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  1. I'm keen to try something a bit different so the first 3 people that upload a sketch of there favourite plant get a pack of 50 fresh seed each. It doesn't have to be a botanical masterpiece you just have to give it go.
  2. teamwhy

    Acacia ID SE QLD

    Maybe Acacia concurrens
  3. They are all cool pictures in there own ways thanks for sharing. Thats all for now I will have another give was sometime soon. @andros88 i am going send you the 50 plus half of glukus pack and i will make up a 50 pack for @XavierDass cos your drawing is outside the box. pm your details and i will send them off asap
  4. That's a sweet painting!! Yeah sure i will pass your seeds onto the next 2. still one more pack to give away...Your is cool too Jester!
  5. I have fresh seed available if anyone is interested. $20 for 50 seeds includes delivery with in australia. Pm for details and other amounts
  6. teamwhy

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    So that was from a young woman that had the lease in her name for a crazy share house. See how she was charged for the whole weight 180 gram of Psilocin even know it's would have been only a small percentage of the overall material. See got off.
  7. teamwhy

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Happy wattle day!
  8. teamwhy

    Fungi ID please

    "Artist Cork" Ganoderma australe or Ganoderma applanatum
  9. teamwhy

    Yohimbe Bark

    I have a heaps of Yohimbe Bark Extract 8% Yohimbine $15 for 50 gram $25 for 100 gram both include postage message me if you are keen Also i'm just guessing it ok to advertise here and is legal. It kind of unclear. Border force open my package and found nothing of concern.
  10. teamwhy

    Found in cow dung after rain

    I think they are panaeolus foenisecii cos the one is the background has no bruising... but they could be cyanescens.
  11. teamwhy

    iboga id

    It's Tabernaemontana pandacaqui (Banana Bush) a native cousin to iboga
  12. teamwhy

    khat seed give away

    I have 5 packs of 20 seeds to give away to a good home. reply here or message me
  13. teamwhy

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    Awesome I am up for some seeds.
  14. teamwhy

    khat seed give away

    All done now. I might have some more later
  15. teamwhy

    ice cream bean

    My kids and me love eating them. But they can be pretty weedy in some areas.
  16. I have a heap of fresh seeds to swap. message me
  17. teamwhy

    Edible mushroom cultures

    These guys come here and are both awesome https://www.selbyshrooms.com.au/ https://forestfungi.com.au/
  18. teamwhy

    Mushroom Books

    Trad Cotter --Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation : Simple to Advanced and Experimental Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation I love trads book easy to read and still goes in death on heaps of topics. It has almost everything but no stuff on Ps.spp in it. Radical Mycology is the totally awesome, but has some very dense reading. And also just a big ass heavy book to hold.
  19. I have heaps of fresh Khat seeds. I have lots of 100 seeds ready to go for $25 including postage within Australia. Message me if you are overseas or want larger amounts. Also always up for trades.
  20. teamwhy

    Morel species

    Just confirming that some kind of morel species grows in NNSW. Found by a gang of 9 year old forest fairy's. I can't take the glory.
  21. teamwhy

    koteka gourd seeds

    All gone!
  22. teamwhy

    Fresh Catha edulis seeds.

    yep I still have a few