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  1. Hi, looking for some Mexicana, Atlantis or Galindoi prints for microscopy. Please DM if you want to trade some. Cheers
  2. Hi - looking for some spore print for microscopy use in Sydney. Happy to pay or trade it for tricho cactus. Thanks
  3. 8145

    Galerina or sub

    I saw these ones on the side of the road in south sydney. i am not sure if they are galerinas ir maybe subs ?
  4. 8145

    Wanted: prints for micro photography

    All good now thanks
  5. Hi there looking to trade or buy some prints for micro photography (cubes, mexican, subs any really). I have a shitake block that you may be able to get it fruiting and a few trichos. Cheers
  6. 8145

    Any idea what these are?

    What colour are the gills ?
  7. Nope it is just a Pedro with 2 big pups almast as bit qs the original. You know the scale only got my Pedros and completely ignore the other cacti (pedros cousins). So strange. ..
  8. Ok I nuked them with Imidacloprid then did some massive scrubbing and now it is looking better but I still got some work to do. Will post pics after the second round of nuking and scrubbing. Thanks for the tips guys
  9. Oh I see http://cactiguide.com/cactipests/ It is definately scale
  10. Whats scale where is it from ? Cheers mate
  11. Eddited spelling mostakes ;).
  12. Hey guys 70%+ of my cacti population has this disease. It looks like a white moist dust stuck to the cacti skin which blocks light absobtion? Has anybody dealt with this before? Any advice on what to do? I'll really appreciate any help on this one. Cheers