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  1. Hey, It's a great time of the year to sow trichocereus seed. It's a great time to sow many types of seed. I live near byron bay.
  2. Hey, Yes I know why plants are grafted , Just haven't heard of grafting acacia's. I have done soft wood cuttings on my rare species. concurrens and soporae was the species I was thinking off.
  3. Hey, There is so many, above link is just a quick example.
  4. Hey, never heard of grafting acacia's they grow so fast on there own . I know of some northern oz species that grow in swampy areas but they will not suit your climate. Also there is two species here that grow near and around water but I can not think of there bloody name.
  5. No It's a seed grown plant .
  6. Hey., Have you seen the pied type? they look amazing.
  7. Hey, yes it's a purple ario crested monstrose thingy .
  8. March madness
  9. Cactus time!.
  10. Hey It can get really weedy here , but like you said, the timber is one of the best for your fireplace and I have seen some really big slabs turned into really nice furniture. It's a long lived acacia too.
  11. February
  12. plumule/ cotyledon , false leaf.
  13. Just a little tease .
  14. Sorry deleted my post. Good luck with the giveaway.