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  1. mysubtleascention

    Merry Christmas 2018

    Have a wonderful time everybody!
  2. Two year old article on ancient trichocereus offering .. /click on the photos for better view/ https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/surprising-offering-hallucinogenic-cactus-discovered-prehispanic-temple-020964 Chuquitanta or El Paraíso (The Paradise) are the modern names for a monumental archaeological complex located in the Chillon River valley, several kilometers north of downtown Lima and dated to the Late Archaic Period (3500-1800 BC). More specifically, different radiocarbon dates place the site to between the years 2300 and 1400 BC. Discovered in 1950 by Louis Stumer, it was Thomas C. Patterson and Edward P. Lanning who, in 1964, managed to identify about nine structures and labelled it as a preceramic site. A year later, in 1965, Frederic Engel conducted explorations and excavations at the site and identified another 8 buildings scattered over a large area, so he defined the site as a great architectural complex and one of the largest in ancient Peru. Subsequently, following neglect by authorities, the area began to be protected by nearby residents, although this was not enough to avoid destruction and the inevitable disappearance of the huacas. One of the pyramids of the El Paraíso or Chuquitanta complex. (Dibojutri/ CC BY-SA 3.0 ) It was precisely because of the insistence of these people that the state finally became interested in the site. The first public investment project began on December 24, 2012. The site was excavated in five sectors and the archaeologists found that the complex was composed of twelve pyramids in total, which were spread over a large area. On January 15, 2013 archaeologists discovered an architectural structure they called the Temple of Fire, which has similarities to buildings found in Caral and Kotosh (contemporary structures.) They now called the site the oldest architectural complex of the Lima coast and the first settlement where nomadic societies became sedentary through agriculture, 4,000 years ago. Now, experts know that the diet of the inhabitants consisted of a mixture of domesticated and gathered resources, in which wild plants could have represented a substantial part. But the cultivated plants supplemented the diet of the ancient people too. Some of the plants consumed in this period were amaranth, potato, pumpkin, carob, cotton, and cactus. And it is a cactus that is at least 4,000 years old which has now surprised Peruvian archaeologists after being discovered among Lima’s oldest prehistoric temples. As RPP Noticias reports, the cactus - possibly an example odf the hallucinogenic species San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) measures about 30 centimeters in length. It is in perfect condition and even still has some spikes, as it was dehydrated before being buried as part of an offering. Archaeologist Dayanna Carbonel, who discovered the plant, explained that she had never encountered such an old cactus in an archaeological dig, “and even less as a central part of an offering” - which reveals its importance. Meanwhile, Santiago Morales, curator of the area, has said that the cactus “could have been used in ceremonies and rituals” because it was found in an annex to a ceremonial room. Peruvian Prehispanic structures in the archaeological complex of El Paraíso ( RPP Noticias / EFE ) In addition, the cactus is also important for researchers because they have not found remains of pottery nearby (except for in later sites), forcing archaeologists to focus their research on the waste left by human activity to find out more on the way of life of the site’s inhabitants. In addition to the plant, the researchers have recovered other relevant objects in the same area. For example, they have found a sling constructed with plant material and a club or mace formed by a stick piercing a stone and tied to it with a rope - which could suggest some kind of combat in the area. Image of the club or mace found in the same area as the cactus. ( RPP News/EFE ) Finally, Morales noted that the archaeological complex has a dozen buildings in an area covering about sixty hectares, and so far, only four of them been excavated in part. So, there is still 95% of the site to be researched, which will surely reveal new and fascinating discoveries in the future. Top image: The recently discovered cactus, possibly belonging to the hallucinogenic species San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi).
  3. mysubtleascention

    Show off your freaks

    'LC Scop x scop' sausage type growth on a seedling : .. and the grafted tip taken from the same seedling, growing spineless:
  4. mysubtleascention

    Show off your freaks

    /juul's giant x ss01/ x pach monstrose :
  5. mysubtleascention

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    scop x grandi sausage type growth:
  6. mysubtleascention

    Nitrogen´s Connoisseur hybrids - pics and seed giveaway

    psycho0 x tpm : It's the new growth on the same graft from the above post , after removing the crest
  7. mysubtleascention

    Removing spines

    A personal choice really.. I myself prefer clearing spines / pruning / before wintering indoors, for purposes of safety and convenience. Stability should be achieved by proper root development in the pot. If you're repotting a long cactus, there need to be an adequate support provided /sticks,bars/ alongside in the pot, untill the roots are well established. There need to be enough heavy ingredients in the pot /rocks,sand/ to make it a stable base for the future development of the column too.
  8. mysubtleascention

    Loph Seeds?

