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  1. Hey tedzr, could not have put it better myself. Trouts notes is the best on the subject i have found. It raises 2 issues for me, 1 it made me realize just how much i dont know and 2nd it made me realize how clouded this whole subject is----the more you know the more you realize how much you still have to learn. The issue of trying to id any tricho is going to get even harder as we have more and more crosses where breeding info is not passed on with the plants. So people by all means cross your different tricho's but keep a written record of what you did and pass it on with any plants sold or gifted. Have not found any works that explain brews or other plants that can be added to brews--dont know if this is because it would be viewed as a how to guide or not. I do not like playing with things i do not understand so my quest for more knowledge continues. Cheers Vulcan
  2. I have 4 copies of "The hummingbirds journey to god" up for grabs. Basically one mans journey with San Pedro and the positive influence it has had on his life and the people he has introduced to it. They cost me $20 each. Willing to trade, swap or sell. If interested pm me. Cheers Vulcan
  3. Hi all, looks like all copies are taken. Cheers Vulcan
  4. vulcan

    Looking for Loph pollin

    Thanks all, just going thru my cd collection and hoping the weather warms up for the naked bit. All going well i should have some seed to put back into the community. Cheers Vulcan
  5. I have a loph that is about to flower but have no other lophs to pollinate it with. So if anybody in the Melb area has a loph flowering or about to, maybe we can both end up with some seed. Cheers Vulcan
  6. Theres some on ebay at the moment. Its in Sydney. I contacted seller and am getting bulk lot and he thew in some baby lophs to help get me grafting. I think he may be one of us judging from our talks. Just do a search for peresoksis on ebay and u will find it. Cheers Vulcan
  7. vulcan


    Hi Cactus Kate. there is peresoksis on ebay at the moment that ends in 1 or 2 days. I have contacted seller and am buying a bulk lot and would be happy to send some your way. That may be the best option as its coming from Sydney and i'm in Kilmore Vic. The plants could travel half way and have a spell here to refresh and then on to you. Cheers Vulcan
  8. vulcan

    Peres needed for workshop

    Hi Niggles, would be very interested to attend your workshop. I have 2 peres plants(1 single branch and 1 with 3 branchs) i could use them at the workshop if you are short of it. By the way thank you for the new years invite and sorry i could not get there but the wife and i went out to celebrate our 25th anniversery.
  9. vulcan

    New to this

    May have some helpful advice, will PM you
  10. vulcan

    The Sowing Out Thread

    First cactus sow out today---800 Tri pach -50 Tri macro -50 Gym saglionis -50 Cereus jamacaru -50 Echinocactus grusonii -30 each of Tri bridgesii, Pilosocereus palmeri, Cereus peruvians, Hylocereus undatus, Oreocereus fossulatus, Carnegia gigantea and 10 different varieties of agave that are more suited to Victorian climate. Still have 600 Tri spachianus to sow and have crossed Echinopsis barrel (with the large pink flowers) with Tri spachianus, both ways and have fruit nearly ready to collect seed from,- on the barrels and the spachianus. Brought 2 Echin barrels 25 years ago and have over 120 now and have given away another 60 odd. All just from pups. First time i've got them to fruit.
  11. vulcan

    Opuntia ficus indica

    Closest thing i can think of is okra. You have to peel the green layer off-this may have other uses and am looking into that. No bitter taste but looks strange while your cooking it.
  12. vulcan

    Opuntia ficus indica

    I have three types, one is spineless and has large thick pads(used for fruit, can eat the peeled pads-some very good health properties). One with large spines and thiner pads(fruit is ok but the pads are a lot of work for little return). The third is from a plant i found on a farm whilst working there and said to be over 40 years old( fruit is smaller but still worth the effort- it is covered in long, medium and short spines everywhere- an extra prickly pear, due to this i have not even bothered trying the pads. Can source pads for anyone else interested in this very under rated cactus. Have some cooking tips also. Cooked(pan fried with onion and garlic and garden herbs) and kept in fridge covered with a good quality oil and then mixed with salads or used as a side dish-quite nice. Note the warnings about the glochids if you handle them in the house without removing them first, they get every where----like onto a bar stool at my kitchen bench which my wife then sat on (with limited clothing) and i spent the next few hours picking them out from her bum while trying to explain the virtues of prickly pear. Not the best way to endear your cactus collection to your other half.
  13. vulcan

    FS trichocereus clones

  14. vulcan

    loph seeds for trade

    Dont have anything to trade. Can pay, if interested pm me with price. May need some advice on germinating them. Thanks Vulcan
  15. vulcan


    Hi Frank, i am newbie so am unable to pm and was unable to buy ticket from rogdog due to that. As i would really like to attend ega i am posting ph # (not the smartest move but desperate times call for desperate measures). I have someone who can meet in cbd on wed or thurs and pay cash for ticket. Thanks Vulcan(0403 335 174)
  16. vulcan

    EGA tickets (two) for sale

    Hi Rogdog, have been away for couple of days with work and was hoping i could pm you today but am still unable to. May have to miss the ega as i cannot see how we can exchange details in time. The joys of being a newbie. Hope you are able to sell ticket and all the best. Vulcan
  17. vulcan

    EGA tickets (two) for sale

    Hi, am interested in the two tickets. Have to make sure i have the dollars, will check and get back to you asap. Will pay the $160 each as thats good value in my eyes. Am newbie and this is first post. I only live an hour from ega site and i really dont want to miss it as it may be a while for the next one. Thanks Vulcan PS if someone has money before me and wants them i understand if you sell them