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  1. Hi Jeans, i'd be interested in 2 cuts if you can do any more?
  2. Would love some please mate.
  3. Number 6, sweet giveaway, cheers dude!
  4. Macca

    Cactus seed giveaway #3

    #3 cheers mate
  5. Sweet man ill grab an unrooted one if you have any left after all the first comers?
  6. Macca

    Milly's Seeds of Love

    Id love to grew some of milly if there is still some left. Beautiful gester, she looks like she was a very gentle soul.
  7. Macca

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway #2

    Could i please claim a bag?
  8. Macca

    Chilli seeds giveaway - Aji Limon

    Awesome, Ill grab some please, if there's some left?
  9. Macca


    Hey mate, i'd be keen to give these guys a go please.
  10. Macca

    khat seed give away

    Hey mate, im keen as for some seeds please.
  11. Macca

    BAP giveaway

    Cheers man ill grab some please.
  12. Macca

    Cactus seed giveaway #2

    Im in thankx mate.