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    Laminar Flow Hood on G-tree

    Hi All, I was perusing G-tree and found this ad for a flow hood - figured someone in Brisbane might be interested, I have spoken to Kate and since this item needs to go ASAP she is willing to drop the price to $400. Seems like a good price for what it is. She also has larger ones for sale. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/heathwood/miscellaneous-goods/single-laminar-flow-cabinet-for-sale/1102890511
  2. IndianDreaming

    Laminar Flow Hood on G-tree

    I believe the unit has now sold but there are a few larger ones left. Mimzy you are correct - the filter alone would be nearly $400 - When I spoke to Kate she assured me that although the machine hadn't been used for quite some time, it was well taken care of, serviced and stored well I wish I was in Brisbane too! Even a small square box type flow hood seems to be $400 plus - to get a pro unit like this one, if you have the space, would be a fantastic addition to any mad scientists lair. I have an opportunity to do some tissue culture for a large wholesale nursery, so a more dedicated standalone unit with a bit of space like this one would have been perfect. Ah well, someone got a good deal i guess => back to the search engine!
  3. IndianDreaming

    electric timer with multiple on/off per day

    Here's an instructable that can handle 6 alarms and control 7 devices based on Arduino... http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-multiple-timer-Day-based-and-alarm-based/ Although you may not make your own shields, the code alone for this project would be worth a look... If you search for home automation using Arduino you're likely to find something that suits your needs. Home automation is controlling 240v devices with timers/switches/events so if you're going the Arduino route, I would start here, on the backs of others that have done the trial and error already.
  4. IndianDreaming

    electric timer with multiple on/off per day

    I use this one - Its easy to set up and works well: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Digital-Temperature-Humidity-Controller-with-Relay-Output-72x72-Celcius-/381383334023?hash=item58cc37d887:g:WH4AAOSwTapV5cIo If you search for 'humiture controller' you'll find dozens of them.
  5. I've got some on the windowsill in bag now, been there for about 2 weeks, theres no mould, but no action yet either... Do they need light? What temperature are you keeping them at?
  6. Sounds very similar to electrolytic rust removal - and if you use the search engine to find "electrolytic rust removal power supply" you'll find some fabulous circuits for voltage/current control. I have a 15A 10-15v pwm DC motor speed controller that operates at 30khz - cost $10 off ebay and works a treat as a 12v variable amperage power supply. Here's one thats 6-90v 15A that would do the job: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6V-90V-15A-Pulse-Width-PWM-DC-Motor-Speed-Controller-Switch-/261888617437?hash=item3cf9c72bdd:g:k8MAAOSwv0tVUdWO
  7. IndianDreaming

    Spiritual purging

    I think about it like Echinacea, you put it into your body and it irritates your immune system. While your immune system is active it also attacks other foreign substances in your system. So: Drink a toxin, and purge out that toxin plus other toxins with it.
  8. IndianDreaming

    Leafy greens that bugs don't eat...

    Brahmi - don't see many bugs on my brahmi plants. Edit: pretty small leafy greens though Noticed a definite decrease in bugs all round by only watering in the morning - watering at night = bugs delight!
  9. Slipping into a lucid dream without first going to sleep - it's the strangest sensation, it's happened to me 5 times now. The first time, it felt like my body was being pulled off me, a tingling but extreme deep relaxation, like the 'piddle jiggle' feeling but it keeps going and gets deeper - then it felt like a railway train had just passed my head and I felt i was in an earthquake, shuddering and shaking - then poof, complete loss of contact with any bodily sensation and a full lucid dream unfolded. Later I've come to realize that I'm going into sleep paralysis whilst still awake - and now, instead of my consciousness fighting like crazy to keep a hold of my body, I let the feeling wave over me and repeat 'stay awake, stay awake' - and whallah - it happened 2 nights ago and with my eyes wide open, as heavy as a rock, in the dim light of my bedroom, I watched reality tinsel away like a thin sheet and the dream took over - I even managed to focus on one then the other for about 20 seconds before letting go and being in full lucid dream state - it's the most weird feeling ever for your body to disappear on you and watch the paper thin reality fade away to be replaced by a dream.
  10. IndianDreaming

    fruit and nuts

    Nice work Olive - Have you tried yoga or tai chi? They are very balancing habits to get into, and can often help maintain a state of balance after a bumpy ride. Yoga Nidra has been helpful for me. Through this practice i have been able to identify, and 're-wire' some subconscious or underlying issues that caused less than ideal behaviors in my waking state. Be mindful of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire with pharmaceutical panaceas such as antidepressants and anti psychotics. They do serve a purpose in the short term if they are managed correctly, but long term they seem to be counter productive. They have their place, but if you can manage with a healthy lifestyle/counselling/yoga/taichi/excercise etc then you'll find firmer ground beneath your feet than with a chemical crutch. Well done - It takes a lot of effort to do what you've done, and even more to share the experience with others. Hats off to you and hand shakes all round. Edit: Book by 'Swami Satyananda Saraswati' on Yoga Nidra http://bookzz.org/book/2306370/4f8b4c
  11. IndianDreaming

