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  1. Dropthehammer

    desmanthus leptolobus

    I just recently received some seed and I was wondering if anyone has ever grown this plant from seed before and had any hints of suggestions on germination. Thanks
  2. Dropthehammer

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

  3. Dropthehammer

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

  4. Dropthehammer

    Mimosa Hostilis seeds

    Was wondering if anyone had any Mimosa Hostilis seeds for sale ? thanks
  5. Dropthehammer

    Anadenanthera peregrina seeds wanted

    Only need a few as these are for growing purposes only
  6. Dropthehammer

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

    $360 :)
  7. Dropthehammer

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    You are generous soul ! thank you for your contribution I would love some seeds to sow and spread some around to my friends locally
  8. Dropthehammer

    Please ID this grafting stock

    Thank you
  9. Hey guys! Wondering if i could get help identifying this cactus used as graft stock in this picture.
  10. Dropthehammer

    TBM hardgrown

  11. Dropthehammer

    TBM hardgrown

    Any one else notice that spines get more pronounced on plants when they are hard grown as compared to when in a greenhouse or shaded. Some only my TBM pups are looking gnarly
  12. Dropthehammer

    Introduction and Collection

    Wow, that's an awesome collection! Thanks for the share.
  13. Dropthehammer

    ID REQUIRED please :)

    Yep thats what i ment. Ive been using Pere as well with seedings and having some success after many loses.
  14. Dropthehammer

    ID REQUIRED please :)

    I've heard oputina is good for small seedlings. Have you got any pc ?
  15. Dropthehammer

    ID REQUIRED please :)

    Thanks bardo yes I think your right. Wow they get pretty crazy looking ! Any experience with grafting and these ?