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  1. Did anyone else try the pill method? Going to give it a go coming into spring
  2. Thecactuslife

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    Yeah makes sense. I will focus on my other guys until i find a good buy and get my grafting skills up. Do you think its all hype or are these as were documented? Is there any easier pach hybrids that i should be looking at? Too many names and i cant find the information on what makes these clones unique
  3. Thecactuslife

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    Thanks! Yeah theyve been out of stock for a while and seeing if i can get them elsewhere otherwise wait until next season. I think Matucana pach in general is supposed to be very sacred as far as I've heard so im sure LMP is similar. Wonder if any other named clones have the same origins.
  4. I've heard about Matucana pach's, including Ogun and want to know where to find seeds. What named pach clones may originate from Matucana or would rival these Pachanoi? Tia
  5. Thecactuslife

    Thick trichocereus recommendations

    Thanks guys the terscheckii x psycho sounds good. I'll get a few others. Yeah these ones are aesthetics only so something nice and uniform but would want something hardy fast growing if possible. I have seeds sown for others and was wondering when you sow say 50 seeds are some going to grow like the mother, some like father and some with crosses in between or will most share same traits?
  6. Looking at sowing some big trich seeds and want to know your expiriences what are some of the fastest growing hybrids from the big guys like pascana, taquimbalensis, validus, terscheckii etc. Also any favourite hybrids that are to beautiful not to grow. Tia