    Free Silene Capensis seeds

    Yes please - I had a plant, until my chickens found it... PM'd
  12. IndianDreaming


    Doofs are what you make them - keep your own spirits high and ignore the riff raff - the more you can ignore them and maintain a fantastic fun and fabulous attitude, the more they'll leave you alone and the more you'll be surrounded by like minded fun and fantastic people! I'll be there - in the happy herb shop stall - come hang out and escape the riff raff with me if you like, and we can chat about fun stuff. The password is "SAB is Awesome" :-)
  13. IndianDreaming

    Coffee thermos

    I love the tall stainless steel double insulated straight wall design... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bodum-Stainless-Steel-Travel-Vacuum-Mug-Black-/231529075676?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item35e83553dc
  14. IndianDreaming

    3 mate trees for sale (Brisbane)

    Would love one if there's one left m8!
  15. IndianDreaming

    Best greenhouse for $'s

    Sounds interesting - how are you going to cover the dome?
  16. IndianDreaming

    ant control

    I've used talc before, it seems their little feet leave a scent trail, and talc can break the trail - this was for meat ants in Vic though. As an aside, I once sat for quite a few hours with a friend and harassed each ant on the way back to the nest that had food in it's gob - after god only knows how many hours of entertainment we had a little pile of ant food 1 inch in diameter and about half an inch high, and the circle of ants around it was about 3 foot thick! Any ant that tried to get close got shooed away and eventurally, they seemed to just circle about 3 inches away from the pile and we only had to shoo one every 10 seconds or so - ah, those were the days...
  17. IndianDreaming

    Monstrose Cactus piece for sale

    Up for grabs is this lovely chunky blobby bit of cactus. I believe it is a Cereus Monstrose but my cactus identification skills are somewhat iffy... :-) It's about 60cm or so tall. If you'd like to be the proud owner of this wobbly work of art then post your offer here. I'm in Vic and will send it wherever you like at your expense. Friday arvo 5pm aest is when I'll call it quits and send it off to it's new home
  18. IndianDreaming

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    Sounds very interesting!
  19. IndianDreaming

    Think of the children!

    Hey Bog, I feel that there should be more focus on reading emotions or interpreting feelings. Emotions seem to be entirely ignored when it comes to education. I'm not sure how you'd go about teaching it, but I believe that if a child is made to be aware of their emotions and the causes and effects that change their emotions, then they are able to trust themselves more and have less fear of the unknown, which is sometimes a major obstacle to learning. Also, I've had a long standing argument that kids should be taught to talk to strangers. Have a think about that one for a while... I've been thinking about it for over 20 years now, and I feel the world would be an absolutely spectacular place if the 'don't talk to strangers' rule was abolished.... seedy people would be found out so much quicker and the social/communal skills that this change would make would be amazing.
  20. IndianDreaming


    St Mary's Thistle - Silybum Marianum
  21. IndianDreaming

    Acacia Seed Swelling

    I have put some Acacia Acuminata (Raspberry Jam) seeds in hot water to soak overnight (250ml water, boiled and left to stand for 2 minutes in a cup, then seeds thrown in). I thought I'd post a picture showing the difference between a swollen seed and one that hasn't swollen yet. I wish I'd had the foresight to take a photo of the seeds before I put them in hot water - their size was extremely uniform. All the seeds looked to be almost identical in size. You can clearly see in the photo below that some seeds are definitely twice the size of others, the coat has taken on a slightly lighter colour and if you press the seed coat with your fingernail, you'll notice that it is very slightly 'rubbery', your fingernail will make a small impression on it and you could probably quite easily rip and slide the coat off at this point with no trouble at all. Compare that to an un-soaked seed and you'll break your nails before you'd even make a scratch on the hard seed coat.
  22. IndianDreaming

    Police charge NSW man after $550,000 kava bust

    What?? Where does the $550,000 come from? You can buy Kava for $20 a kilo - $80 if you're getting ripped in Aus... $1800 a kilo? wft?
  23. IndianDreaming

    Asthma Help - Ephedra Sinica

    Try coltsfoot and/or mullein - as a tea and smoke, they're excellent herbs for asthma.
  24. IndianDreaming

    GIVEaWaY ashwagandha [withania somnifera] seeds

    Yes please bullit - if theres any left
  25. The world isn't fucked up - its fantastic!