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  1. at0m

    Australian 2016 Census... WTF?

    The stats gained through the census help the country improve and understand itself. The names are dumb. Fill it out without the name, chances are you won't be fined. They have the power but don't like to use it unless you're being a dick to them/the census agents. You'll likely need a paper form though.
  2. at0m

    trump minus bannon

    My favourite part about the leaks is how Assange has fucking lost it and included heaps of people's NAMES, EMAIL ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, SSNS AND CREDIT CARD DETAILS in them because blanking those would be censorship or something fucking stupid. Also this antisemitic fuckboi bullshit. https://archive.is/5g8LF because jews run the world right? oh and for funsies too. They couldn't identify an OBVIOUS phishing scam. Fuck Wikileaks (and Trump & Pence just to stay on topic)
  3. at0m

    What is this bush?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonotis_leonurus is my guess.
  4. Today is a sad day. The large acacia out the front was destroyed in the storm overnight largely due to falling gum branches It was beautiful and in full flower but when we awoke this morning it was entirely uprooted and missing near half of it's branches. We managed to clean it up a bit and place it back down into the soil but I'm unsure if it will survive. You can see the pile of dropped branches and such behind it on the right. I'm going to have to plant some more acacia in it's memory. A dozen acuminata maybe? As a small update as well, things are progressing pretty slowly around here due to winter. I've made some shelves in the shed which I'm now propagating all my chillies on/in. They're probably a bit happier to be in there rather than an old veggie esky with a single CFL globe I'll get some pictures of this soon. I think I may be going pretty overboard with this chilli thing too... Maybe that's a good thing? I should have a good amount of seed (and probably pods) to share around sometime next year
  5. at0m

    KAT gone

    Sounds like they didn't really know how to cover their tracks... part of the evidence of how they were caught is their transactions on iTunes. There's some irony in that I think. Shitty news though something will take it's place.
  6. at0m

    cool TV shows

    Mr Robot. Strong anti-establishment themes, computery but you don't NEED to be a nerd to get it. A++. Season two is airing right now in the US. Stranger Things. Only two episodes into this but it seems great so far. Love the style it's done in and it's kid actors who don't make me cringe which is a bonus. Tiny House Nation/Tiny House Hunting/Tiny House World/Tiny house anything... I have a thing for tiny houses right now. can you tell? I love the concept of living with only what you need. No space for junk to accumulate. I still need that outdoor space though...
  7. at0m

    Spawn bags. Best source in Aus?

    Repping a mate of mine http://www.aussimushroomsupplies.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=97 Not sure if he's the cheapest tbh but the stuff's good.
  8. I was for awhile but I found it ultimately made me just as phlegmy/wheezy/hard of breath as the analogues and that was really the main reason I wanted to quit smoking (which I've done, but without vapes :p) Can you get dry herb attachments that fit onto the standard ego/510 thread? THAT I may be interested in assuming it can hit temps well. iLeaf 30w & kanger subtank fwiw
  9. at0m

    WTF are these arrows

    Are you talking about the question/answer style posts in the identification forums?
  10. I took a bunch of photos of my cupboard babies. Moved them inside because I was germing them outside (at this time of year) like an idiot. Last two in the takeaway containers are WAY too wet, I know. I'm taking their lids off every other day and letting them dry out a bit. Next up... building an indoor grow cabinet for the cold months and for starting seedlings super healthily all year round. I may the mistake of joining a hot pepper forum and now I'm no longer satisfied with how my chillies are doing... I need lights! I want those tight nodes, big glossy leaves and short (but fat stems) stature. I think they be my true calling.
  11. and one more for good measure. http://pastebin.com/CcGUBgDG This is from the "hacker".
  12. Good read on the topic: http://hackingdistributed.com/2016/06/17/thoughts-on-the-dao-hack/
  13. They will be in their own fenced off area jeez I do hope I can work out how to do fencing though... I'm learning a lot.