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  1. teamwhy

    australias original languages

    there is a good fiction book that has a bit of language in it that's worth a read or listen. The Yield by Tara June Winch. Listening is good cos you get to hear the word for real and not try pronounce them yourself. sign language was a pretty big part of some community's too.
  2. Obtusifolia can grow heaps big. maybe 15 to 20 meters
  3. I have a heap of woodrose seeds. 50 seeds $20 includes postage. Message me if you are after larger amounts. Super fresh pick just last weekend.
  4. teamwhy


    Is it nicotiana excelsior
  5. teamwhy

    Dandelion seeds

    All gone now
  6. teamwhy

    Araucaria bidwillii

    Just an ABC story from last year Bunya Mountains, an unprecedented dieback of the ancient trees has scientists and rangers worried.
  7. laccocephalum hartmannii or a form of is my guess check out the pseudo-sclerotia. This one was growing in burnt brushbox forest. and there is still heaps of material around to get it into culture. Let me know and i can grab some @Darklight here is a close up of the inside
  8. teamwhy

    Shoutout to the firies

    Sorry @Darklight truffle was probably a little bit misleading I should have said pseudo-sclerotia. I will post a picture later today. they are still pretty cool
  9. teamwhy

    Shoutout to the firies

    Here is the under side
  10. teamwhy

    Shoutout to the firies

    Darklight is a legend! Good with words too. And niggles we must live pretty close have to catch up some time. check out these guys that are popping up everywhere after the fire. I will go see if I can dig up a truffle this week some time. I so want to eat one they smell so good! Probably some Laccocephalum spp. but can find a picture of any that fit.
  11. teamwhy

    Oyster's on straw

    I punch hole in my oyster bags and hang them so they just drip any extra water out. Then they fruit from the holes when they are ready.
  12. teamwhy

    Oyster's on straw

    That's good growth for 24 hours and it should jump to the straw soon. It does look like it has a little too much moisture in the bag but.
  13. This is true. They can displace native birds also by nesting in hollow trees... but there honey tastes so good! way better then sugar bag honey. You can also get mad honey "Mad honey is deliberately produced in some regions of the world, most notably Nepal and the Black Sea region of Turkey. In Nepal, this type of honey is used by the Gurung people for both its perceived hallucinogenic properties and supposed medicinal benefits. In Turkey, mad honey known as deli bal is also used as a recreational drug and traditional medicine. It is most commonly made from the nectar of Rhododendron luteum and Rhododendron ponticum in the Caucasus region." Just imagine we could make mad aussie honey with Rhododendron lochiae or some other aussie grayanotoxin-containing plants.
  14. teamwhy

    Acacia ID SE QLD

    Maybe Acacia concurrens
  15. They are all cool pictures in there own ways thanks for sharing. Thats all for now I will have another give was sometime soon. @andros88 i am going send you the 50 plus half of glukus pack and i will make up a 50 pack for @XavierDass cos your drawing is outside the box. pm your details and i will send them off asap