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  1. Hi, I've recently developed an interest in lichens but found you really need to use TLC to ID to species level. While I have used TLC before at uni, I don't really have access to their labs for this. It's easy enough to buy silica sheets for TLC but the reagents are a bit more difficult. Mainly because they need to be bought from lab supply shops that don't generally sell to individuals. At the moment reagent C is really the only one that seems easily obtainable. Was wondering if anyone might be able to give advice on where/how these might be obtained (legally)? The list is below. Cheers A toluene / dioxane / acetic acid (180 : 45 : 5) Dioxane in solvent A is hygroscopic and absorbs water over time. The solvent thus rapidly deteriorates and accurate Rf-values can only be recorded with relatively fresh solvent. B hexane / diethyl ether / formic acid (130 : 80 : 20) This solvent has largely been replaced by B'. B will deteriorate in less than 6 hours whereas B' can be used up to four or five days. B' hexane / methyl tert-butlyl ether / formic acid (140 : 72 : 18) C toluene / acetic acid (170 : 30) For most lichen substances C provides the best discrimination. It is also very stable (several weeks) and therefore is the most common solvent routinely used. Solvents E and G are mostly used only to discriminate substances which will otherwise not be resolved very well: E cyclohexane / ethyl acetate (75 : 25) Solvent E discriminates between non-polar derivates of lichen compounds and substances which have very high Rf-values in A, B, B' and C. It needs to be prepared fresh daily. G toluene / ethyl acetate / formic acid (139 : 83 : 8) Solvent G is very stable and discriminates well between substances with very low Rf-values in A, B, B' and C.
  2. emcat

    Loph seed wanted

    Looking for lophophora williamsii seeds to buy or trade...
  3. emcat

    Coprinopsis atramentaria

    Was wondering if anyone has any prints or cultures of Coprinopsis atramentaria (tipplers bane)? Will buy or trade.
  4. emcat

    Trich Pollen Needed (Please!)

    Sadly they're all closing up now. But thanks for the offer! Next time I get flowers I'll try here earlier.
  5. emcat

    Tricho cuts for sale

    Hi, I'd like to get a rosei cutting. Will PM you.
  6. emcat

    Trich Pollen Needed (Please!)

    Thanks Ones already opening today. The other two *might* hold out over the weekend... I'll let you know. Are you within 1 day express post of Melbourne?
  7. emcat

    Trich Pollen Needed (Please!)

    Hi, if anyone still has some pollen left over I'd like to trade/buy/exchange for seed. I have two flowers about to open probably in the next couple of days.
  8. emcat

    Loph pollen wanted

    Oops wrong thread, sorry!
  9. emcat

    Cool mist humidifiers for Martha in Australia?

    The one I got looks a bit like this but with a narrower outlet. It's for one of the small greenhouses that is a couple of feet wide and few feet tall. I just pushed a piece of plastic tubing over it, which leads to the top of the greenhouse. Have it on low or put it on a timer for short bursts. Works great. Just need to make sure the tubing doesn't have any bends in it where water can pool. http://www.airhumidifier2u.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Ultrasonic-Air-Humidifier-SMJ-404-1jpg.jpg
  10. emcat

    Cool mist humidifiers for Martha in Australia?

    I found one on Gumtree. They also have heaps of them on Ebay. Though make sure you get one that you can attach a hose to so that it increases fresh air exchange. I tried to skimp and put a little cheap one inside the inside of the greenhouse which didn't last very long or work very well for obvious reasons.
  11. emcat

    Eating A. muscaria?

    So is it legal in Australia? I've read some pretty varying stuff. I've also seen it sold here, but not as something you consume.
  12. emcat

    Eating A. muscaria?

    I basically followed the instructions from this video
  13. emcat

    Eating A. muscaria?

    Don't remember. Could well have been but that's not unusual. I definitely have to try this experiment again without the wine. Kicking myself.
  14. emcat

    Eating A. muscaria?

    Well it was really hard to tell because we stupidly had some wine with dinner. But I felt something like energy running through me. Could have just been adrenalin from finally eating them though. My partner felt kind of stoned and tired, and they felt funny the next day too. They were quite adamant that they had some effect. But they also had like a third of what I did. So yeah it could well have been psychosymptomatic. But then, we usually have wine with dinner and this did feel different to me. I also used mostly young mushrooms because I had heard these were more tasty - they are also meant to be more potent. So really it was just not a controlled experiment and I'll have to try it again some time soon. But I can say they were delicious!
  15. emcat

    Eating A. muscaria?

    Well I tried these. Cut them up fresh and did the recommended 2x7minute boils, changing the water in between. They were really delicious. Well worth while. But I am not 100% convinced that I didn't have some poisoning symptoms, nothing unpleasant though. Next time maybe an extra boil or change the water more times.