  9. mysubtleascention

    Trichocereus Peruvianus "Clime"

    a beautiful mystery it is ..
  10. mysubtleascention

    Trichocereus Peruvianus "Clime"

    I've dicided to give this particular monstrose growing 'sharxx blue x tpm' hybrid a name, for I'm about to release some cloned cuttings and grafts soon ..There'll be other monstrose hybrids with same parentage and it's a way to distinguish, naming .. A great big THANK YOU to @nitrogen for the amzing personality he is and his visionary approach hybridizing these plants! So.. without further ado.. intoducing "Clime".. I'll add more photos as this plant developes further. It's very blue obviously, short spines, peruvian look.. when normal It's a keeper and It'll be very interesting to see pictures from outdoor plants . cheers B.
  11. mysubtleascention

    Loph Seeds?

    Every 50 seeds for 10 $ , free postage.. I have about 500 - 600 freshly picked lopho willy seeds available and anyone interested is welcome! PM for details.. /sending from Europe - 20 days to receive/ Here's some trading rep
  12. mysubtleascention

    Cacti cuts

    I can send you some free lopho seeds, PM if you're keen
  13. Do you think the Universe and planet Earth being part is giving you as much unconditional love as you need? Do you think that Earth will provide you with situations in life where you can fulfill your deepest desires? Do you think incarnating on Earth is making dreams come true for saviours, murderers and victims simultaneously? Do you think people should have an equal opportunity to incarnate into their dreams of violence or peаce? Being a violent saviour is what it is and provides the dream for people that need to incarnate into it, in order to have the experience and go forward. Same applies for people who assault or are the victims in any situation - all types of incarnation have the meaning needed by the person experiencing it and engaging in that particular activity. A passive victim is incarnating into the experience having a purpose. Everything has a meaning and striving to prevent certain types of activity on Earth is part of the whole process. Certain types of activity on the planet are to cease when certain types of consciousness cease to incarnate here. The planet itself is not a separate entity from the consciousness incarnating on Earth - it is a whole organism the same way a human or animal body is comprised of living parts, complementing the whole. Being a violent saviour or a victim or someone assaulting others is a human interaction energy exchange dynamics imprinted in the conscious or subconscious mind by a simple act of copy and paste. Good and bad are always a subjective experience upon what possibilities are on offer for gain or loss of energy, with the energy exchange dynamics provided by any particular incarnational construct. Good for the violent saviour is their personal energy exchange in a gain, meaning reception of energy from the saved victim as a gratitude and forcing energy out of the subdued assaulter ; a societal gratitude bonus of energy might play a role here as well. Bad for the violent saviour is experienced as loss of personal energy, being in a position of inability to subdue the assaulter and to receive energy bonuses in gratitude. Good for the victim is receiving energy from the saviour and ceasing the energy loss towards the assaulter. Bad for the victim's energy exchange dynamics is experienced as the continuation of the energy loss towards the assaulter and lack of energetic help bonus provided by a saviour. Good for the assaulter energetics is gaining energy from victims and preventing any saviour to interrupt the process. Bad for the assaulter's energy exchange dynamics pattern is experienced as inability to juice a victim or interruptions of the gaining process by saviours. Enough people having the desire to incarnate in a violent situation, in order to evolve their personal energy exchange dynamics patterns into something different, is a reason good enough for them to be part of such occurances on the planet - consciously or subconsciously. Consentual BDSM role-plays feed similar patterns of violent energy exchange as well. To alter their own energy exchnage dynamics pattern any assaulter needs a better way to provide energy for their being and that is only possible by experiencing a different and better way to feed their personal needs of energy, or a change of the quality of the energy needed. Providing the circumstances for anyone to make the change in themselves and to alter the way they energize their being is a karmic interaction. Most of us have experienced personally all three roles of assaulter or victim or saviour in certain situations. These patterns of energy exchange are archetypal in nature. The beauty of choice on Earth is the equality in freedom to incarnate into whatever you want. Victim, saviour, assaulter or something else entirely. Other types of consciouness making external observation upon the occurances between the archetypes of victim, saviour and assaulter