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  1. Plantris


    Interesting, any ID for this one?
  2. Plantris

    After 2 plants: Curare vine and Mandragora

    I would be keen to hear if you get either of those friend. Cheerio
  3. Plantris

    big lophs, small prices

    Damn I missed out lol!!!
  4. Plantris

    A few wanted items to rebuild my collection

    I just thought I'd put it out there; still looking for anything cool. I have been able to get a couple items on my list, but still keen for lots of other stuff. Peace space brothers
  5. Plantris

    Fresh Ayahuasca vine available (B.caapi "Cielo"

    Hey buddy, is any of this still available? I would like something suitable for propagation, cheerio
  6. Plantris

    Cannabis australis

    That's really interesting, never heard of this one! Are all those seed vendors from overseas?
  7. Plantris

    A few wanted items to rebuild my collection

    Hey mate Absolutely, I just gotta track one dow, will be sure to let you know
  8. Plantris

    ACT to decriminalize illicit drugs

    I'm not too sure mate, but I would imagine so. Ie; you get caught with a substance deemed to be cocaine, cant have more than 1.5g total. I see your logic though, could actually be alot less than 1.5g of coke. Would be keen to know if anyone finds out.
  9. Plantris

    ACT to decriminalize illicit drugs

    For cocaine its 1.5 grams, I think the same for MDMA, amphetamine Not sure on the others but it was a similar equivalent
  10. Plantris

    ACT to decriminalize illicit drugs

    Still a big step forward. Big difference between $160 and potential jail time. But yes I imagine $160 would hit someone with little income pretty hard
  11. Maybe someone else has already posted this in another section. But yeah, as of October 28, possession of small quantities of illicit drugs will only attract max penalty of $160. It sounds like the gist is that if you get caught, you get fined, or go through a program of some sort. I must say I am surprised. Police will still have power to arrest and send to court, but the max penalty remains the same. No jail. Crazy times
  12. Just thought I would share, at my local nursery I scored a psycho0, yowie x PC and a SAB#2 X Fields. There were about 30, trichocereus pachanoi/bridgesii and possibly peruvianus. Just at my local mainstream nursery I had a chat with one of the staff and he said they were grown from seed by a local guy. For 10 bucks each, about 17cm tall. I cant seem to upload a photo but will try again. Probs a bit boring by y'all standards but it was cool to see at a regular public nursery and exciting to start rebuilding my collection. Never had any of these variations before! Also, thanks for having me, hope to be here fairly regularly, very keen to learn and make connections. I love trichocereus, lophs, anything rare and or medicinal etc. Cheerio
  13. Hey guys. Hope you're all well. Sadly lost most of my plants due to moving house and hoping to start again. It was a bit devastating tbh, I only have 2 potted San Pedros and L. williamsii seedlings with me. I'm looking for cuttings of; Khat A nice blue t.peruvianus Datura and brugmansia (my last angels trumpet was sacred sunset which I'd like to find) Doryphora Sassafras Sassafras albidum (cutting or seed or root bark) Any interesting salvia types Any cool, rare or medicinal stuff I'll see how I go with these, but if you have any rare, cool seeds, plants or cuttings, hit me up. I'm open to anything to get my collection built up again. Cheers dudes Plantris