8. So it's okay if you're a kiddie fiddling Catholic, but this site is blocked? Makes sense.. We actually sell Fortinet firewalls at work and have one. I've never tried browsing to SAB at work though.
  9. Honestly, when I see shit like this, I hope it crashes hard: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/news/sydney-property-investment-guru-stephanie-brennan-has-23-million-portfolio-aged-24/story-fngr8gwi-1227402551502?utm_content=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=EditorialSF&utm_source=DailyTelegraph&utm_medium=Facebook
  10. Don't forget all the shitty 'austerity' measures in last year's budget (such as the waiting period for Newstart). It's amusing to see how they've since backtracked and claimed the economy is 'strong' despite having an increased deficit (can't remember the amount -- but the forecast has doubled), drop in iron ore prices, increase in unemployment, etc. I wonder if the Coalition are half expecting Labor to win the next election and hoping it all blows up in their faces so they can bitch & moan when in opposition whilst blatantly lying about being 'good economic managers' during their term.. But don't get me wrong, I also despite Labor.
  11. Personally I hope it crashes hard. I've been following the Australian economy for a few years now including housing and think it's largely just a gigantic bubble. I think it's disgusting the way in which government policy and greed have turned the basic necessity of shelter into a speculative asset with people thinking they are somehow clever "investors" for sinking money into an unproductive asset seeking capital gains. We've had the GFC, crashes in Ireland and other countries to mull over plus warnings from the OECD, IMF and countless other bodies yet here we are -- increasing unemployment, mining falling of a capex cliff, falling iron ore prices, future decline of the car manufacturing industry, decreasing terms of trade, a massive brain drain of skilled workers (scientists, engineers, etc) emigrating, an oncoming recession -- and all we have left are properties to sell to one another at inflated prices. The 'lucky country'. I really hate to say I hope it crashes hard, but I don't feel there's any other option at this point. The can has been kicked down the road for long enough, and nobody seems interested in any meaningful reform. It seems as though the Australian economy (not just property) is a poisoned chalice, and both of the major parties will do everything they can do keep it propped up which just makes the prospect of a crash even more frightening and damaging. It will be a harsh but well deserved lesson, IMO. Thoughts? I'm sure I could add a heap more here (discussing misallocation of capital into property from productive investments, infrastructure, government policy -- negative gearing, CGT, SMSF leveraging into property, the banking sector, etc) but it's a massive topic and would be interested to hear other people's opinions before just blurting out a massive stream-of-consciousness diatribe. I suppose the main reason I only bought this topic up now is that it seems to have become quite prominent in the media as of late. I think there are two potential outcomes here -- people leverage in due to the fear of missing out, or investors become spooked and start panic selling. What are your thoughts? Do you think there is a problem with housing affordability and a bubble? If so, is it nationwide or contained to Sydney/Melbourne and possibly mining regions? (We've already seen price collapses in some areas of QLD and WA). If you think there's an issue -- how do you think it can be resolved? Or can it be resolved? Do we all just need to "get a job that pays well" ~ Joe Hockey?. Are you bearish/bullish/don'tgiveashitish? Do you believe the Australian economy is a one trick pony that has been completely hollowed out and we're now on the downslope toward bearing the consequences? I thought this might be an interesting place to ask..
  12. goneski

    Nah, they did the trials on it mate...

    That's your only take away comment/remark for the whole video? Wow, okay.
  13. goneski

    Nah, they did the trials on it mate...

    Already posted this elsewhere, but what the hell:
  14. goneski

    Windows 10

    This is why I've set up separate VLANs with a router/firewall inbetween. Also in the process of setting up an Intrusion Detection/Prevention System. I prefer to NOT just run Windows, but I do have a domain controller + some Win 8.1 VMs set up for testing group policy and other boring shit I need for work. My understanding was the tech preview of Windows 10 includes all kinds of 'statistics gathering' (i.e. surveillance)? Yea, certs mean sweet FA in my opinion. My current workplace has a raging hardon for certs, yet whenever I ask someone with certs basic questions, they have no clue. I really fail to see the value in it. On top of that, it's an M$ shop. I had a look at MCSA, MCSE, etc certs and they bore me. I'm not interested in learning how to click through a fucking GUI and maybe script some minor PowerShell (yuck) to learn how to set up Server 2012 in accordance with some myopic course objectives. Cisco and other networking certs don't seem a whole lot better. If I'm actually interested in networking stuff (which I am, but mostly from a security perspective), I feel like I'd be much better off reading proper textbooks and sticking to vendor-agnostic material. I really hate being in a Windows based environment where we use large, clunky 'enterprise' proprietary software. As soon as the SHTF, it's next to impossible to do any real troubleshooting and you end up just passing the problem off to some useless third party vendor's support and go around and around in circles with them while the issue remains unresolved. It's utterly pointless and infuriating being stuck in little more than a help desk job despite having a Software Engineering degree, 2 years full time experience as a .NET developer, and having programmed since I was around 11 yo (now 28). I'm supposed to be working in a NOC setting up infrastructure, dealing with automation (config management, monitoring, etc) but just end up getting dragged into support stuff. It's quite comical when you're dealing with a large system that costs six figures responsible for monitoring 4,000+ devices and the system is horrendous -- no flexibility, no openness, poor performance etc.. Then you start looking at free open source solutions which are MUCH more advanced and powerful. My main gripe with IT shops in Australia is that they seem to just (generally speaking) lack technical expertise and really just throw money at proprietary solutions that don't end up meeting business requirements. It's a bit hard to feel inspired and motivated when all you're doing is taking off the shelf hardware and software and then configuring it. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent.. </rant>
  15. goneski

    Windows 10

    Install Arch. No problems with bloat whatsoever. I wouldn't touch one of the Ubuntu variants given some of the shit Canonical has pulled off in the past (submitting usage statistics, etc) and how bloated they are. I agree with Sally. I just use Linux at home now -- Arch on desktop, Debian on server running OSes virtualised with KVM. The only reason I'd go Windows over Linux is if you're not keen on the steeper learning curve, but that's half the fun. Windows is great if you just want to get things up and running and aiming for basic productivity (office, email, cat videos, etc) and you absolutely NEED to use <insert app>. Beyond that, it really shits me to tears. I use Windows 8.1 in the office and fucking hate it. It's such an intrusive system. I've played around a bit with Server 2008 + 2012 R2 at work (because I have to) and at home, but I'm not terribly interested in Windows in the server space. My only real interest in Windows nowadays is for hacking, malware research and reverse engineering. Beyond that, Windows seems to be a bit of a toy compared to *nix. The main benefit from what I can see with Windows 10 is OneGet (shamelessly stolen from Chocolatey, which in turn was shamelessly stolen from NuGet) -- package management for Windows (it's about time Microsoft). It will be interesting to see how well this plays out and compares to Linux. Having said that, I haven't really kept up to date or bothered playing around with Windows 10, so maybe there are some other improvements beyond fixing the shitty 8.x interface. The more I work with Windows daily as I have for years (job requires it), the more turned off and disinterested I become. Ideally I'd love to move into a proper development, devops or sysadmin job working with *nix systems, but they don't seem terribly common in Australia and the few that exist require 123910x10e years experience.