and the energy exchange happening among these three, might perceive the energy exchange itself being a great act of compassion between victim and assaulter or between victim and saviour and also between assaulter and saviour, happening on a subconscious level - arranged to provide the exchange needed, in order to help the evolution for these archetypes into new ones, desired by all participants. Looking to correct other person's mistkes and misgivings is attempting a change in their reality - a male approach of giving, needy of a complementary female approach embracing the offered reality. A ready "enzyme" only good if the "receptor" can appreciate the offered divination. Accusing any one or any thing of insufficiency is instant giving away of the opportunity to claim responsibility for your creation of the "perfect now" reality while incarnating and the opportunity to find bliss in what the world is providing as raw material to be interpreted. Pointing insufficiencies into the world is pointing insufficiencies into one's own personal reality. Reality can be consciously arranged internally, giving a heart-fulfilling meaning to all elements of the world, willingly bringing personal touch to everything. Pointing mistakes and insufficiencies is guilt derivative. Creating guilt and attempting to distribute guilt within a consensus reality is a passsive-agressive approach towards one's own ability to co-create a stisfying reality. How much responsibility is enough ? As much as the amount needed to have a good karma ! Whatever you need to do in order to make it possible for you to interpret the world as the paradise you wanted to incarnate into. Whatever brings you to creating that heart-fulfilling reality for youself, being part of the consensus reality. If you're not happy with the world or with your own reality, then more personal responsibility is needed apparently ! Every reality has a different vibrational frequency and the "higher states of consciousness" are different realities, coexisting in the same space, along the "lower vibrational state" realities - same space is experienced as a different place, because the energy exchange dynamics between the same elements of the world are different and the karmic relationship is different, due to these differing energy exchanege dynamics. The system assembled with the same elements is different as the energy exchange between the elements is different in a "higher state of consciousness". People in the same space are functioning diffently as the consensus reality is differing and the opportunities for co-creation while incarnatiing in "higher state of consciousness" differ from the opporunities in" lower state of consciousness". Inspiring others to make personal changes is different than forcing views on them through fear, or trying to manipulate them, blaming.. Within inspiration personal energy levels are hightened and the energy exchange with the world is experienced as uplifting. Finding the inspired meaning for any element in your world is making you fulfilled.
  14. mysubtleascention

    "Shamanic Science" subforum drafts.

    Myths and legends, gods and goddesses - all are beings or entities of live information. Connecting to any entity is an exchange of information or reality that can be visited and experienced, along with the energy exchange dynamic attributes or karmic characteristics. Celestial bodies being living entities is the foundation of astrotheology and 'music of the spheres' phenomenon makes the explanation. Experiencing "higher" beings as personal states of mind is part of the initiation and being in these altered staes gives conscious admission to valued information. Western culture is lacking the tradition of properly integrating many of these altered states and psychiatric assistence often aims towards erasing access to these realities in order to help people to fit society, feeling no different than surrounding majority. Spiritual guidance leading ancestral-tribal energy exchange dynamics of bliss, serves a strong affirmation towards being of steady and positive self evaluation - in oneness and love received from the universe. The leading quality of a shaman is the ability to alter personal reality or other people's reality and anchor a reality that is different - a new vibrational state of being or a new timeline. The shaman's ability to interpret vibrations received directly from natural non-human elements of reality, such as plants or animals or crystals is developed by training the mind, some people being more susceptible. Surfing realities and the beings affiliated - realizing only what is supposed to be there as a product of culture and education can be altered by initiation into "higher" states of being - the new consciouness and information access developes the mind, leading to new abilities of interacting with reality. Sharing our personal traditions of shamnic lore and interacting in these premises, outside competition - the opportunity to integrate the similarities and the differences is amazing