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  1. Hey guys. Picked this wee lad up from a garden centre. Bought it with the hope it being a little turb of some kind. Can anyone give us a positive ID at all? Cheers, Nem.
  2. Nemisty

    NZ acacia ID's

    I might aswell keep tagging onto this thread. Went tree climbing at an arboretum and saw this Acacia in bloom. One of the only trees there without a label Anyone help me out? The plant in question: Cheers.
  3. At least I have my plants

  4. Nemisty

    Most dangerous plant - Ongaonga

    Recently on a trip to the South island I found a big dense lush patch of this plant clambering through bush while not sober. It facinated me and my mates for the good part of an hour tripping out and admiring its ferocious demeanor. I knew this plant had a reputation so I warned my mate not to touch it so what does he do... Immediately start runing his hands all through it Eventually ( after ALOT of persuading ) he convinced me and my other friend to try so we did. Now I dont know if the particular plant we found was just really mild but it was really not that painful whatsoever. To get stung felt like the equivilant of eating a spicy chilly. Except focused in small spots and the sting/burn dissapearing within minutes. The areas of contact on our skin randomly tingled occasionally over the following days, kinda like pins and needles, it was a very strange sensation but not a bad one I dont want to suggest trying this however. Could be bad bad news if it turns out your allergic, or find a stronger plant than we did. Heres the patch we found Upclose of the gnarly trichomes Huge leaves ( compared to other Urtica species ) If anyone coming to NZ wants to find some. It grows in the port hills of Christchurch abundantly usually huddled up to rocks. Another thing that I noticed was the leaves really alter form depending on light levels. The plants we found in shade had large smooth leaves where as plants in the port hills had a much coarser texture and shrivelled leaves dude to the sun exposure but they nearly looked like totally different plants. Didnt get a photo though sorry. Anyway. I went and bought myself a plant on the weekend. So I can sting myself when I get bored lol and hopefully attract some of those stunning Red Admiral butterflies
  5. Nemisty

    Obscure tricho hybrid

    Na I picked it up just from good old coro cacti bro
  6. Nemisty

    Obscure tricho hybrid

    It was sold as Trichocereus sp. Was a bit of an impuse buy but now I'm glad a bought it. Ahahahahaha ahhh no. Thats the neighbours fence and our dead lawn underneath. I wish I did live in a barn though
  7. Am now in possesion of this weird plant. 10 ribs, short stumpy spines, bit strange... Maybe some terscheckii in there but Im only making assumptions ( as I suppose we all will be )
  8. Remembered I actually own cacti. Pulled them out of the long grass and put them upright again. Where do I begin?
  9. Once you get a few more posts I'll sort you out
  10. T. pseudocadicans would be my bet. Theres a few of these floating around some of the older cactus collectors in NZ. Someone must have sowed a batch of seed at some point amd been shared around. I have a very small one I was gifted by an old fella.
  11. Nemisty

    Post your track of the day

    Good song, shit video
  12. Nemisty

    Identification help pleaase

    Allgood. Yeah put them in some dry soil now and forget about them for a couple of months then check them periodically. The cold temperatures makes them super slow to put out roots. I'd wait till the seedlings are closer to the 1 year old mark before fertilising IMO. I dont think they'd be able to utilise much of the ferts at that size/age and it could encourage other stuff like moss or fungi to overgrow or even kill your babies.
  13. Nemisty

    Identification help pleaase

    Top one: Standard pachanoi, possibly the clone a dude on trademe called 'warmapplepie' sells from time to time. Second one: Looks ( could be wrong! ) like the cuzco/peru clone known as 'wunderpuss' which is well known by the dunedin crew. Thats only my opinion though! dont take it as fact