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  1. brothernature

    All prints are for Microscopy ONLY!

    Looking to get some different prints for microscopy purposes. Can trade for cactus or other plants if anyone’s keen, swing us a pm. Cheers.
  2. brothernature

    Win a free Loph! Post an original artwork

    Had a go after seeing this post last night. Great seeing and hearing everyone’s work too.
  3. brothernature

    WTB Lophophora seeds

    Hey mate. Can help out with some TBM if your still interested.
  4. brothernature

    BAP giveaway

    Yes pls, legend.
  5. brothernature

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    Well done dude.
  6. brothernature

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    Haha I thought I was a winner for a second, what a drongo. Could you maybe chuck me in the draw if it's not too late please. I only read the first page of the thread and it only went to #25.
  7. brothernature

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    #26 good luck everyone.
  8. brothernature

    Psychotria carthagenensis (fresh berries giveaway)

    I think I'm too late, no more berries going!
  9. brothernature

    Importation of ariocarpus

    Hey cheers for the heads up man, I ended up finding a permitted seeds list and after a while of going through it found a couple of names and sent an email so fingers crossed.
  10. Hey fam, Recently purchased some seeds being sent as ariocarpus sp. Customs have siezed them and asked me to identify them. I said mixed and she said that only some ariocarpus are legal and some are not. Does anybody know for sure which ariocarpus sp are allowed into Australia? If I tell them an illegal sp they will destroy them. Much appreciated
  11. brothernature

    Post a random picture thread