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  1. Very reluctantly I have had to put these up for auction. You will Never See these Again!! These are over 20yrs Old.. All 4 Mushroom's Wood turned Hand Made 1 of a kind.. Made from Australian hard wood These have never been exposed to outdoor conditions. The splits in the wood Mushrooms are from natural shrinkage. The stems are Hard wood Only put outside for photo. Are a perfect addition to your prized pot plant These Hand Crafted Mushrooms will never be made again,,, Because the Craftsman has passed on to a better place. I am sure the winning bidder will be Very happy with them. There is Good Karma in these.. But it my time to pass these on to someone who needs good luck. I will donate 20% of the total auction to SAB for letting me list this here.. Thanks mole
  2. Thanks for your reply Cubism Yep I agree with you Red spines.. You would think it was? Peruvianus So Im calling it a Cereus Peruvianus Monstrose !! Cheers
  3. Nice Healthy looking Buttons you got there!!
  4. Whats People's thoughts on this one. I would like to sell it it but i want to know exactly what it is. I did sell a cutting of this about 10 years ago on Epray, I sold it under Cereus peruvianus monstrose But the buy never got back to me? So they must of been happy My believe it is Cereus Monstrose but i could be wrong.. These are the only pics i have at the moment. This a cutting over 50cm in length. Thanks mole
  5. Edrushroom still Lives,,,,, in his cuttings Ive been told by MrDuke all money sold goes to a Very good cause. Cmon People Someone needs an Eileen cut
  6. Just for fun i drew this... I dont need any more Cactus
  7. Nah just for the Pic. To show what insects see
  8. From the album Pitcher Plants

    Sarraceniaceae pitcher plant Under a UV light
  10. Thanks for the game maria, you win.. Maybe we play the same game again soon
  11. I have seen this shit before, I cant understand why? This is what should happen to the C##ts that ripped you off ! Hopefully someone will find em and you can do this to the Bastards.. Karma will get them in the End. I have got heaps of Cactus i can donate you some.. Pm me if your interested.. Cheers mole
  12. Darksoul I am not highjacking your thread.. You all should see the size of spores under microscope of Creeper prints. I even found creepers outside in compost