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  1. noname


    Thanks, they do grow faster than i realise until I compare with old photos. I've given away quite a few and when I see those later they've hardly grown.. so don't know exactly why but mine mostly do well
  2. noname


  3. noname

    long established graft having issues

    :( it was going incredibly well for years now all of a sudden this... and it's spread in last couple weeks. It got a bit of damage a couple months ago, some cunt tradie ripped a button off, not sure if that somehow prompted the disease to take hold. i had watered pretty regularly but it always seemed to like that and drained well. any ideas of how to treat if possible? or should i try to regraft healthy looking buttons?
  4. Has been fine for a long time recently began getting red drying between some buttons. Is this the red fungus ive heard mentioned? Any ideas what it is or cause and how to fix?
  5. noname

    Loph seed wanted