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  1. karode13

    Pine Forest Adventures (a few typres to ID)

    2 is Protostropharia semiglobata 3 is Trametes
  2. karode13

    They're taking over! Possible Gyms?

    Gymnopilus junonius 100%
  3. karode13

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Awesome. I'm running on time. See you soon.
  4. karode13

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm checking in.... I see the ethmeister has liked my post.Good to see. I owe him some hugs.. Let's hi 5 later Yeti. I'll be there from 11:30 onwards with coffee.
  5. karode13

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'll be there around noonish.Hopefully before noon. Will check back in here sometime beofre then. Looking forward to it.
  6. karode13


    Should be a good day. I'm doing 2 general Mushroom ID workshop on the day(Morning and Evening) and answering any questions.
  7. karode13

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Cool. I'll be around just after 11am if anyone wants to come down earlier.
  8. karode13

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm down for the 17th of March You in Amz?
  9. karode13

    Meet up: Melbourne

    9th of March is it? C'mon. Let's do eeet.....
  10. karode13

    Meet up: Melbourne

    No one is posting dates but people are messaging me and asking when the next meet is. How about the 2nd or 9th of February? I hope this new rotation around the Sun finds you all well.
  11. karode13

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    Hi sagiXsagi. I procured the seeds form somebody in Queensland, Australia. Whether or not that is their origin I'm unsure. Yes, these are autumnalis. I've yet to find out if that cutting took, it looks fine except it's grown no leaves yet. I'll know more once the weather cools. No seeds as of yet. Something keeps eating the flower. I'll keep you in mind if I ever get seeds. Thanks for your interest. I really enjoy growing these plants.
  12. karode13

    Encouraging pine lovers!

    There is some procedures online on how to inoculate Pinus species with mycorrhizal Lactarius deliciosus slurry. Here's one link>>>https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Production-of-Pinus-halepensis-seedlings-inoculated-Díaz-Carrillo/2c6252310cefe5bfef6330c1d72f027f041e8516 Look into Blewits, or Lepista nuda. It grows among leaf litter, similar to the ingredients you have on hand and is a superior edible to the ones you're asking about. Also Stropharia rugosannulata.
  13. karode13

    What's the consensus on these?

    It's definitely a cubensis mushroom. I have no doubts about this. It's possibly Leucistic.
  14. karode13

    Panaelous id

    Hi archigen. I'm quite sure that these ones are Panaeolus foenisecii. They will have Brown coloured spores. You can check this by doing a spore print. You do this by cutting the cap off the stem and then placing the cap onto some tinfoil or white paper for at least 6 hours. After this time you remove the mushroom cap and there should be a spore deposit left on the paper. Panaeolus cinctulus will have Black spores.
  15. karode13

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Not sure if anybody turned up over the weekend? I got a few texts about it. I was away and didn't think there was a meet due to nobody confirming the date that was proposed. Sorry if anyone was put out. We need to organise another, confirm the date and then spend a lovely day together. You know you want it. Someone make a date and let's do the do-si-do.