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  1. cisumevil

    i hate my job BUT....

    I would also take he powerball
  2. cisumevil

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Hey Perth people I might have some cuts of...... Mum & Dad - bridgesii (around 30cm cuts) - 3 cuts left Eileen - bridgesii (around 30cms) - 3 cuts left Peruvian (1 cut only 1+meter) - Sorry she's Gone And a few 2+meter plus San Pedro cuts - Still some left - REAL fast grower would be GREAT for grafting ;) All are still growing atm and would be cut when you come to pick up cant post anything sorry. Just thought if someone was after any I could sell a few ;) Im SOR Perth PM me if interested!
  3. cisumevil

    Strange growth on TBM

    Can roots be green? As these are green as the new pups.....
  4. cisumevil

    Strange growth on TBM

    Hi Swiper There is a single spike at the ends though.......
  5. cisumevil

    Strange growth on TBM

    Hi tipz Not roots mate, i know photos are bad but certainly not roots......... Looks like 2 singular colums with a single spike at the end to me but I have never seen this type of growth.
  6. cisumevil

    Strange growth on TBM

    Hey Everyone Sorry photos are not very good as are of a cheap phone. To the left of the new pup there is some strange growth, anyone see this before and know what it is? Thanks for your time.
  7. cisumevil

    Cereus or San Pedro

    Hey EG Good to see you mate, always lurking...lol Only pic I was given sorry, I couldn't decide what way to go with these!
  8. Quick Id everyone. Is this a group of San Pedro or Cereus? Thanks
  9. I've seen a nice South East Asian Sativa hybrid made up of pure landrace sativa's that after one cone makes over 50% of people turn green then white then sweat there arses off then shiver like leaf in a storm and then then it's lights out for a few hours. Most wake up and start yelling that the pot must of been "spiked" with something .....lol 100% all organically grown under our great light in the sky, this sativa is MEAN and takes 22 - 28 weeks flowering until ripe, it's great to pull out when you meet one of those "hardcore" smoker's and then wait and lmfao!
  10. cisumevil

    holiday tragedy

    My thoughts are with you nabraxas
  11. Hey Naja

    I hope you and family are out of harms way & that the fires have not cause you too much loss.

    All the best mate.

  12. cisumevil

    SW WA Fires

    http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/catastrophic-fire-rating-for-central-west/story-e6frg13u-1226203579579 Hope all SAB members down that way are all safe as it sounds pretty bad Thoughts are with all.
  13. cisumevil

    Help me

    When you find out what works let me know please. Have tried everything above and more My 3 year old did the exact same thing over 4 months ago and there are still 3 left in his foot, we have removed over 40+ with needle and tweezers. You could say the little fella is not a big fan of needles or cacti for that matter....lol
  14. cisumevil

    Testing for THC

    Hate to say it but heavy smoker here also and it took me 12 weeks to get a clean reading Best of luck!