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    Nice blue plant !
  2. Swiper

    Disease killing my cacti population

    Looks nasty, I would also isolate the affected plants form the rest of your collection.
  3. Swiper

    Flower photo heavy 2014 season

    My first pachanoi flower ...
  4. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    Noticed this one going a bit strange ..
  5. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    Seed grown T.peru crest 3 months growth from 3 dec 2013 to 1 mar 2014.
  6. I went to check the TBM's and noticed most of the white spots have disappeared. The first pic shows the sunburn scars at the rear and the remains of the white spots on the front pup. This has been moved to 50 % sun. The second TBM is still in full sun , small marks remaining.
  7. Sunburn ? ..... have got similar on my TBMs (in full sun) which appeared after hot sunny days, moved one out of the full sun into 50 % sun it looks much better now. Are yours in full sun ?
  8. Swiper

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Nice plant dawnbeaver, love the way the new pups are emerging through the tufts, creating rings of hair around them !
  9. Swiper

    bit's garden

    Looking good ! Thanks for sharing and good luck with the rest !
  10. Swiper

    How do you stop seedlings dying from fungus?

    For starting seedlings I use tap water, the residual chlorine helps to disinfect, I read somewhere. I only use propagating sand with no organics.
  11. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    Hey Dreamwalker, I bought 10 seeds as cereus peruvianus monstrose, 4 germinated, 2 seem plain CP, one went monstrose as pictured, the other one I have given away looks like fairy castles, heaps of small columns. Cheers !
  12. Swiper

    Wanted: Scop

    There's a scop on Ebay at the moment cant figure out how to post the link though !
  13. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    Cereus peruvianus monstrose seed grown.
  14. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    2 year old seed grown bridgesii (200mm pot) going a bit strange .....
  15. Swiper

    Great video about williamsii habitat.

    Great information, well presented, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the video a lot.
  16. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    TBM ...
  17. Swiper

    Three New 4 Winds Bridgesii - Scarred As

    Is that scale on those plants ?
  18. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    I haven't had this one formally identified, looks like a Lophocereus schottii monstrose ........
  19. Swiper

    Grafts Lophophora to Trichocereus...

    Great work there dawnbeaver , esp love the symmetry of the last pic, I had to look at it a few times, very nice !
  20. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    Could have been insect damage , but I haven't observed any other plant damage, I have other lophs and trichs in the same growing area.
  21. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    A strange LW seedling pupping already ( top right in pic ) just over 1 year old.
  22. As bullit said, fruity loops is a good program for starting out.
  23. Swiper

    Grafting tips and tools

    Thanks for the tips, GOT and Ceres, great work !
  24. Swiper

    Melbourne Cactus & Succulent Show Pictures

    Bugger, that's two years in a row I've missed out, thanks for sharing the photos !
  25. Swiper

    Bog's garden 2012 /13 /14 &onwards

    Love your work ! Great plants, nice pics, thanks for sharing.