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  2. swampjrass

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    Any one still growing this ? My has variegated pups n is a beast.. flowering this season 2 .
  3. fyzygy

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    I think we're *all* liable to totalitarian thought and behaviour, the products of internalised oppression. I'll leave it at that.
  4. DarkSoul

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Okay. Where is it this time?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Leftovers from 2023 seed harvest, collected from a mature tree. Makes for a stimulating (compost) tea. PM if interested.
  7. All I truly know about khat comes from my old lab mate from Ethiopia. Its directly responsible for the finishing of many Ethiopian grad student theses being handed in on time
  8. Cubism

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    Just out of curiosity WC, are you talking about SBS in general, or the Viceland channel? And fyzygy, I totally sympathise with your reference towards Israel (and Palestine implicitly I guess?). Its something very close to my heart. For the sake of keeping things peaceful and diplomatic, I'll only say two things. It's amazing the amount of clickbait trash on SBS these days generally speaking. It's amazing that fascism can be inherited by the very victims themselves of fascism. Time to shut up now :)
  9. fyzygy

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    The best documentary I've seen on the holocaust is the 9- or 10-hour film (in 2 parts) called Shoah. In it, the industrial mass transit system (i.e. railroads, with their clockwork schedules etc.) is briefly discussed as one of the enabling conditions of the Nazi extermination programs. The German folk were primed for dictatorship by the pre-existing structures of patriarchal religion, according to a chapter in an out-of-print book, The Misery of Christianity. Neither of these factors is exclusively "German" in origin or application. Western culture more broadly, is implicated in various programs of extermination (and of mass-extinction, in the post-WWII period). The United States, clearly, is no exception. My only objection to holocaust commemoration is that it serves to function as a "get-out-of-jail-free card" for the Israeli state and Hebrew religion, both of which conduct some fairly atrocious business as a matter of course -- in my opinion. Only an imbecile would maintain that the Nazis held a monopoly on totalitarianism, or racist oppression. As John Pilger says of the war in Ukraine, nothing coming from the western media should be taken at face value. I do hope this thread doesn't degenerate into another flame war.
  10. withdrawl clinic

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    i get pissed off by sbs, programing sometimes two shows a day, how the nazis were monsters. most docus regarding the 2 ww are not only biased (winner tells the history) but outright done by people who are in denial (JUST THE SAME AS HOLOCAUST DENIERS). the presenters hold no qualifications, and because of the topic of the subject, no body is likely to stand up and critizise them for making up stories. story1, the most popular untrue story. hitler did'nt shake jesse owens hand because he was black. truth is, hitler did only shake hands with athlets who won gold for the 3 reich. nazis were not racist like the american, they had many black people in the armies, and belived that the australien first nations people are the leader race of the black people. story2, america is portrayed as, having saved many jews, like einstein went to america. america closed it's border to jews and asians and slaws and sint, and and. story3, they killed and experimeted with humans, the nazi the moster, thats all the say, and it's true they were monsters, but those sbs docus, never tell you who educated them, to those crimes. if a person preaches a dogma, which suggests to harm people, those people are as well responsible for the harm that is the result of there teachings. the people who educated the nazi monsters, to kill the feable minded, and people who they thought were not racialy pure, are in fact brits and amarican. they are darwinians, and created the idee of EUGENICS. GALTON, darwins cousin, invented eugenics, and as such holds partly responsibilety for the holocaust and the killing of sinti, roma, wittness of jehova, homosexualls, epileptics, and many gene transmited disease. there is footage of roosevelt, saying he envies germanies laws. now, i am against eugenics, and i was allways against the nazis, but i hate it if, the history gets told wrongly. i will writte more about this, but have run out of time for now. america, has sterilzed black people with out ther knowledge, till quite recent. the methode was the same as done by the nazies, produce some paper work and sterilize.... rape victims, were processed by saying they were promiscuos and feable minded and for the good of the country, need to made sure to not have offspring .
  11. withdrawl clinic


    not falling asleep after stopping cannabis, is well known, i can take months for your body to re adjust, maybe it will continue to be an issue for life. nice article, learned! most gp think, if you stop a drug, the complications they caused will go away right away, but that is not so, at least not for me. i can't even tell my doc how delusioned he is, as he would get offended.
  12. withdrawl clinic

    Catha Edulis (Khat, Qat) Seed Germination Tips Tutorial

    and did you see the snail, "leging"it with increased speed, after she had the qat chew? but seriously, maybe the stimulant in the qat, is a anti feeding agent, produced by the plant. animal consumes qat> get's stimulated> moves further than usual>inebriated>can't find the spot where qat grew again> plant survives i know very little sience, regarding why plants contain activas which can heal, or have other benefits to animals and humans. my mate told me, he grew a crop of radishes, now over the hot summer. he said, "the seeds germinated much faster" than in spring/winter. the radishes were so hot, he could not eat them. this made me think, and come up with this theorem. cold weather> seed germs slow>doesn't worry about snail attack as seedling(no snails around yet)>radish only a little spicy, as pretador nummers still low. hot weather> fast germination (seed knows warm weather means lots of pretadors around already, beeing fast reduces risks))>radish too "spicy" to eat for humans and cattapillars and co.
  13. Last week
  14. fyzygy

    Khat seed

    Asymmetrical seedlings ... only 2 of about 50 germinated like this.
  15. sharxx101

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Boof and I will be there. Most likely DC too this time
  16. Trip

    Psychotria Nexus

    Chasing Pyschotria Nexus if anyone has a spare plant/ cutting. Pm me. Thanks.
  17. -RC-

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    If you have been getting decent regular falls of 20mm + over a week or so, you might see some about, depending on the elevation as this impacts on the differential between the surface of the land and the water table. Patience and attentiveness are probably the two main things necessary for a positive risk/reward scenario.
  18. Groot

    Acacia Phlebophylla

    Hi all, I have some Acacia Phlebophylla seedlings for sale. $40 each + postage. Pm for details
  19. Alchemica

    Free Heimia salicifolia

    OK I'll reserve the above people for cuttings and get in touch soon. Thanks for the interest
  20. BR14N

    Free Heimia salicifolia

    Yes please if any left
  21. rottenjonny

    Free Heimia salicifolia

    also interested
  22. fyzygy

    Khat mother

    From a small cutting I bought around 25 years ago.
  23. SayN

    Free Heimia salicifolia

    Definitely interested! Something i've been interested to add to my collection for a while now.
  24. fyzygy

    Salvia recognita growing tips?

    as the seedlings grow larger, I notice the "fuzzy, sage-gray leaves" mentioned on another website. less water now, methinks.
  25. Alchemica

    Free Heimia salicifolia

    Have some rooted cuttings (3 x tubestocks) for people interested (No WA/TAS) Free including post. Just starting to root so I'll give them a bit longer before posting but express any interest here.
  26. A rogue snail just ate all my best seedlings, the ones with their first true leaves. It ignored all the rest -- I'd already noticed that snails didn't seem to bother them, which had given me a false sense of security. Oh, and snails aren't as averse to mint as some would have you believe (I put my pots out in the peppermint patch overnight). Just a quick heads-up.
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