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  3. vual

    Nicotina Species

    Looking for nicotina rustica and tobacum, not looking to grow just collecting. Reach out if you have thanks, -V
  4. saguaro

    Romanesca broccoli seed wanted

    https://www.diggers.com.au/products/broccoli-romanesco-organic you can buy them here
  5. Last week
  6. Boof

    Romanesca broccoli seed wanted

    That's way cool...
  7. fyzygy

    Romanesca broccoli seed wanted

    Looking for viable seed.
  8. Average Joe


    Very nice!
  9. Rhyzobium

    EGA Raffle needs donations!

    10,000 Courtii seeds on their way.
  10. Deleted - posted in wrong place

  11. -RC-

    Growing HBWR

    All totally normal growth/shedding of HBWR. SEQLD grows em big, and I've flicked many, many seeds around the place as a result. Even if you neglect them they will still kick on, especially if they have partial sun and something to climb
  12. Boof

    Growing HBWR

    Ha! I've got 3 of those 4. Lucky enough to have some room to put them though...
  13. Jox

    Growing HBWR

    Just a side note but the hbwr vines ip here in north QLD finished flowering a couple of months ago and have dropped most of their seeds..
  14. RonnySimulacrum

    EGA Raffle needs donations!

    Yes this is really important to support folks; we would love your help
  15. RonnySimulacrum

    GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

    Coming up fast, I know there are a lot of SAB crew in town for this, but will you put your hand up? Who is in town from SAB for EGA? Now with an afterparty on the Sunday night - https://www.trybooking.com/CDBUC
  16. mcgrath111

    S. divinorum

    Might be able to help, having trouble with pm atm.
  17. withdrawl clinic

    big lophs, small prices

    hi! gardening is causing my chronic pain to get a bit worse, so i reduce my workload even more. i want to sell 2/3 of my cacti collection, but can't upload pictures (last time i got an upload error and it never got fixed by the admins) this is how it works: i got lophs many years old, and some monsterous pedros, and some btrue blue pedro. all parcels will be of similar configaration, say one very big loph, some medium and some smaller. i let you know the sizes, and quanteties via privat messaging. minnimum purchase is 200aud, plus postage. send me a pm, if you are interressted, they will be cheap and of very good quality, and ready to be repotted.
  18. withdrawl clinic

    Salvia d. mechanism of infertility

    thx, for the excellent link, fyzygy! this is exciting and opens up, a new door. at my locations, sally can be ok, for years, but if i get, hot (desert) westerly winds they die, of heat stress. i think this wind and heat wave only comes in el ninjo years, but i'm not sure. there are tropical locations above 400m around, in oz and they would be ideal... as well, once sally seeds become available, we could try to induce mutations, but i forgot the name of the chemical. idealy would be a climat controlled area, where the temps dont go over 30 deg or so... as well, i want to mention that there are posts around, of growers in mexico, and there sally's are 3m monsters!
  19. Glaukus

    Growing HBWR

    Add ipomea and Alicia, I've never seen anything grow like Alicia in my life, most out of control liana I've ever grown. I had to remove it, it took over half my yard.
  20. withdrawl clinic

    Growing HBWR

    just to fatten up this topic, allowe me to sidetrack, a lil, topic: "plants which get too big near structures or in a small yard". please add to the list. HBWR, Argyreia nervosa CEBIL,Anadenanthera colubrina KRATOM, Mitragyna speciosa CAAPII, banisteriopsis caapii
  21. fyzygy

    Salvia d. mechanism of infertility

    Enjaytee's progress got me wondering about salvia crosses, e.g. divinorum x recognita this page has some info on pollinating salvias: https://salvia-hybrids.blogspot.com/2014/11/how-to-hybridize-salvias.html
  22. Hey all. 

    Im respectfully asking that you do not ask for seeds from my latest endeavour. If they were available I’d let it be known. At the risk of coming across as self important, selfish, dramatic or rude. It’s getting a bit much and would like it to stop if possible. I share my progress in hope of encouraging others to have a crack and hopefully in the future these seeds will be more abundant. I prob sound like a c*nt but hey, whatevs… Obviously there is no harm in asking so I’m simply asking that you don’t ask :)

    Kindest regards, Enjaytee.

    1. withdrawl clinic

      withdrawl clinic

      members, please respect enjaytee's request!




      thank you for your very informative and inspiring, photos.

  23. Enjaytee


    @Average Joe thanks mate. Rates are a lot better than I could have imagined.
  24. anton_

    Post a random picture thread

    I've never actually swum here, good to know about the sea lice agree Woopi beach is awesome Besides snorkelling, floating over the top of calm swell and looking back at the shore is one of my favourite things to do at the beach, especially when it's as beautiful as places like Blenheim or Murray's (which is the last place I took a dip, a waaayyy down on the south coast, it was relaxing until I stood on a Skate, lol)
  25. Alchemica


    Looking for various Tabernaemontana - divaricata, pandacaqui etc. Any that may be phytochemically interesting Message me if you have surplus Many thanks in advance
  26. Average Joe


    I saw this on Facebook bro! Great work. How are the germ rates?
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