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    Holy f@#k I thought NZ was draconian but you guys in Aus really do have it rough. Tobacco is considered a weed here in NZ, legal to grow, harvest and consume as much as one desires. But if one were to sell it one must pay tax. I always figured it was same in Aus, but Ishmael Fleishman's link proves otherwise.
  2. tryptamine

    San pedro seeds

    I sent some from NZ to Aus, clean San Pedro seeds labelled with botanical name. Aus customs sent them back with a note saying 'do not send prohibited import'. Really nice of them to return them rather than destroy, I appreciated that Can not remember which state it was sorry. I assumed they sent them back for being seeds, rather than entheogens, seems it was more a quarantine issue rather than a drug issue as I doubt they would have returned something they considered drugs. Many plants have alternative botanical names and I often find it helpful to label plants with their less common botanical names. Same for common names, do some research on google and have your supplier use a less common name for these type of species.
  3. tryptamine

    Psychedelic Water

    Nice formula, awful name. As someone who is allergic to alcohol it is good to see products like this available but FFS the name is just begging for trouble. Its a herbal supplement, not a psychedelic. Of alcohol alternatives I have so far tried, some work well as a replacement for the first 2 drinks/first 2 hours. After that its hard to stay on an enjoyable level to socialize or feel comfortable with the drunks. So great for an alcohol alternative at a cafe, dinner or short outdoor event but not powerful enough for bars, pubs, nightclubs or big parties. At least after the first couple of hours. Still nice to see new products in this field, i dream of the day when venues have equal number of alcohol alternatives as they do alcohol brands and varieties.
  4. tryptamine

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    "You can do an acetone test to check that your kava is a noble variety not a tudei, mix about 10g of powder with 30ml of acetone. Good noble will make the solution turn yellow, whereas tudei will be a much redder colour. " Thanks for the tip. Don't suppose you know a test for Piper auritum ? I bought some kava plants that I am suspicious may be P. auritum. I believe p. auritum leaves smell of saffrole when crushed however I have no sense of smell.
  5. Why not just market as a herbal remedy the same way raw medicinal herbs are sold? ' Just don,t market it as a food product such as coffee or cocoa or do so in a way where those are marketed as herbal remedies as well. If they kick up a stink about that then just market as for making dye or cosmetic or invent something.
  6. tryptamine

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    High stress lifestyle. I love my kava and like to get well soothed once I get got the chores out the way. But yeah 25g is a god starting point for good Vanuatu kava. For anti-anxiety fx. Have consumed 150g (having prepared some for a friend who did not make it so drank there's too) without nausea or other side effects. Where with lower grade commercial Fiji kava, a mild nausea begins at doses over 50g, especially until a meal is consumed. The last Tongan kava I tried was bad with strong nausea at 50g. Smelt very stale. Have had good Tongan a decade or so back though. Some Fiji can be cut with flour so that could have been a factor there. Be good to have a test for this. I am yet to try Fiji kava that is as clean as the Vanuatu but there kava should in theory be good if you can get it fresh enough / early enough in the supply chain. Good Fiji waka can drink 100g without side effects.
  7. tryptamine

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    Mulungu (Erythruna mulungu) can turn off anxiety almost instantly. Start low 1-2g to test strength of brew as potency varies exceptionally. Have had batches where up to 25g used for nothing more than an anti-anxiety effect, while have had batch where 10g brew resulted in tunnel vision and weird dissociative effect, so intense the day had to be surrendered to the experiment. Happened to 2 of us so not just me. Felt like a cross between DXM and a migraine headache without the pain. Very strange and unexpected effect. Vanuatu kava is my daily relaxer. 100g mix of Palarasul and Bir kar strains @ 4pm on empty stomach. Use a stick blender to thrash it in luke warm water and strain through tea towel and nylon cloth. For those prone to paranoia or anxiety from weed this is the time to blaze it if ya got it. The kava will eliminate that issue for you. Remember anxiety is anticipating the future while depression is reminiscing the past, so connect with the present can help. Kava is great here. Mix your brew and then drink it in a nice spot as close to nature as you can get and try to stay in the moment and connect with the now.
  8. tryptamine

