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  1. noname

    Pre-Sterilized BRF PF Tek Half Pint Jars

    see also http://www.aussimushroomsupplies.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=102&product_id=119 6x is cheaper, 12x more expensive. Either way, wouldn't bother at 1/3 the price
  2. noname

    Loph ID request

    similar but different to mine, although mine's not as rosy cheeked, also flowered for the first time last week. And I don't know the id either, just wanted to show off ;P
  3. noname

    trump minus bannon

    shits 'n giggles
  4. noname

    Loph seed wanted

  5. noname

    Forum search function

    OK I see that now, thanks. Must have gotten confused by searching from the top level where that option doesn't get displayed, and also the advanced search doesn't show any Forum filter in either case, all a bit clunky imo but does the job, thanks for the answer.
  6. As far as I can work out it seems to not be possible to restrict a search to specific forum(s). e.g. search for "search" limited to "Site & Forum Matters", or chlorine in "Mycology" which, can result in a lot of hits from forums not interested in. Will the search function be improved? I think the old site did have some (not great) filtering ability but this 'upgraded' sites search seems overly basic..
  7. noname

    acacia pack giveaway

    I know, it was a tongue in cheek long shot. congrats to the winner.
  8. noname

    acacia pack giveaway

    reckon he surely meant 13th poster, not post ;P