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  1. Nah just for the Pic. To show what insects see
  2. From the album Pitcher Plants

    Sarraceniaceae pitcher plant Under a UV light
  4. Thanks for the game maria, you win.. Maybe we play the same game again soon
  5. I have seen this shit before, I cant understand why? This is what should happen to the C##ts that ripped you off ! Hopefully someone will find em and you can do this to the Bastards.. Karma will get them in the End. I have got heaps of Cactus i can donate you some.. Pm me if your interested.. Cheers mole
  6. Darksoul I am not highjacking your thread.. You all should see the size of spores under microscope of Creeper prints. I even found creepers outside in compost
  7. Ebay it.. You wil get more
  9. Mr MeanGrean Is One to be Trusted One fine Bloke...
  10. .
  11. smithy Go back in your hole