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  1. space cadet swami

    Happy birthday EG

    Happy Birthday to you sir ...
  2. space cadet swami

    Advice for growing cacti in the wet tropics

    I'm in Nth Qld & I would say forget about the lophs, they'll just rot in the tropics...it's too humid. If you want lophs...graft to trichs. Just keep in mind that if you graft & they get a lot of water they'll more then likely split from growing too quick. My trich's sat outside during the wet with no probs...just make sure the mix drains really well. I add a fair bit of perlite or coarse sand in my cactus mix (I prefer perlite). I would definately do as "gtarman" said & ditch the greenhouse...too humid. Because most of the rain up here is during summer it's not too bad, but if you had a wet winter I'd put them under cover for the duration Anyway, good luck with it...
  3. space cadet swami

    500th post giveaway

    Congrats on the 500th inter ...
  4. space cadet swami

    Happy birthday folks

    102y/o is always bit of a milestone … enjoy the day. It would have been winter when your parents were "gettin' jiggy". Gotta do something with ur time when the garden slows up.
  5. space cadet swami

    Electric chainsaws

    if you do try to use a chainsaw you would want to change the chain & put on a chain that has a square shoulder for length cuts as opposed to a std chain that is used for cross cuts. My terminology might be incorrect but the chainsaw shop would know what I'm talking about.
  6. space cadet swami

    WTT…Iboga pods for T.bridgesii cuts.

    All gone people…thx for the interest
  7. space cadet swami

    WTT…Iboga pods for T.bridgesii cuts.

    Just the 1 left now peeps...
  8. space cadet swami

    WTT…Iboga pods for T.bridgesii cuts.

    Howdy SABers…as it reads I have 2 x Iboga pods to trade. 1 is orange & not too far off & the other is not far from changing colour & ripening up also (2-4 weeks max). I was hoping to get some "bridgesii" cuts as trades…1 pod = 1 cut. I currently have "regular", "monstrose" & "eileen" variations of T. bridgesii. Cheers spacey...
  9. space cadet swami

    brugmansia problems

    Pictures mean jack shit...plant material needs to be analysed, it's that simple. totally agree HD....how very sad for all involved . What happened to community..?
  10. space cadet swami

    Happy Birthday Tonic!

    Hope u've had a great day... Many happy returns.
  11. space cadet swami

    Calea zacatechichi being seized in New Zealand

    You kiwi's better start hiding ur salvia plants...
  12. space cadet swami

    advice decking oils etc needed

    "merbau" also known as "kwila" is a hardwood, it is relatively cheap due to the fact it doesn't need curing like all other hardwoods. So the decking will still have a certain amount of tannins (resins in softwoods)in it...the timber will bleed for a while longer yet. I'd let it bleed for a few months, clean it with a deck cleaner & then oil it every 6mths...like you said above. Otherwise within 5yrs it will start to split, rot &/or warp. Alice is right regarding the oiling cycle...the other option is to put a roof over it.
  13. space cadet swami

    id please

  14. space cadet swami

    help Dream Herb dying

    No...prol 70% humidity...reasonably well ventilated. They seem to like low 30's I don't even have saucers under them....& filtered light if possible, but yeah shady. Good luck man... EDIT: I did have them in the hothouse for a while, but they didn't seem to like it there, so I moved them from there to where they are now.
  15. space cadet swami

    help Dream Herb dying

    I have 2 I've grown through from seed. Mine are in a very well drained mix ... extra coarse sand in the mix. They took ages to settle in & start to grow. They both currently reside on the floor of the greenhouse, under 30% s/cloth & getting a fair amount of shade from the other plants & ferns in their as well. I water in the shadehouse every 2nd day & usually I'll miss them every 2nd watering, except through late spring through to early autumn. This is when they tend to kick on & need the extra water.