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  1. Greeting I am putting together the program for an up and coming EGA event on May 12th titled 'Garden States - A Forum for Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plants, Knowledge and Community'. Sadly in the many years of EGA (to my knowledge), we have never been able to make good connections going with first nations peoples and have an indigenous voice on bush foods and plant medicines. I know EGA would love to see this change. So I was hoping others in the community may have had more luck in this vital area and might be able to offer up some suggested indigenous presenters. I feel the nearer they are to Victoria the more relevant the talk might be to the state the event is taking place in; however, it's by not limited in the sense that any good suggestion at the moment would be appreciated. If PM works better for you, then be my guest. Thanks in advance ;-) PS, on a side note I am also interested to find a knowledgeable presenter on ritual or witching herbs in Australia.
  2. RonnySimulacrum

    EGA event May 12th

    Hey Humbolt, yes good news indeed about the upcoming Garden States event. EGA hope to be able to share more about this event soon. One thing I can say is EGA very keen to support plant and seed sellers with market stalls. So if your run and Ethnobotanical plant or related stall we love to make contact, maybe PM me but I try to get a call out post together in the next couple of weeks. But yes be sure to mark the date in your calendar if you are able to get to Melbourne that weekend.
  3. RonnySimulacrum

    Resource: Entheogenesis Australis online video channel is live

    Squidgygoanna Q - When is the next Conference A - As volunteers, a conference like this takes around 2 years to set up, so probably the next big EGA will be late 2020. Crop Thanks for your kind words brother, make sure you join the EGA mailing list and subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up to date on EGA content and events. Try click this link if you wont to know more about EGA and please consider supporting the homegrown Australian project.
  4. RonnySimulacrum

    Resource: Entheogenesis Australis online video channel is live

    Torsten Wiedemann: Enchanting Nightshades
  5. RonnySimulacrum

    Resource: Entheogenesis Australis online video channel is live

    Mark Pesce - Last Days of Reality
  6. RonnySimulacrum

    Resource: Entheogenesis Australis online video channel is live

    Today we're releasing a lecture by David Nickles from the DMT-Nexus at the Entheogenesis Australis Psychedelic Symposium, titled ‘The Future of Unsanctioned Psychedelic Research’. David has been a vocal presence in the psychedelic community of late and this lecture will give you a deeper understanding of his views. The lecture also has important comments from prominent research advocates Rick Doblin and Ben Sessa in the Q&A. The talk focuses on some of the research the underground community has been engaging in and why, as well as explores some of the more controversial topics and possible 'shadow' sides to sanctioned research. For example, David asserts that while sanctioned research is incredibly important to the current psychedelic paradigm, it is equally important to consider the social, economic, political, and legal factors that influence the content and viability of these efforts. David raises some critical questions for consideration around the mainstreaming of psychedelic research, and outlines some of the challenges ahead.
  7. Hey everyone, thanks to the couple of kind people that messaged me about this one and showed their support. Sorry for the late update but I have been doing some work in the background. Sadly we have had some setbacks as the camping ground I selected and that we used last EGA just had a change in management and I am not feeling good about us all going there now. So we have lost that site for now. I scouted out another potential option at a friends property but sadly the land is not flat, has neighbours too close by and doesn't have enough usable space for us to all go. So we are back to square one. I am unsure if anyone in this community has a good property for such a gathering or knows of something we might utilize around Vic/SA/NSW. On the home front, my father is about to lose his battle with cancer and leave my mum alone on a small hobby farm 2 hours from the city. Realistically my focus for the year has been and is about to completely shift to the key issues at hand for my family. I will email everyone that has shown some interest in this project and see what people want to do, maybe we just have to put it off until next year and then try again. But if someone had a good property or access to an appropriate site that is really is the main thing so please speak up if you do. After that, we can all set up camp and have a good old community catch up. My original idea is too big for me to push at this time and I'm happy to just go camping in a nice place in the trees. Sadly I am no longer in a position to take the lead on all this as I had hoped but is would sure be nice to see the camp out weekend come together. Respectfully RS
  8. RonnySimulacrum

    Resource: Entheogenesis Australis online video channel is live

    Hey SAB friends, this is the first content from the last EGA to hit the stands, thanks to all the EGA supporters that made this all possible. Very special plant head panel and presentation right here.
  9. Ok, I have been MIA, but hell I needed it. This year has been very challenging for me personally to date due to unforeseen circumstance and sadly is likely to be very challenging for me yet. So I am putting it out there I would love to see this camping trip happen but I have limited energy and time for projects at the moment. I love some help from other members of the community on this one if they would like to see it happen. So thanks for those that have PM me already offering to get involved. I am starting a small email list (maybe a slack.com account) to get this thing happening to spread the workload and allow people to interact and contribute. If you wont to help on the project please PM me your name and email address and I will work out the best way to get things going from here. I called the Caravan park again today and are trying to confirm the date proposed (Nov 20 - Monday 3rd of Dec). It fair to say that most of the EGA crew worked there bottoms of last year (some like myself 2 years straight to get the event together) so I keen to get new people involved to help pull this one together and give the crew a respectful rest. I feel the best approach is to start off the first year small and see how it all goes from there, maybe my original idea was a little bold and we need to build up to that ;-) Respectfully RS ;-)
  10. Just an FYI that I am out of town for a couple of weeks and trying not to use computer. So I will jump back on and have a look at this poll and thread in a few weeks when I am back on line. I have not look at my PM yet but will do that when I return.