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    Is this site dying out ?

    Not sure where exactly to put this but this section of the forum seems like the right place. ive been a member here for going on about 2 years now, when I first come on here I had a bit of trouble but I still managed to meet a lot of good people and get a lot of plants I've always desired, i stopped visiting this site for a few months and recently come back here but it seems like not half as many people are active here anymore, some sections of the forum go days, weeks without a single post, whereas before I struggled to keep up with the amount of posts. another thing is the online shop for the nursery, it seems as though most of the cacti are always out of stock, or am I just not checking often enough ? i thought I'd also say I'm planning on having an auction on here to donate to this forums costs, I have a few cuttings already and more to take, a few plants to be identified and things to put in place, if anyone has anything they'd like to add please leave a comment or message me, since my reputation here may be in doubt I'm happy for a more trusted member to hold the auction and I'll send them the cuttings/seeds/plants I have
  2. Matt1208

    San Pedro and Peruvian Torch for sale!

    that bigger peru is a beauty, and well worth the 300, pity its too big to be posted
  3. Matt1208

    San Pedro and Peruvian Torch for sale!

    Completely agree with ethnoob, prices are ridiculous even for rooted cuts and you seem to be a rude arrogant asshole so I wouldn't buy shit from you anyway goodluck with your endevours mate, you'll need it
  4. Matt1208

    Grafting to unrooted stock

    i only graft to unrooted tips these days, much easier imo
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  6. Matt1208

    Hype clones wanted

  7. Matt1208

    Are dichotomic pups a thing ?

    The tip of this cut rotted out about a year ago
  8. Matt1208

    Prickly Pear

    can pads of all species be eaten ?
  9. Matt1208

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    On its 4th flowering this season, wish I had another diffusa to pollinate it
  10. Matt1208

    Tree aloe

    looking for a few tree aloe plants or cuttings, happy to pay or trade cheers
  11. curious as to what this one is
  12. Matt1208

    looking for sub prints (for microscopy purposes)

    I'm going hunting for some edibles tomorrow so I'll keep an eye out for those as well
  13. Matt1208


    I have quiet a lot of an aus native ginger, more than happy to pull some up for you
  14. Matt1208

    Cactus ID

    Vaguely resembles one of my scops
  15. Matt1208


  16. Matt1208

    overwintering cacti seedlings

    as for wintering most just gets left in the shade house, seedling trays and variegates are moved out of the weather if there's heavy rain, but other than that everything's just left where it is
  17. Matt1208

    overwintering cacti seedlings

    These are where my 5 ish month seedlings are at- razor blade for size reference, humidity was taken away from the at one month, just counted them and there's a total of 37, sowed 150 seeds but never counted how many sprouted
  18. Matt1208

    overwintering cacti seedlings

    I hardly have time to water my plants lately, everything but my cacti have died, I'd much rather month old seedlings die then to lose year old seedlings that I've grown attatched too