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  1. nut

    Ant jizz and Cactus

    I have been bitten by Fire ants in Texas. Nasty things and an even nastier bite. I don't know if it happens in every case but the bites on me formed a blister within about 12 hours. Looked much like I had very hot oil or fat flicked on my skin.
  2. i passed through Bangkok last Saturday after About 6 weeks in Thailand,Cambodia and Lao and thought id stay an extra day to go to the amazing Uncle Chorns Cabin,i just about had a heart attack in the first glasshouse alone!!I want to really thank Kit at Uncle Chorns for letting the dumb felung in to have a look for half an hour as they were closed on saturday and i hadnt rung ahead.I saw maybe a quarter of the place i had no idea it was so big....more photos to follow this one of the small glasshouses
  3. nut

    Is it a PC pedro or something else. Might be interested in PC for grafting. Some pics would be helpful. 

    1. Conv3rgence


      hey mate i have spare PC if you need it.

    2. SirLSD


      been out of the loop for a while. whats a PC? its just the standard perth cutting that's been around.

  4. nut

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Their plants look very much like Living rock plants to me for quite a few reasons. I find it interesting they go out of their way to say their plants are grown in some of the harshest conditions in Australia and not "lab" grown like some of their competitors. I think I might know who they are having a stab at. Yep good old supply and demand, there are not a lot of plants like that for sale in Aus so someone may give the wallet a beating for it. I would spend a lot on one of those but I think it still a bit steep. Thankfully there are people out there propagating in decent numbers. Prices will drop, just not soon, not the fastest growing things around the old ario.
  5. nut

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Nice plant, but this vendors prices are at the extreme end. https://www.ebay.com.au/ulk/itm/252349011661
  6. nut

    Show off your freaks

    That ^ is amazing. Bridgesii the shape shifter!
  7. Ha, hadn't looked back on this till today. Will get this going in good conditions and report back next season.
  8. Peru ? Not the best photo and the dehydration does not help. Will just have to grow it out and see. edit:found another photo
  9. Old photo. Taken some years ago. I need to get a cutting back of that clone and grow it myself I gave it all away. The radial spines put me off Bridgesii as an i.d. These radial spines are not unusual for bridgesii ? I am used to seeing maybe 3 to 0 radials on my bridgesii.
  10. nut

    New Zealand men charged over bongo chilli assault

    Actually sounds like a fuckin horrible thing to do to someone I rekon. That would FUCK you up. Pissing fire etc.
  11. nut

    Show off your freaks

    I had this happen on a tbmc and grafted the dichotomous pups, the first graft got knocked off and they needed to be separated due to damage. They were regrafted and one has shown unusual long form type growth but not cresting. I'll post some pics when I can as they are pretty interesting.
  12. I mentioned this book to my mum and since the release date is close to my birthday she offered to buy it for me!
  13. nut

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    $270 bucks for that potentially varigated scop!!! I wonder how sad you would feel if it was a nutrient issue and it goes a rich deep green again.I notice a lot of plants are being sold as private listings. Why is that?
  14. Having been through Uncle Chorns in Thailand which has thousands of flawless plants many of which are ridiculously big and old it seemed to me the key was cleanliness. Immaculately clean concrete floors, everything at waist height on metal benches. Watering was a bit of a mystery I didn't ask about that mostly due to language barriers back then but I do remember the lophs all in trays for bulk bottom watering. No other plants in sight as well, just cacti and succulents. The place was almost like a type of semi open lab.
  15. I think it would sell in Australia for that price easy.
  16. nut

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    I would be asking what the mothers ok like. Suss
  17. nut

    Root Pruning Ariocarpus

    We live in the same dry, awesome climate for cacti cultivation Convergence. I just don't think the risk out ways the benefits. I think Zelly is right on the soil additives and water regime. I'm all for experiments though so if you do keep us posted. I don't think it needed for our climate re rot but if it truly increased growth time I am all ears. Still don't think I could bring myself to do it. I'm not sure if I would want to buy a plant that had been taproot cut either.
  18. nut

    Root Pruning Ariocarpus

    I would like to know if rot more commonly enters the root system at the tap root or the smaller fine roots leading to the tap root. Or is it more a case of conditions favouring rot can induce it to begin at any point on the root system.
  19. Which trich is this does not look like macro to me http://www.ebay.com.au/ulk/itm/281923375767
  20. nut

    Arid art Macro

    Reminds me of Len a bit
  21. nut

    Arid art Macro

    Where did this clone come from?
  22. nut

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Lol^ what the fuck. $192.50 for postage, this guy can't be for real. I don't know what just happened but I thought I was posting this after Zeds previous post. That guys has been trying to flog those shitty bits of PC for months!