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  1. tonic

    Is this evil ?

    Ouch!!! Picking glochids out of the gonads could be quite painstaking. Literally
  2. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I agree with Yeti. Maybe we should consider organising a camp for early Winter, before it get's too cold.
  3. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Spring camp sounds like a great idea!!!
  4. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Thanks so much for your hospitality Col. Really enjoyed your garden immensely. Had a great time checking everything out. Was good to meet some like minded people. Wish I had gotten a chance to speak to a few more people properly. There is always the next meet. I was listening from the sidelines to some very interesting conversations which really resonated with me. At one point it was like I was reading some Jack Kerouac, but actually living it, breathing it, but it wasn't a book it was a real conversation. Lots of really fascinating ideas being bounced back and forward and I really enjoyed that a lot. Look forward to a future meet. Cheers. P.S: Did I mention that garden!!! Wow!!!
  5. tonic

    Fungi books?

    The one you mentioned is a good one. Pretty sure there is actually more than one thread on this already though. UTSE.
  6. tonic

    Mushie hunt?

    I like to get out there myself and lie around in the dirt and leaves taking pics of fungi don't really mind what type they are. Here's an example>>>>
  7. Got a bunch of Alpinia caerulea - Native Ginger, if anybody is keen. 20 seeds each to the first 10 people to reply to this thread.
  8. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I'd be keen on that Yeti. Anyone want any Cereus peruvianus logs at all? I have spare that I don't really need.
  9. tonic

    Mushie hunt?

    I'd probably be up for this. Need some more rain though.
  10. tonic


    Wow! That's gotta be like the sub equivelant of a four leaf clover. Very cool indeed.
  11. tonic

    I was ripped

    The bets are on!!! I bet a packet of Loph seeds that Darklight wins the fisticuffs...
  12. tonic

    ID help please

    Yeah, I recommend waiting until the pileus matures. Since there is a few, you should be able to pick just one. Get a good clear photo of the gills/pores. That will help with a better ID. I'm pretty sure it's not edible and it's definitely not an active species.
  13. tonic

    ID help please

    Looks like a Cortinarius sp.
  14. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Thinking about coming along if no one minds.
  15. tonic

    Sub Heaven

    Very nice indeed!
  16. tonic

    a sign from the gods

    Further to ballzac's post. Leratiomyces ceres syn. Stropharia aurantiaca syn. Hypholoma aurantiaca (bloody taxonomists!!! ) Inhabit the exact same substrate and habitat that subs like to grow in. Patches of subs can have strophs very close nearby and one needs to be very watchful of what is being picked. They do look very similar, especially when the strophs have dried off a bit and lose their red colour to some degree. I tend to see more strophs per capita than subs, but if you are seeing lots of strophs, then there is a good chance that subs are nearby. These comments of mine would be more applicable to mulch beds rather than wild habitats though, which is important to note. Looks like Leratiomyces ceres to me too, but nothing is set in stone when trying to ID pins pics in a few days should settle the matter.
  17. tonic

    Strange growth on TBM

    jwerta, my advice would be to remove the whole section(s), let the wound heal and pot them up, they will take off a lot faster than cuttings with no roots. I wouldn't bother removing the roots. It would cause more damage than good IMO. Also, having some aerial roots can be a good thing, if they are low enough, and can penetrate the potting medium, you will find that they increase vigour and the size of the sections and the whole plant in general. I have quite a few TBMs and I just leave the roots to their own devices or as mentioned, make them new plants from sections that are throwing roots.
  18. Six packs got sent yesterday, another three will get sent today. Got about five more packs of 20 seeds to giveaway.
  19. tonic

    Strange growth on TBM

    Looks like roots to me also. TBMs tend to throw roots randomly and from various heights on the individual sections.
  20. Yeah, still plenty left. That's 9 packs of seeds gone (still waiting on a few PMs) Can probably do up to 15+ packs I reckon.
  21. tonic

    Landscaping with cactus

    I'm really looking forward to how this thread pans out and how your cacti garden turns out bit. Some great pics so far. I will see if I can add any and help with some suggestions too. I only have a few in the ground as yet. When I move eventually I want to have a proper cacti garden too.
  22. Yeah, no worries centipede, shouldn't be a problem.
  23. It's not quite as good as the normal ginger you can get, but yes it is edible and was used by the Aborigines.