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  1. Hi guys, I have had all my cacti for about 7 years and all sourced through the amazing members on this forum! I just have terrible organizational skills and lost all my ID’s so I was hoping to get all my cacti ID’d again. This is the first, all pictures are of the same cactus growing from the one log style cutting, I am leaning towards an Echinopsis pachanoi just not sure if it's possible to ID if its PC or not. thanks guys, and to observe best practice should I start a thread for each ID or just put them all in this thread? thanks again guys Cheers Jebus.
  2. jebus

    Rivea seed giveaway

    Please and thank you J.
  3. jebus

    4 x grafts up for grabs

    Thanks mate! love a chance to get in on this. J.
  4. Wow tipz mate thats insane, those are some beautiful cuts, I will keep an eye out ... J.
  5. jebus

    Free Seed Raffle - Ephedra Packs + Bonuses

    Endorfinder mate, thank you kindly. J.
  6. jebus

    Mushroom ID Help!

    Thanks guys for your help. Mutant mate don't have a habit photo but these were pick in a field where a lot of cows reside, grass crap and such. Cheers guys will update if I ever get out to the farm again J.
  7. jebus

    Mushroom ID Help!

    Thanks guys, They seemed to turn a strange psychedelic blue when brused, which made me suspect the type but I'm a newbie. All this rain in the Illawarra and then the bits of sun make good weather for mushrooms of all sorts. Cheers again guys J.
  8. jebus

    Mushroom ID Help!

    Hi Guys I found these growing in a field on a friends farm and I am curious as to what they are, edible etc Thanks for any help guys. Sorry about the poor photo's Iphone sux. Cheers, J.
  9. jebus

    Free Seed Raffle - Ephedra Packs + Bonuses

    So the chicken sacrifice and toad licking ritual was for naught! Oh well still a winner I guess thanks endorfinder
  10. jebus

    cacti cuts giveaway

    Thank qialia, I would also be happy to go in the draw for either, cheers mate.
  11. jebus

    Looking for a Salvia plant

    you and me both , just kidding In regards to what isn't allowed well this depends on the Salvia in question, Salvia elegans is ok whereas Salvia D is a no no. Cheers J.
  12. jebus

    Free Seed Raffle - Ephedra Packs + Bonuses

    Count me in, thank you very much.
  13. jebus

    Desmanthus Give-away

    LokStok you are the man!, I got mine some time last week I think, thanks for the seeds and the extras, you sir rock! cheers J.
  14. jebus

    Desmanthus Give-away

    Pm'd thank you kindly sir!
  15. jebus

    free T. pachanoi (PC) x ? seeds

    Would love some mate, thanks!