    Kratom Withdrawals

    "In my research I have noted 1.5g dry leaf twice daily for three weeks produced no obvious withdrawal effects upon abstinence. " That's a fairly low dose, but your still playing with fire using for more than 72 hours without a 7 day break. That is the only way to use long-term without physical dependence developing. Just because you can use for a period and stop once does not mean it will be like that again. The body memory is now there. This is purely from a dependence point of view. Besides dependence, the psychological aspect must also be considered. The compulsion to use can become very strong, with depression and lethargy becoming the norm for days when you do not use. Very difficult to taper due to its 4-5hr effects window. That being said its a wonderful medicinal herb with many amazing benefits. But be warned it should be treated with the respect you would give any other powerful painkiller or antidepressant. My advise, take a break now for a month but keep some in the medicine chest for when you really need it. Save it for when you have Covid, cold or flu, when you need a special boost for a special occasion, an alternative to alcohol perhaps for special events, when you are injured and in pain or when you need that little bit more to complete that special project.
  9. tryptamine

    Dodonaea Viscosa Psycho-activity

    I chewed a NZ grown mouthful of fresh leaves for some time before spitting to not much effect unfortunately. Will have to try again with the lime.
  10. tryptamine

    Rapé Recipes Thread

    ^Sativa ash as in C. sativa and incense ash as in frankincense resin ash right? Aside from the action of ash itself inside the snuff, are you choosing the various ash of certain plants with certain properties you want in the blend or is it more a matter of needing to add non-toxic ash and just using whatever ash is on hand? Ie: from the cone you just smoked and the incense you used to cover the smell?
  11. tryptamine

    Sinichuichi drooping like f

    This even happens here in NZ in Summer, to potted ones. Cut them back hard, you can really hack Sinicuichi back to almost nothing. Put them in the shade, make a shade-house or put under trees. You need to water the potted ones daily in Summer if out in the sun. Even then they wilt. It better to get them in the ground so they can spread roots. They do really well on the edge of bush, with a larger canopy over head, they fill in nicely underneath and don't die back so much in Winter, you can trim like a hedge to keep nice.
  12. tryptamine

    Brugmansia microdosing

    Microdosing is best with non-toxic entheogens such as mushrooms and cacti. Microdosing with more toxic plants like nutmeg and the tropane bearing species may result in a build up of toxins in your body. This could result in the opposite of microdosings goals of increasing focus, creativity and mindfuelness, where instead the users mind comes somewhat unstuck or psychotic. In theory the only safe way to use these plants is in a micro-dose, however even a micro dose may be dangerous if used regularly. The tribes that use tropane bearing species traditionally claim regular use may result in insanity. I would tread extremely carefully, if at all. One prospect I find very interesting is the the potential of microdosing all the very mild entheogenic plants. Plants like Blue Lotus, (Acours calamus), (Targetes lucidia), various galangal, gingers and many others. these plants are legal, very mild, fairly safe and non-toxic. In fact the effect of many of these species is very similar to a threshold psychedelic experience, which is exactly what microdosing is aiming for. Using these species at a slightly less than regular dose every 4th day may offer many similar benefits as microdosing, especially if combined with things like mindfuelness, meditation etc.
  13. tryptamine

    Lagochilus inebrians revisit

    Its endangered in its natural habitat... But surely cultivation is a good thing. I smoked an extract PAH were selling back in the day, worst tasting smoke I have ever had with zero effect. I had wrongly assumed it was the active ingredient in the original Spice, before it was known to be synthetic. The herb itself was more interesting. Foul taste, but 15g as a tea gave a unique effect, a distinct head-change, not unlike (but not the same as) very mild weed or even kava. Fresh herb would be the way to go with this one to go I reckon. Be good to get viable seeds. I have read that much of the dried herb on the market is in fact a related species.
  14. tryptamine

    Salvia Divinorum

    ^Well lets just hope that by the time the parade of the horribles start trying to prohibit obscure plants that the country has moved so far in the opposite direction to prohibition that its not even an issue worth considering anymore. Besides, I heard the shop linked to above^ has sold thousands of those clones over the last 14 years, you,d be surprised how many hippies now days have one growing in their lounge, I think its safe to say this Sage is well enough established in NZ now that it will always be available to those that seek it.
  15. tryptamine

    Wild lettuce- Hyoscyamine

    The more I think about it... my section is full of wild lettuce, I bought seed and planted but now it just covers all spare waste land, where I pull out the other weeds and just let the lettuce go. Anyway, the next most prolific weed is black nightshade. Its prolific among the wild lettuce patch. Almost like the two are companion plants, even with weeding the odd nightshade hides and survives among the wild lettuce. One needs to be careful to pilfer out any nightshade plants from his wild lettuce harvest if pulling the whole plants, they can twist and stick to each other. I would imagine contamination of commercial wild lettuce extracts back in the 18 and early 1900's with nightshade's would certainly have been possible.