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    Ethno plants, dogs(jack russel and staffie types), chooks, beekeeping, aboriginal and american indian culture, knowledge and dreamings. motorbikes-road and dirt-american and jap, blacksmith and knifemaking, breeding and gennetics, chemistry, brewing and distillation

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  1. vulcan

    Tricho tip cuttings for sale

    Busy with work. Will contact anyone that has pm”ed me over weekend. Cheers Vulcan
  2. Here are some pics of what was sold to me as cuzcoensis. Very similar but slightly different spine pattern which could be normal variation within that tribe
  3. vulcan

    Peruvians sourced from QLD

    Nice cactus and should take off this year when planted out
  4. vulcan

    Super Pedro sourced from QLD

    With my named clones I have tried to source the same clone from different growers and sometimes states. If they all grow the same you can be much more certain what you have been told you have is what you are growing.
  5. vulcan

    Terscheckii rooted in pot

    Will be planting out this cactus and should get some real size to over the next few years
  6. vulcan

    Peruvians tip cutting

    What a plant. Grows and pups like crazy with big chunky dark green arms and branches but ooo so deadly with its spines
  7. A very blue cactus that I like the look of
  8. vulcan


    Semi stable as it’s got 2 normal arms growing on the other side. Was going to let them develop a bit more and graft cistate growth on them and create a 3 tier plant that will end up looking pretty good. Cheers Vulcan
  9. Hi, I have 3 seed grown tricho”s sourced at EGA 2012 from seller who also sells at vic market. They were labeled as bridgesi cross Pacanoi. To me they look like a scop cross Pacanoi. The pics also show the difference between cutting and not cutting a young cactus. If you cut you will have more cactus and similar size plants in around 4 years. I cut a tip off 1 of the 3 to use the base to graft with and planted tip. The 2 uncut plants. I call the taller one EGA2012#2 and the shorter one EGA2012#3 This is the cut plant and I call this one EGA2012#1. If these had bridgesi in them I would expect much bigger spines and darker coloured skin with a blue tinge depending on exact type used.
  10. Close up of hulk scop tip
  11. PAC cistate that returned to normal growth
  12. 2.1 m hulk scop plant