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The Corroboree

Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

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On 25/10/2020 at 5:08 AM, nagual78 said:

Hi just reading the thread.This was one of my favourite herbs. Id love one for my collection, e. sinica was the one. Any leads to buy established plants?

Any help would be much appreciated.


there are few nurseries in usa that offer some plants , usually nevadensis and few nurseries in europe usually offering distachya.  

but australia?? maybe you should try your luck in the trade section, make a thread asking for a plant. 


otherwise, you should get good seed.  I usually have some seed. PM me 


all in all distachya is the easiest to grow and propagate because fast and grow suckers all the time.. sinica is much slower 

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Posted (edited)

I am pretty happy to announce that my bigger seed grown sinica, a male that flowered last year for the first time,  has done its first suckers / side shoots.. It must be 4-5 years old.  Its also starting to get into vegetative growth again, very excited, its very interesting to see the plant at this phase. 

PS: my other sinica which was started from rooted cutting does sideshoots/suckers regularly every year making it easy to make more plants



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and here is equisettina which was started from rooted cutting and that hasnt grown a lot, starting to grow again after the very mild winter we had overall .. I have high hopes for this years growth! 



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big distachya reacting like a champ to the repotting in even bigger pot 


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yet another photo update 


My E. altissima, a generally unknown species from morocco, north africa that seems to be a climber - crawler but is pretty different  (f.e. more slender) than the local foeminea , has been pretty active, and I repotted one of them, and I saw today the other is making strobili (its a male) 




E. sinica growing from a myriad point plus growing a side shoot 




E. nevadensis , a new attampt, young plant that is still not over that seedling stage




E. chiloensis branches 




E.major and mangragora automnalis 



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Such an interesting plant!


How old is the sincia in the pictures above?

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